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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Throw the Hateroade in the Trash!

I am still on the high from last night and literally just finish crying after watching Sherrie's comments on the View on how this election has affected her son. But even through the celebrations, history that was made, and even McCain, who re earned my respect with his speech last night, call for support of Obama, people are still hating. I wasn't even going to give them a second of press, but this morning while listening to the MJ Morning Show (For those who don't know he is a Tampa morning radio show host thats like the watered down Howard Stern) his comments of Obama and most of his listeners still trying to say their hate, I needed to get some things off my chest.
One: "He only won because he had all the BLACK vote!"-This is bullshit, yes he had the majority of the black vote and a good number most likely was casted just because he is black. But people forget the most important thing, even with 100% of the black vote, he still wouldn't have won. He still had to get the Latin, Asian, White, Indian, Biracial, etc, etc. He won with more than 7 million over McCain, with states like Ohio and Vermont that last time I checked wasn't having a Black College Reunion Fest Jammy Jam recently!
Two: "He is the first black President, but he had to do it by connecting with white people"-People forget that he is biracial and especially since his white Grandmother death, it will be wrong to deny that part of him. The true reason he won is because he is the literal face of America. Born from a white Midwest mother and a black African father, raised by a white grandparents. Struggled on welfare and became educated through affirmative action to Harvard, where he brought his new found education to the streets of Chicago and embraced the roots and culture of his African heritage. He embodies the hope of every struggling, educated, black, white, poor, rich, and in between American and he has let them know it is possible.
Three: "I Fear for my life because he is unexperienced and terrorist will try us"-Bitch terrorist has tried us under Clinton and Bush! Bush was in office a mere months and was tried and even tough he fucked up later on, he handled it like he could. During Clinton, people forget Oklahoma City and how we were tried, not by aboard, but from within, showing us that a threat can come from anywhere and a terrorist doesn't have one race, religion, or nation. Neither McCain or Obama has the experience of being a President, no one except Bush. That is the power and fear of the position as well as the benefit, because who ever comes in will have his way of handling the situation. And Obama, unlike McCain, seems to think before he acts and keeps his cool and stays honest and direct. No fear of him pushing the button just because someone coughed on him.
Four: "America has finally reached equality with Obama Election"-This is a great mile stone that many blacks have died from and just as recently as mother's generation, thought will never be done. But know one thing, this is only a stone in a many mile bridge to equality. We have many stones and hard work to go. Black people are still the minority and many more milestones to go. We are still being denied jobs, housing, education, and respect for our color. We are still being pulled over, arrested, placed in court, and disciplined just because of our race. We are still be lynched, killed, beaten, segregated, called slurs, and thought of as less than human because we are black. And we are still the butt of jokes, smiled to in our face and talked about to our backs, classed as thugs and ghetto, feared, and lied to by those who call us equal.

So let us do like like McCain and Obama asked, provide your support, because Bush has left alot of shit to deal with and we only got 4 years to at least get some smell out!

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: But I am hating on Duval going to McCain and Amendment 2 passing making it illegal for me and Skittles to marry if we wanted to. Guess we will have to do it Brandy style and have a spiritual connection!