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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Truly Outrageous!

I saw this and was like, they made a Transformers movie, a Alvin & The Chipmunks movie, and even making a G.I. Joe movie, but where in the hell is the Jem movie? When Nicole Wray's video for "If I was your Girlfriend" came out, I thought then someone was going to make one if she was making it. But reports say that due to copyrights no deal is in the works to make it at this time. But if they did who should play the characters. I know it needs to be a full on musical spectacle but I wouldn't want Disney to cram all the High School Hanna Montana Jonas Brother crew into it.

I think Jem has to be older, Britney would be great if she could really act, but I would love to see Solange as Jem. Who says Jem has to be white, and Solange has a funky vibe that will sell the story, plus you know she got the earrings.

The Holograms can be played by the other girls of PCD, because Nicole already gets all the shine and it will be about time to see them hoes in clothes.

The Misfits can be led by Hilary Duff, since she wants to be bad now, Lindsey Lohan who would rock as a bad ass enemy & Ashley Tisdale to round out the bad ass bitches.

The love interest Rio Pacheco, I think should be Corbin Bleu so he can get some of that Zac Effron fire. Wouldn't it just be like totally awesome!!!

Posted By: Peaches!