Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

You Jive Mutha Funkaaa!!!!

I will be first in line at the theater when this comes out! Even though I wasn't even sperm and egg in the 70's, my uncle exposed me to the ghetto fab world of black 70's films and I have been laughing since. I know Tarrantino made a Blaxploitation film, Jackie Brown, but he was serious and making a tribute. Black Dynamite is a tribute, but with laughs and highlighting the outrageous main stays of the time. Finally Honky will be back in style!!

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*Side Note: It doesn't hurt that fine ass Michael Jai White is the appropriately tittled star Black Dynamite! Read more!

Church of Beyonce!

It's Sunday so let the praises be heard on high! This would be soo wrong if it wasn't soo me and Skittles! These chicks got to be our long lost twins or at least two other people who get us! Let the Church say Amen!

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Killing Me Softly: Pink!

Pink brought back the soulful Pink I miss and the memories of the good old days of Lauren Hill. Thanks for the memories (Thanks for the Medicare)!

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Hot Chocolate!

The weather report for The Ville (Jacksonville, Florida for new comers) for Monday is cold! Possibly getting down to 36 degrees and I know those northern visitors thinks that's nothing, but for us warm blooded Floridians, that's cold as a Yeti's nipples! So tomorrow warm up to some Hot Chocolate (NSFW), I know I will!!!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Katy Perry Shakes It!

Ms. "I kissed a girl and I liked it" Perry decided to join the countless others in making a Single Ladies video for us to enjoy! I really like how she had her friend (possibly gay wearing the necklace with all those loud pearls on) acting crazy with her. Its okay girl cuz I have seen worse.

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Wal-Mart and Mumbai Tragedies!

I was saddened to here these two story that ended in death. My prayers go out to the Wal-Mart Worker and the Hostages families in this troubling time.
See both stories here:
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's Thanksgiving Trifling Moment!

First off let me say that I didn't know that TRIFLING was an actual word until someone told me about a week or two ago! I just thought some ghetto chick used it in a rap song and then everyone started using it! Anyway, back to the story.... If you happen to see the Macy's Day Parade today, then you probably saw this young lady perform on one of the floats. Her name is Shontelle, she is a new artist, and her label probably thought this opportunity would show her off to the millions of people that watch it every year! Well, I don't understand why she sang the song "T-Shirt" which was not at all appropriate for todays festivities, I mean a Christmas song or anything else would've been fine. Also, since this was her first big appearance they should have had her looking a lot less hagged (crazy looking or like you just got out of bed) than she was. But the trifling moment was when she almost fell off the float TWICE!! which was not her fault because the driver must have been tipsy pumping the controls like that!! Now everyone that didn't already know her is just gonna remember her as "the black girl who almost fell off the float twice and tried to play it off" so I apologize here and now for laughing at her and then calling Peaches to laugh some more but it was kinda funny.
P.S. - Sorry to the readers for not finding and posting the video cuz this pc is slow and is having problems with that!

* I got you boo!

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Truly Outrageous!

I saw this and was like, they made a Transformers movie, a Alvin & The Chipmunks movie, and even making a G.I. Joe movie, but where in the hell is the Jem movie? When Nicole Wray's video for "If I was your Girlfriend" came out, I thought then someone was going to make one if she was making it. But reports say that due to copyrights no deal is in the works to make it at this time. But if they did who should play the characters. I know it needs to be a full on musical spectacle but I wouldn't want Disney to cram all the High School Hanna Montana Jonas Brother crew into it.

I think Jem has to be older, Britney would be great if she could really act, but I would love to see Solange as Jem. Who says Jem has to be white, and Solange has a funky vibe that will sell the story, plus you know she got the earrings.

The Holograms can be played by the other girls of PCD, because Nicole already gets all the shine and it will be about time to see them hoes in clothes.

The Misfits can be led by Hilary Duff, since she wants to be bad now, Lindsey Lohan who would rock as a bad ass enemy & Ashley Tisdale to round out the bad ass bitches.

The love interest Rio Pacheco, I think should be Corbin Bleu so he can get some of that Zac Effron fire. Wouldn't it just be like totally awesome!!!

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Serious Skittles Face: Cold in the D!

First off, I know if you're reading this you're thinking I either have no family or can't stand them this Thanksgiving because of the many posts. I have been cooking with my mom and now just waiting for the food to finish to eat, so to kill time I am finally posting after a break. So off that, the only thing you probably noticed is my new picture for "skittles face". I don't know if Bey just saw how (freed slave looking) J is on the jumbotron or the following video:

It must be loud in the D as well, cause none of those bitches have tone. You know someone listening to that broadcast had to either pull over or got in a crash after either laughing to death or just out of pure horror.

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The Secrets in the Sauce!

For those freaks out there who still trying to make sure you Thanksgiving feast is special or you having dinner and don't know just what that familiar yet delicious taste is. If maybe its that "Good Good"! I won't ruin (or excite, ya nasty!) your Thanksgiving, so for more info cum here!

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Another Take on Being Thankful!

Be Thankful Dammit!!

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A Day of Thanks!

I am sitting here watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and about to help my mom cook dinner. But after last nights (still on going) drama in Mumbai, I am really thankful and blessed today. Last night I was mad and tired and stressed from work and lack of money and when I was ready to come home and bitch about it, I saw the news(The BBC version because they show everything!), I was thrown deep into reality. All the issues in your life many seem major and life changing, but somewhere in the world their problems are life ending. So this Thanksgiving lets not just get stuffed with food, but with the blessings and thanks that you are breathing. Like from my favorite Gay movie about Mormons and sex - Latter Days:
Well, when I was a little kid, I use to put my nose right up to them. And I was just amazed because it looked like this mass of dots, and none of it made sense until I pulled back. Life looks like that mass of dots to me sometimes. None of it makes any sense, but I like to think that, from God's perspective, life, everything - even this - make sense. It's not just dots. Instead we're all connected, and it's beautiful and funny and good. This close we can't expect it to make sense, not right now.

Posted By Peaches:

*Side Note: Happy Thanksgiving from Peaches & Skittles!! For all our Native Americans, I am sorry for celebrating on a day you were jacked, we were slaves and couldn't help you handle your lite weights. For all our Non-USA readers, Happy Thursday! Read more!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Konichiwa Janet!? WTF!!

I am upset to hear that Ms.Jackson will continue her tour in Japan in Feburary only because SHE HAS NOT FINISHED HER TOUR IN AMERICA!!!! How is it that she was sick and disorderly and just happened to have schedule conflicts to cancel about 10 tour dates to disappointing fans but we see her attending the Dubai "Atlantis Opening" Celebration in JD's videos!? Did she perform? NO! Is she the face of Atlantis? I THINK NOT! Is she resting? FROM WHAT!!, she only did a little more than half of her tour! Now she is going over the river to give them the show we didn't get to see. I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say, "THAT'S KINDA F**KED UP JJ!!" We better see make up dates or free concert DVDs or a concert special on cable soon! Don't mistake it, I LOVE YOU JANET but I'm not feeling loved back right about now!

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A Jag of a Day!

We'll I had the pleasure (I mean PAIN) of going to the Jaguar Game vs. the Vikings today! Even though we LOST BIG TIME (30-12) like I knew we would, I still managed to have fun and a lot of laughs. A loud “Christina on crack” voice singing the anthem, loud explosions, and even louder aircrafts flying overhead met my ears while trying to make it up the slow ass escalators. Now, you know it's a shame when the other team scores TWO touchdowns on our asses in the first two minutes of the game & I hadn’t even made it to my seat yet to witness that fuckery! Crazy smells of buttery popcorn, beer, and male testosterone filled the air, not to mention it was cold as polar bear balls in the nosebleeds! I had forgotten that we have a D-line band that plays after every other play, but they were not bringing the hotness that I expected to hear. The Roar (Jag Cheerleaders) did a “hell to the naw” dance routine to Christina A’s “Keeps Getting Better” and all I could think about was the Target commercial which had me crackin up loudly while people looked at me crazy. Another thing I caught on to was the new “Move them chains!!!” chant the fans shouted when the team got a first down and two old white ladies with a BIG ASS YELLOW CHAIN were shaking it up in the aisle. One of them almost fell on the other and as you know I did LMAO at them. To my surprise though, the music at the game has changed from honkytonk and rock to r&b & get crunk while I rep my city music. Do you think it’s because most of the players are black now??? Speaking of players, I had a hard them keeping my eyes off of Jones-Drew’s bubble ass as well as other equally nice asses, at least the Jags are good for something, as well as really good binoculars. Also I had forgotten how many fine ass people go to the game, I did see a few future baby daddies and one night stands in the place, especially a very sexy white chocolate guy in a hat named John at the guest booth. Thanks again for my free O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic drink coupon (and NO, I didn’t give my number or fuck him to get it cuz I have a chocolate bar of my own but I can dream bitches). Before I forget, I have to mention to my local Duvalians (residents of Duval) that if you want to rep yourselves, learn to spell it right because IT IS NOT SPELLED D-U-V-U-L OKAY!!!????? And the cameras had the nerve to put them onscreen for us all to see. FAIL!!! To bad I can’t find the picture, consider yourselves lucky! As I grew tired of the fuckery that was the game and with nothing amusing happening anymore, I decided to leave to premises. You also know it was a shame when Vikings fans felt sorry of them and Jag fans had literally put paper bags over their heads to hide their ongoing shame for our hometown team. Roar on that bitches! I’m out but not before I say that Non-Alcoholic Beer is the nastiest stuff I have ever tasted in my life, I see why it’s free becuase it tastes like cold carbonated pee! Thanks for nothing John, but stay cute!
P.S. - I can't wait to go back for more memories!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMA's Live!!

This is my first time blogging live, but after the first 20 minutes I had to. Forgive me the delay and I will recap at the break. Now Pink is performing after being introduced by a drunk (yes his ass looks drunk or high...ROCK N ROLL!) but I missed his name. Pink is rocking it in her sexy fierocia pink dress. Loving the black back up singers, reminding me of Pink's black beginnings. Okay commercial. Well Christina broke it down with not one, not two, but 7 songs and 7 outfit combos with her dancers. She did it without looking like Lady GaGa and even had a hot shirtless men ending. RihRih won R&B Female and her man Chris Brown won R&B male. New Kids on the Block then came out and brought it back to 1998. I was screaming like a little girl because it was so hot and when he (Its been a awhile to remember their names again) hit that high note, it was ovah!!! Its back with Taylor Swift and this is my first time hearing her sing. She reminds me of Lisa Loeb. Her dress is fierce as well. Its LANCE!!!Oh speaking of dresses, what the hell is wrong with RihRih wearing a napkin as a dress. I know they said she was on hard times, but damn. And don't come out your house wearing a small ass dress and have to hold your ass the whole time to keep your goodies on lock! Its NeNe all Bond style! I am loving the live horn version! You better work that mic stand!! Gay Club beat even gayer with him singing closer! Here comes the men and the flames (seriously)! That was hot! Break...Oh I forgot to mention T-Pain (I am gaging that I am mentioning him and so not in a good way!) and his Jim Crow ass trying to steal Chris Brown shine. Bitch you ass didn't win s**t you just read the name on the card! We're back! Why do they have people who don't have anything to do with the award present? KANYE!!!! Best Rap Album so no bitching back stage! Kanye Presley! Leona Lewis is soo fine! VMA's need to ask for a loan from the AMA's because these performances are soo much better. Leona Lewis is hitting the high note while raising higher in the sky, soo fierce, just don't fall baby! Text E everyone, because the Dream is hot!! Break...New show obsession, True Beauty by Tyra and Ashton where hot people don't know to win its about inter beauty. Genius!! Billy Achy Breaky Ray introducing his daughter on her Sweet 16!! Miley in a mini on stage and in the crowd! A slide! Dancing billboards! She is hitting those notes and trying to take Janet million dancers on the stage crown! Cute David! If only he was older, the things i would do to him!!! Break...Boo Bachelor, a son, where is the gay one or even a black one! Coldplay!!! Skittles need to tell me who that hot one is! WOW to entire stage and rainbow rain of paper! Why is it that Chris always perform as if he needs to take a wicked piss? Who is gonna clean all that paper up in time for the next performance? Pop Album up! and paper is still raining down! The winner is...ALICA KEYS!!!! I am loving Alica's forehead bling, so exotic! Break...Back with Jimmy and the WuTang! Jimmy is all in the Jonas Brother's ass! I am glad Terrence Howard is not singing! Mariah, lets she if she will move or singing live all the way through! Seriously, Nick really needed to be there to help her walk down one damn step? Mariah, baby I know you are a diva, but please walk move than a step every 10 minutes! I can't hate too hard cause her ass is top of the game, even though she could have held that note a little longer, you don't want Miley showing you up! Taylor Swift just beat out the Reba and Carrie for Country Female, you better work bitch!! Pop Female up! The winner is...RiRih and that damn napkin dress, change please! Why was RihRih looking like she didn't give a damn that she won! Break...Loving Fergie HP AD, Digital Dutchess and that new track sounds hot. Will post when it because available!!Back with The Fray. What the hell is he saying? Can you back an inch from the mic to hear what the hell your trying to sing, not fierce! Is that Harry Potter on guitar? Sexy Enrique for Rap Male! The winner is...KANYE!! Ashley Tisdale and Tmobile award! The winner is...The Jonas Brothers (like Duh, texting messaging and girls, who else would win!)! They are soo shiny! The Dream is soo dreamy, but not tonight! BEYONCE!!!!!Why does it look like she got a different camera and where in the hell is the metal glove, she ain't no Diva! Why does the black girl look like Golden Brooks from Girlfriends! Mo she did not have the incline! Now she got a metal finger! No she didn't end with a bitch hold my ponytail pose, that's Diva! It was hot, but I thing the SNL version was hotter! Break...Lost!!! Back with R&B Album! The winner is...ALICA KEYS!!!The Jonas Brothers! Cue screaming girls!!I can't wait to one day hear them perform instead of a chorus if screaming girls!! Loving the lasers and the brothers aren't bad to look at. Waiting for one of them to come out and become the freak, doing porn and making out everywhere to remove the Disney mark!! Damn now the Nicole and them performing in a convertible on stage! They are actually wearing clothes! Spoke too soon, they had to unleash the hoeness!! Stripper poles, seriously!! When I grow up I want to work a pole!! Yes the first beat down of the night, that beat was hot! That performance was a little too racy with whips and poles, what about poor little David and his fragile young mind! Seriously, do we need a Old Navy Fashion report and no mention of RihRih napkin dress! Break...Back with Justin "I will Fu*k u where u stand"Timberlake!!! Tribute to the greatest Annie Lennox! She was the soundtrack to my middle school days! So Diva she can sing track with piano! She still got it! Everyone is bring it with that long note, what is Mariah problem! I loving the fact everyone is giving short and sweet speeches! Break...Back with Natasha and her sexy short look! Fierce retool of my jam unwritten! I love how the artist on AMA's perform hot mini playlist of their hits! Now RihRih with no napkin dress, but a diamond studded eye patch!! Did Sisqo have a yard sale? That is a lot of stage and lights and what is up with her S&M chain outfit, I'm waiting for JT to come out tied up and whipped! What no Justin and only fire! Okay! Break...Back with Pop Group award! The winner is... Sexy and bald Daughtry! KANYE WEST!!! Tron 2.0 style! Are the women going to do anything? This my jam, soo cold! Kanye keeps trying to step the sunglasses game to the future! Damn Kanye and now Sarah M. singing my mom's jam Angel! Oh snap a duet with Pink, even hotter, now its my jam too! That was soo hot and sweet! Break...Back with Artist of the year and the winner of the final and biggest award is...CHRIS BROWN!! And now ALICA KEYS to close this mother down!!! Superwomen! Who will be the surprise guests? The Queen, Latifah!!! I didn't know she can still flow, that was hot! Kathleen Battle and the opera swag!!! WHAT!!! That's how you hold a note bitches! THAT WAS HOT!! I LOVE THE AMAs!!!! I did this for my boo who couldn't watch the AMA's on tv. Forgive me for the length and errors. I don't know when I will hve do this again. Videos will be posted as soon as they become available and I am able to post them. I am out! Read more!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Me!

Peaches and I went to see Twilight today (well yesterday) and I actually liked it a lot when I didn't think it possible. Now we both feel like we have to read the book since our friend (and fans talking to us as we left the theater) feels that we would have appreciated the movie more had we graced it's novel pages. If this tries to become the next Harry Potter phenomenon, they already have a good start off from movie #1 which made me a believer. We had to go early cuz we knew it would be crowded in the evening, which there were fans already lining up at 3:30pm for the 4:15 showing. It was a very serious movie (as serious as a vampire & human love relationship with plot twists and battle scenes movie can be) with mildly funny moments that made it all the better. Only thing that was off to me in a bad but good way was that all the character personalities weren't what I thought they would be like (you may agree when you see it) and some reactions from the characters were not believeable, but it didn't take away from the experience. Also, the scene with the sun on Edward's face and his big reveal to Bella was.....well just wait as see. Oh, and they represented Jacksonville at least 7 times throughout the movie which will always be a plus. JACKSONVILLE STAND UP CUZ WE MOVIE STARS!!!!!!! Im out!

P.S. - Cam Gigandet (James), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Taylor Launter (Jacob), Gregory Boyce (Tyler), Micheal Welch (Mike) are to cute!

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Make that "Bitch Gag" Music!

Oh my word! The lovely B.Scott has done it again with his new single "Bitch Hold My Ponytail" produced by Dj Fatha Julz (known for making those HOT OVAH Ball Beats) and it is fierce but hilarious as s**t!!! I'm not gonna post it here so you will have to visit his blog to check it out (MAKE IT WORK!) Also check out his other hits "Paw Paw" and "Androgynous" right now on his site. Just looking out for my B!!! But, since it's friday night and ya'll getting ready to hit the club house and show em who the boss is, I got these songs for my queens to get you ready. Just keep it hot for me in this cold weather! ENJOY!
**This song is NSFW, for children, or for straight people so take heed!!**
Get Pussy - Jay Karan Pendavis

Im Gonna Make You GAG - Jay R Revlon

Go Girl (Ayo Technology Remix) Thanks DJ SH4KES

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

If it wasn't for T.O.N.Y???

Solange "I'm just my God Given Name" Knowles is back once again with a unique video for her third single "T.O.N.Y" and I just hope it doesn't get snatched away before you get to see it.I really like the video even though for some reason it didn't register with me the first go round. There was one shocking point in the video which had me asking "What the hell and why is she doing that?" but had an understanding at the end! Tell us what you think of the new joint!!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MYA, Why you leavin???

It seems that MYA has decided to leave the USA circuit for a while and go international signing to a Japan label. Maybe it was poor record sales from her last album or she feels her divaness should be expanded, but where does that leave her US fans that won't see the new release?? (shown above) I guess we have to buy it on amazon and pay S&H to get it~! Yeah right, sorry Mya but I will have to get Peaches to bootleg it for me. We still love you though cuz "your love is like... WHOA!" (HAHAHA I know you remember that s**t!) Her album hits in Japan on Dec 3!

Oh, by the way, here is the video for the album's first single "Paradise" but don't expect a paradise (or any scenery for that matter) in the video. ENJOY!

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Wanting It Too Much Can Scar You?

This is a Ugly Duckling story thrown in reverse and gone totally wrong! It's too bad she did it to herself! Check out the story here: Plastic Surgery Addiction

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Ignorance of an upcoming NOBODY!

Ok, so this rapper named Trick Trick has really pissed me off this morning from comments he made a while back. He apparently is a homophobic rapper who doesn't like or want gays buying or listening to his music.

“I’ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album,” Trick revealed to “I don’t want your f**got money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that s**t somewhere else.”

Ok, let's see here!
#1 - Who the f**k are you and where are you coming from? You supposedly have been out since 92 and yet I haven't heard of you until now! WEAK!
#2 - You look like a typical black DL gay man anyway, so what's your problem? WEAK!
#3 - You are not HOT or FINE in anyway, so you don't have to worry about us trying to hit that! WEAK!
#4 - You would have the gayest rapper name in the world "Trick Trick" and just for that reason alone you should crawl yo homophobe ass back into the hole where you came from. DOUBLE WEAK!
#5 - I'm guessing you a pissed because some man had an interest in you and broke your heart after a few years and now you must be bitter! WEAK!
#6 - It's people like you that set black men (or all men) back more and more each day. For someone that obviously doesn't like gay people, why make a big deal out of it. Keep your mouth closed! WEAK!
#7 - You must not know that gay guys have women friends that have boyfriends, so once you mess with the gays, you f**k up your fan base 5 times over! FAIL!!!

Your mother must be very proud that you went from a nobody to a even bigger NOBODY with a big mouth that should have "Douchebag" tatted on your head! Have a terrible day!

Thanks to and for the story!

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Vaginas, Shakes, and Smellin Dicks

Peaches posted the "Pepper" video from the site above and it made we want to look into some other videos. Well two caught my eye while one lead my to find a youtube version and had me LMAO! Please visit to find more.

This crazy lady is standing up for all womanhood and says "Let's all have Vagina Power!" all while her mom is sitting next to her!

This is what happens when good milkshakes go sour! Which flavor is your favorite???

I think Peaches posted this song on an earlier post and I saw the still image video on UCB, but this ballad version is so much funnier! I didn't know so many people did different versions of this "ghetto as hell" song on youtube! Please search to see more.

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We Love Them!

Peaches has been telling me about this blog for some time now but I just now got around to looking at it (Sorry Jax Con) but I'm glad I did. Finally a blog that is somewhat like ours from the same town talking about the same type of stuff. SO COOL! So if you guys (and/or) girls from are reading this, GOOD JOB cuz you guys are MAKIN IT WORK!
You can visit them from Da Fierce List.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Bran-Bran???

Know you know I love you Brandy and I will fight for you till the end, but why are you wearing those "I just got in a fight with a pitbull who was trying to get at some meat sauce that I spilled on my pants earlier" or "The washing machine tore these and instead of buying new ones, I'm gonna rock this out and see what happens" pants. Even though those the pants are clearly "not fierce" you know everybody is gonna try and make that into the new fashion trend.

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Quantum of Hotness!!!

007 : Quantum of Solace hit theaters Nov 14th and I have to say at first I thought it would be like every other Bond movie (in a SMALL sense, it was) and that I wouldn't like it, but I was wrong. It started off with the hot action scene right from the jump and didn't stop until the last 2 minutes. My only 2 problems with it was: #1 - I thought it would be more gadgets and #2 - The ending was not what I expected, but even those little things I could throw away for the reason that everything else was so "off the chain". SO GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW, but if you are still not sure, you can watch the trailer below!
P.S. : Oh yeah, and Bond (Daniel Craig) is the HOTM as you can see on the right side of the page and don't forget to go see TWILIGHT next week which I will make a post on when I see it.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

All My Single Men!?

After a scary performance of "If I was a Boy" (to me becuase Skittles saw her perform it before) on SNL Miss B brought the funny with the help of a leotard wearing Justin Timberlake. But the kicker for me was her dance or evil spirits leaving moves at the end. Priceless!

Posted By: Peaches!

We'll I had to remove the video because of the content being terminated, which by the way is so stupid because the network should know that having the funny videos circulated on the INTERNET only helps them and SNL get more fans to watch the show if they haven't already. But the SNL website decided to post every other skit that wasn't nearly as funny as single ladies skit and now we are left with nothing but "honorable mention videos" so here is the somewhat other funny JT video on Weekend Update.

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Don't You Smell That Pepper??!!

Me and Skittles become teary eyed when we watch this. It is soo Miss Honey to the white chocolate power!! It too us forever to find it, so sit down and have some white cause it's soo close you can wave at it!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

World's Largest Cock & Tail Part 3!

The Florida/Georgia is long gone and the streets are finally puke free and clear. But the memories or in this chicks case, lack of memories, won't be forgot! Here's to next year! Posted By: Peaches! Read more!

Miss Honey Gets Her Hair Did @ Purple Door!

Words cannot describe my excitement for this show and I don't know a damn thing about when or where it will be televised, but I want to see and buy the DVD. There is enough fierocia to turn the straightest man gay, by head of the pride parade, get do a Randy Blue porn, guest star on Dante's Cove, then go straight to fish again!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


And it begins again, maybe? Riley (gay) is the new boy in at school and has his eyes set on Peter (straight, or up until now) and the new drama between them starts this season. I can't wait to see what unfolds, I'm just hoping this story pans out as good as the other two.

Lets not forget Marco & Dylan (two guys that fall in love but find themselves dealing with Dylan's open relationship issues, Marco's uncertain future issues, gay bashing, long distance troubles, and jealousy problems) along with Paige & Alex (two girls that start to have deep deep feeling for each other but deal with ex-boyfriends, conflicting future endeavors, physical contact issues, and personal acceptance) and glad to know that was just the beginning of future dramas to come! Find out how and where you can watch new and past episodes of Degrassi becasue it

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Baldwin Hills Hottie

This is old news about the show Baldwin Hills on BET being the black version of "The Hills" on MTV but it's this hottie's looks that are definitely not old! The name is Sal Hunter (girlie name but all man), and yes he may be a little young for me (he is only 19 so by three or four years) but he his still old enough for me to lick that milk! He is the only reason I watch the show, better yet, he should have his own show just standing there looking cute. Too bad he's not gay, but a boy can dream can't he!
Check out the BH website here: Baldwin Hills
Check out his myspace here: Sal Myspace

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Hump Day Hump How To!

Its been awhile since I posted a Hump Day post, but just in case you forgot how to hump or need some new tricks for your trick, here is the video for you. Happy Humping!

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Ms.Milian knows B.Scott's Next Move!

See were B.Scott has finally decided to move to!!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

So Not Fierce: Human Warehouses!!

Imagine you just woke up ready for the day, but instead of your alarm waking you, its the sound of gun fire. The government just collapsed and hordes of rogue soldiers are either killing, raping, or taking every person they see. You run and hide a fast as you can until you are in the believed safety of another country only to be gathered up in placed in a camp where you get one meal a day, shelter made from debris, and no protection or support from those over the camp. But worst of all you are alone and no idea or ability to find and contact family and friends. Well for 14,047.300 people around the world, tis is their reality. Many have been through this and countless situations that end them up in refugee camps, with sometimes are worse than where they had to leave. Children and parents who have been separated and unable to find each other. Dealing with corrupt camp leaders who don't protect, shelter, or feed you. And being treated or labeled as prisoners by a country you thought will help you. For those who think that this is something that doesn't affect them and only in poor war torn countries, I have one word, Katrina. When families were (and many still are) split through the USA with no communication or idea how to find each other. Forced to stay in shelters were crime and corruption was unenforced. And the lack of hope that your country will help. But it doesn't have to happen, they is an effort to move refugees from camps to normal lives throughout the world, where they can work, get access to resources to find lost family and friends, and live life like they are, human beings. Stories like this is possible:

Mussa Suleinman, a Zanzibari refugee in Mogadishu, … who now works as a barber in the south of Mogadishu, told Xinhua that the Tanzanian refugees had stayed in camps in Kenya before they decided to come here in Somalia. … "[W]e could not get jobs and suffered a lot, so we came here," said Suleiman, who is now married to a Somali woman and has one child.

When the Zanzibari refugees arrived in Mogadishu back in 2001 they were welcomed by local residents and settled in one of the deserted former government buildings in Mogadishu where they still live. "We were first given assistance by local people here who helped us with food, clothing and shelter but with time we had to fend for ourselves," Rashid Ahmed, vice chairman of the refugees, told Xinhua.

"Some us of us started working as carpenters, teachers, or fishermen while others started their own small businesses but most of us work as barbers to earn our living," said Ahmed, a barber. … "Most of those who went to other Somali towns like Hobyo, Kismanyo and Bossaso work on their own as fishermen," Ahmed said. "They have their own small boats and go out into the sea to fish and trust their luck just like every other people in the sea," he adds. …

Zanzibar refugee leaders say that they do not feel any discrimination against them and they are not particularly targeted by any of the sides in the ongoing violence. They say they are respected as guests by all Somalis. … [D]espite their linguistic difference, the Zanzibari refugees have been assimilated well into the local Somali population with a number of them married to local Somali women and have some children with them.

"All our children born here and those brought here young speak Somali better than Kiswahili and I believe we have been destined to be part of this great nation which is unfortunately going through its most difficult period," says Ahmed.

If you want to help, you will be in the company of Fierocia herself Angelina Jolie, go to U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants for more information on Refugees and most importantly, how you can help.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Q.Eli is Triple Sexy!

Singer, Model, and Porn Star! Quentin Elias is so so so hot and he has some of the nicest DSL's (dick sucking lips) I have ever seen in my life. Please check him out here: Quentin Elias.

Hopefully these sexy NUDE pictures of the hotness that is Q will work! ENJOY!
Q1 - Q2 - Q3 !!!

UPDATE: Check This Out - Quentin Elias on Lickalish

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*Here is a gift from Peaches (Don't say I never gave your ass nothing)! If you like me, these hot ass pics made you long for the video. Well it is located on Randy Blue for a fee and gas ain't that cheap yet. So i found it another way. The quality maybe okay, but you still get to see that good good. So click here for the video and if you balling like that, check out this and another on

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Friday, November 7, 2008


Victoria "It's Major!" Beckham & Jennifer "Get Right!" Lopez
looking FIERCE for that ASS! Don't hate cuz this divas are making it work!!!

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Ignorance is Still Here!

This video should should go under "We are two ignorant bitches" category!

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Miss Honey: Chingy & "Friend"!

I saw this on Necole Bitchie and I had to say "hmm''! Chingy wore the outfit in the first photo at Miss NeNe birthday party and days later he showed up at a party with his stylist "friend" who happened to be wearing the same firece outfit. Chingy, I can't believe any straight men share each others clothes. The only other men I know to share clothes were Lance and Reichen, Dolce and Gabbana, and Me and Skittles and trust, clothes are not the only "thang" we share. But I am not hating, cause I am will be happy to welcome fine ass Chingy to the club, if he isn't already a VIP member.

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I Am Sasha Not impressed!

Name: Beyonce / Sasha Fierce
Album: I Am Beyonce - I Am Saha Fierce
Date: Nov 18th
Genre: R&B with some Alternative vibes and some Electronic Crunk Beats
Peaches Speaks: Since I actually have the album (Don't ask how...Jealous!) and have listened to it. There is only 3 songs total that I like on this album. Video Phone, Single Ladies, & Diva. The Beyonce side seems to be Bey's true voice, but due to it not being the money making cuts that she is known for, I don't feel she committed to them. The Sasha side does has the hot beats and gay clubhouse vibe, but she over do it, making them sound cheesy or fake. My early jam Beautiful Nightmare now Sweet Dreams on the album lost its sexy edge with her over done "Turn the lights On" shouts and other unneeded additions. I love Bey like most and I know this album will still be number one on the charts, but I wish she goes back to her first album and finds her true voice and commit to it. Look at her sis Solange who came out doing what people thought she should do, but when she did what she wanted, her voice shone through and made the songs real and more than just jam of the moment.
Peaches Rating for I Am Beyonce: D, but could be a great solid A if she committed to what she was singing
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Sasha Fierce: B-, but like before could be a solid A if she lose all the unneeded extras. Just beats and her voice is fine!

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Obama's First Act, Stop Nasty Women!!

I never wanted to subject this blog to the likes of "Two Girls and a Cup", a couple of days ago I was on one o my favorite sites OMG blog and discovered "Cake Farts". this is some fuckary to a whole another level. Don't worry its not as sick as 2G1C, but it's still not right. These hoes need to just stick to regular porn and leave the food their not eating to the poor clothed non gutterbutt people of the world! View the hot stunts and shows mess here and their other videos here and here!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

See Yourself In A New Light!

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.

I know this is probably old to some, but I am just seeing this so work with me!! This is a very interesting and cool video showing a new invention "The Interactive Mirror" that's gonna or about to get panties wet all over the world, or at least in your mirror. Check out some other cool projects and stuff at the source : BLOG.LITSTUDIOS.COM

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Pre-Album Review : HeartbreakSashaArchuletaHumanCircus

Name: Kanye West
Album: 808’s and Heartbreak
Date: Nov 25th
Genre: R&B, Tribal, and Electronic Beats
Skittles Speaks: Kanye indeed decides to take us again in a new direction with this one. Just as the title is named, that’s what you’re getting in abundance (big beats and love songs). Is it the right sound for him? Were the snippets I heard good? I answer No and No in my opinion but maybe it needs to grow on me. I’ll try to endure but I don’t see it getting to “Graduation” status. You lose!
Skittles Pre Rating: D

Name: Beyonce / Sasha Fierce
Album: I Am Beyonce - I Am Saha Fierce
Date: Nov 18th
Genre: R&B with some Alternative vibes and some Electronic Crunk Beats
Skittles Speaks: This double “alter ego” disc CD is looking and feeling very different for some “regular ego” folk! After hearing snippets of all the song, both sides have some explaining to do! Beyonce’ side maybe a little to love dovey and slow and Sasha’ side maybe a little to FIERCE and ghetto for me to handle. But because it’s yo girl B, it will still be a hit album. Put a ring on that!
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Beyonce: C
Skittles Pre Rating for I Am Sasha Fierce: A-

Name: David Archuleta
Album: David Archuleta
Date: Nov 11th
Genre: Vocal Pop with little Rock and R&B influence
Skittles Speaks: I have only heard and seen his first video for "Crush" and it is pretty good song to step out into the world with. He may have a soft talking voice but his singing voice is huge (can we say biting Janet's style). I could see this album beating the season winner David Cook in sales. He is also kind of cute! Wait, is he 18 yet????
Skittles Pre Rating: B-

Name: Brandy
Album: Human
Date: Dec 9th
Genre: R&B
Skittles Speaks: She is back after her "as usual" 4 year hiatus between albums. I really feel she is in a better place so this album should be better than Aphrodisiac was. Heard the single "Right Here" and some leaks and they sound like it will be a "listen to after a long day" CD. Glad to see there's no Monica around to hate!
Skittles Pre Rating: B

Name: Britney Spears
Album: Circus
Date: Dec 2
Genre: Vocal Pop with little Rock and R&B influence
Skittles Speaks: Britney definitely knows how to appeal to her listening audience and there won’t be any exception here. At first I assumed she could not get any better than her “under promoted, emotionally free, but flawless” Blackout album but after hearing “Womanizer”, I can see she won’t let this one be in vain. Lookout wannabe pop princesses cuz the Circus is coming to town!
Skittles Pre Rating: B+

Five Albums I look forward to hearing more or all of and hope I find my ratings to be less than what the albums really turn out to be and have to change them!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heavenly Fierocia: Michael Crichton!

I learned the tragic news that my favorite author of all time has died yesterday at 66. I have read every Michael Crichton book and each one is like going to college on a roller coaster. Not only does his books scare, suspense, amaze, and satisfy; they also educate you on the subject and leaves you feeling you just got a Ph.d. He will be missed! For those who don't know, here is a list of his works:
1966 Odds On
1967 Scratch One
1968 Easy Go
A Case of Need
1969 The Andromeda Strain
The Venom Business
Zero Cool
1970 Grave Descend
Drug of Choice
Dealing: Or the
Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues

1972 The Terminal Man
1975 The Great Train Robbery
1976 Eaters of the Dead
1980 Congo
1987 Sphere
1990 Jurassic Park
1992 Rising Sun
1994 Disclosure
1995 The Lost World
1996 Airframe
1999 Timeline
2002 Prey
2004 State of Fear
2006 Next
1994 ER
1971 The Andromeda Strain
1972 Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues
1972 The Carey Treatment (A Case of Need)
1974 The Terminal Man
1993 Rising Sun
1993 Jurassic Park
1994 Disclosure
1995 Congo
1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
1998 Sphere

1999 The 13th Warrior (Eaters of the Dead)
2003 Timeline
2008 The Andromeda Strain (TV miniseries)

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Throw the Hateroade in the Trash!

I am still on the high from last night and literally just finish crying after watching Sherrie's comments on the View on how this election has affected her son. But even through the celebrations, history that was made, and even McCain, who re earned my respect with his speech last night, call for support of Obama, people are still hating. I wasn't even going to give them a second of press, but this morning while listening to the MJ Morning Show (For those who don't know he is a Tampa morning radio show host thats like the watered down Howard Stern) his comments of Obama and most of his listeners still trying to say their hate, I needed to get some things off my chest.
One: "He only won because he had all the BLACK vote!"-This is bullshit, yes he had the majority of the black vote and a good number most likely was casted just because he is black. But people forget the most important thing, even with 100% of the black vote, he still wouldn't have won. He still had to get the Latin, Asian, White, Indian, Biracial, etc, etc. He won with more than 7 million over McCain, with states like Ohio and Vermont that last time I checked wasn't having a Black College Reunion Fest Jammy Jam recently!
Two: "He is the first black President, but he had to do it by connecting with white people"-People forget that he is biracial and especially since his white Grandmother death, it will be wrong to deny that part of him. The true reason he won is because he is the literal face of America. Born from a white Midwest mother and a black African father, raised by a white grandparents. Struggled on welfare and became educated through affirmative action to Harvard, where he brought his new found education to the streets of Chicago and embraced the roots and culture of his African heritage. He embodies the hope of every struggling, educated, black, white, poor, rich, and in between American and he has let them know it is possible.
Three: "I Fear for my life because he is unexperienced and terrorist will try us"-Bitch terrorist has tried us under Clinton and Bush! Bush was in office a mere months and was tried and even tough he fucked up later on, he handled it like he could. During Clinton, people forget Oklahoma City and how we were tried, not by aboard, but from within, showing us that a threat can come from anywhere and a terrorist doesn't have one race, religion, or nation. Neither McCain or Obama has the experience of being a President, no one except Bush. That is the power and fear of the position as well as the benefit, because who ever comes in will have his way of handling the situation. And Obama, unlike McCain, seems to think before he acts and keeps his cool and stays honest and direct. No fear of him pushing the button just because someone coughed on him.
Four: "America has finally reached equality with Obama Election"-This is a great mile stone that many blacks have died from and just as recently as mother's generation, thought will never be done. But know one thing, this is only a stone in a many mile bridge to equality. We have many stones and hard work to go. Black people are still the minority and many more milestones to go. We are still being denied jobs, housing, education, and respect for our color. We are still being pulled over, arrested, placed in court, and disciplined just because of our race. We are still be lynched, killed, beaten, segregated, called slurs, and thought of as less than human because we are black. And we are still the butt of jokes, smiled to in our face and talked about to our backs, classed as thugs and ghetto, feared, and lied to by those who call us equal.

So let us do like like McCain and Obama asked, provide your support, because Bush has left alot of shit to deal with and we only got 4 years to at least get some smell out!

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*Side Note: But I am hating on Duval going to McCain and Amendment 2 passing making it illegal for me and Skittles to marry if we wanted to. Guess we will have to do it Brandy style and have a spiritual connection! Read more!

Janet Won't "RockWit" US!

It is sad news to report that Ms.Jackson has officially cancelled all 7 remaining postponed shows!
Montreal , Boston, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Ft. Lauderdale, Uncasville, and Verona will not be graced with her appearance after all due to conflicts in her schedule! All refunds will be given to all that purchased tickets. But be hopeful that next year she tries to make it up to the many disappointed fans and have a second leg of the tour for us!!! To the fans of the cities that were able to see her, BE DAMN GRATEFUL YOU GOT TO SEE HER BECAUSE WE DIDN'T! Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad you got to see her, but you don't get first dibs on the next show tickets or any free or discounted stuff she may give out, but I'm not BITTER! HAHAHA. Just kidding, maybe (saying that while I give them the side eye of death!). Thanks to
JANET-XONE.COM and JANETFANCLUB.COM for up-to-date info and to TICKETMASTER.COM for the purchase and the refunding of our tickets. To Janet, we will still wait to RockWitU someday!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YES WE DID: President Obama!!!!

I am too busy crying tears of joy and celebrating to even form half of a sentence of describing the beauty of this moment. I pray God give him strength and protection to make this Nation great again!

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Wow! I can't believe that I lived to experience history in the making! It is truly great to have a African-American as President but most of all someone who I truly believe can make and stand for change! Congratulations to you Obama, you have worked damn hard to get here and now you have to work damn harder to get us back to the way we used to be in the good times. You have a strong wife, strong children, and more than half of a strong nation behind you waiting to see what happens next. Give it all you got and never give up because you definitely have hard obstacles ahead (more than usual and we all know why) and it's inevitable. I truly hope you make real change and in the process change the minds of those that doubted and are against you. Always know that you have made true history and now more than ever, NO ONE can ever take that away from you or us as a people. I pray we can change from a "Nation of the Divided" to a "Nation In Progress" to finally a "Nation Of Peace". Let's find a common ground and stand up to say "YES WE CAN and YES WE WILL!" Thank you for helping me see and believe that today anything is possible if you want it bad enough! May God protect you, your family, and staff through this journey in leading us to victory. God Bless You and God Bless America!
Whew!!!! OK, OK, OK now that I got my serious moment out of the way, let me ponder some funny things. Did you see Jesse Jackson in the crowd bawling?? Yes it was moving but it's funny that no one was talking to him and he did look like a lost child that couldn't find his mama! Also, did you see the massive sea of people in that park compared to McCain supporters at some hotel grounds? WOW! And when the news reporter was trying to speak with MLK's Daughter, why did Ms.King have to be talking to her on a small ass phone in a crowded black church while they were singing loud negro spirituals! You knew we all could hardly hear you!!! Now for Jacksonville, why did the Democratic Party Celebration have to be at the whitest country redneck club in town at Mavericks? I mean of all places we had to pick there? And now to McCain and his speech, do you think he was sincere? For a while I felt bad for him but then it switched over to Palin only because I realized that she was the one that got the campaign as high as it did and I saw her more than McCain, so Palin I'm sorry you didn't get to be President figuratively speaking. Regroup and try it again in four years, and this time make sure you step your game up and do things without Cain. And I have 4 words for Cain, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! Oh, and don't ever refer to Obama or anybody else as "That One!" again or you may get a chair to the head OK!? Let the church say WERD~ and I am through! Good night and let's have a pleasant 4 years!

P.S. : I'm not going to put up any links to follow the election coverage, I'm sure you can check any news website to find what you are looking for but Peaches may post a video or two. HOLLA!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

It was Great While it Lasted!

I guess all the hype with Miley, The Jonas Brothers, & High School Musical, there was no need for Hilary to hold on to the purity crown of Disney. Now she can relax and let them panties drop and based off the video, she likes it rough and wet. Welcome Miss Duff, Britney & Christina will be sending you your official dirty guttabutt manual and membership card as well as Justin and Lance will be sending you your welcome basket of condoms!

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OMG! Well before I begin let me say this, TOMORROW IS NOV 4th AND YOU NEED TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE RATHER IT BE OBAMA OR McCAIN, JUST MAKE SURE YOU VOTE VOTE VOTE! Okay now I can begin. Today has been a crazy hectic day from the jump but it was worth it! Peaches and I figured parking would be free for this electorial event since it was at all the others but for some reason jacksonville bumped they heads and was charging five to ten dollars to park. Long story short, we ended up taking the skyway, three trolley rides, and some walking power to get there and back. We also had to deal with crazy drivers, unexperienced traffic controllers, excited old black women, and everything in between. Now the Obama rally was inspirational just as the first one we went to. Now you know they played the old jams on full blast to hype the crowd and the fans did oblige while they were shaking it up in the aisles like early morning church service. He did come out a little late but he had a great speech and met with his peoples. Only two downsides of it all, OBAMA SLIPPED UP AND CALLED US OHIO which was ok cuz he caught himself and recover quickly and when the staff was passing out signs to wave around, EVERYONE WAS PUSHING AND SHOVING FOR THEM LIKE IT WAS FREE MONEY. THAT'S JUST CRAZINESS!!! Well, that shows the dedication for our next president.


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