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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day of Unsocialable Security!

Yesterday I discovered the true face of America while waiting in the Social Security Office...and it ain't pretty. It left me with some questions:
1. Why have a SELF check in when the security guard does it for you. Is his name Self?
2. It's 2008, so why in the hell the office look like 1988?
3. You are forced to turn off your cell phone. But why have security hassle a Muslim women who just looked at her cell phone but become blind and deaf when a white women call five different people loud as hell next to him on her hers?
4. And along with that, why did most of the people have to stare at her as if she was about to blow that ragged ass spot up, when she was just waiting as a citizen like everyone else in that bitch?
5. Why employ 5 clerks for 5 windows but only have 2 work at a time, especially with 50 people waiting to see them?
6. Why stand in the middle of the room, in the way, just because the free seats where you can sit your white ass is in between two(non threatening I might add!) black people?
7. Why if you are employed to do a job and help the person in front of you, you and all the other clerks gather around and have a detailed discussion on why Georgia might beat Florida?
8. Why while waiting for your boyfriend to come back from the clerk, you busy tricking to get my treat?
9. And finally, why do some ghetto black women get pissed as hell at the clerks because when trying to create their child Social Security card discovered she named two of her child the same?
Obama got his hands full with us!

Posted by: Peaches!