Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Hells No!: Jacksonville Tea Party!

As stated before me and Skittles are sorry for the lack of posts. Skittles is out of a PC at the moment and after coming back home after a little vacay, I came down with an ass whooping cold. Well yesterday while in between NyQuil induced sleep, I saw a report on the news that made me pissed and not for the reasons I should. A group of people(white, mostly well to do)(Sorry white readers, its the truth!) gathered at the Landing to protest the Stimulus package passed. They had their own Tea Party and it is part of a nationwide protest. They state that the Stimulus is only pork and helping people with multiple homes. Then as a symbol, they dumped two bottles of Arizona Tea into the St. Johns. OK! Here is my rant! 1: Like anything, they are people who do just to greed, will try to buck the system and get more than they need. So yeah there are people who owns more than one home and in foreclosure, but for every one on them there is hundreds who only own one and now owns nothing. So to make a protest on a hand full is like cursing a cup of water while looking at the ocean. 2: If you don't like the Stimulus, please don't spend a dime of it, in fact send my me your savings. Any givers??! No, because with all their talk, I bet not one of them will not enjoy the benefit of the package, if not find ways to gain more from it. and finally 3: The original Tea Party was done in protest to the higher taxes on the needed English item, Tea. So in protest, we dumped the tea to show we weren't having it. So what the hell does tea have to do with what is happening in this nation right now. It seemed like the last weak battle cry of the damned who damned us in the situation we are in now, hiding behind the cover of America and not realizing the battle is over and they are just the left corpses on the field. But the thing that pissed me off was this. How are you dumping tea into the river! I know that there had to be to at least a couple homeless people who would have needed that drink more than the river. Also where were the Riverkeepers?! aren't we suppose to be keeping the St. Johns clean! Where are the fines, I need to see people being arrested or put to task in the media for pollution. And Arizona Tea?? That shows how rich their blood is, Arizona tea as a gallon is $4.99. They couldn't find a Walmart, Hell Targay, and get some $1.99 tea to dump. You're protesting the wasting of money and you go and waste $10 on two bottles of tea and dump it in the St. John's. I am missing the point. Maybe since Arizona is one of the states with the largest number of foreclosure or maybe its a shot out to they fallen homie McCain who voted against the Stimulus. Either way it made all the speeches and signs worthless! Read the whole story here.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars!

UPDATE: Now with Videos!!!This years Oscars can be summed up in one word...Magical! Not since the cool and modern production by Quincy Jones back in 1996, has the Oscars made me laugh, cry, dance, excited, amazed, and all around in love with movies again. Hugh "Gay or not makes me hot" Jackman was the 2000 Billy Crystal and I thought I would never see another Billy. And he pulled off not only bring the musical number back on the Oscars with help from Beyonce, Zac, & Baby V, but he rocked a Batmobile made of plastic jugs. Even the ending credits were hot with clips of the up coming movies in 2009 and most look like they will bring the hotness. But the topper for me was the way the presented the acting awards with past winners celebrating the nominees, so beautifully that that the award didn't matter after their words. If you missed it, find it on Hulu, Youtube, or Fancast and experience the love of movies! Check out the winners and videos when available after the jump! Click here for the winners.

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Raz B Mine!

I just got back in town and look what I just got greeted by after the jump! I wish I had that chocolate lollipop in my candy shop. Check out what I am talking about here and don't get mad if you get fired or hated on by clicking somewhere non porn friendly!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

B.Scott on the fuckery of Chris and Rhianna!

Yes I know we weren't gonna post anything that had anything to do with the Chris - Rhianna fuckery but I just had too share this! Here he is again! Ms.B is sharing his opinions or "weighing in" on the situation! We are still staying MUTE on the subject but this was funny! ENJOY!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just want to say that I hope everyone has a great V-Day. Watch out for a fat, cute, little winged baby with some heart shaped arrows trying to shoot you cuz that bitch crazy! We can't afford to go to the hospital with this recession going on! But I digress, tell that special someone that just make your heart beat a little faster that you never wanna let them go! It needs to be about the love and not the money this year, but if you got it then put a ring on it okay? If you're not with some a special someone or your heart was broken, it's just because you were too good for them and it's their loss! Take some nasty but classy gutterbutt trollop pics and send it too them! Show em what they will be missing out on this year!

To my Peaches, I wish I could give you everything you ever wanted this and everyday but all I have is my heart. I hope it's enough until I get that platinum on it! HAHAHA but you know I LOVE YOU cuz only you could put up with me and that's saying alot. Thank you for being mine through it all and loving it every step of the way! Happy Valentine's Day boo, and looking forward to many more with you! XOXOXOX and alot more later (hmmm you know I like that part too!)

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Everyday the 14th!!!

I know this is corny, but love deserves to be corny cute and special like it is! So spread, make it, give it, receive it, and cherish the love today!And For the man who's love transcends all time and boundaries I have this...I love you Boo and I would get diabetes off your chocolate any day!!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FRINGE represents Jacksonville!

In yesterday's episode of our second favorite show, J-ville had the priviledge of being shouted out twice in the story line. Yes, I know other places get mentioned, visited, or even invaded all the time. But I don't care about the others cuz I don't live there so whoopty doo! Da ville rarely gets our spotlight, so whenever we are represented and I hear about it then I will post it so there! Anyway, I hope you guys have been watching the show because it is the HOTNESS!!! Visit the website: FRINGE! That is all!

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Glass Box Tree House! Is This Real??

It doesn't seem possible to make this a reality! So, is this real?? Find out after the click..

YES! Well, it's a nice concept from The Swedish firm of Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter that created this literally "off glass" mirrored treehouse! WOW! Find out more from the source I got it from: - Hansson Treehouse!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

911 for Lemonade!!!!

I know that the world is going through some difficult times and that some people are in major need of some reporations(especially during the economy crisis and it being Black History Month), but why would someone call 911 over a drive-through soft drink?? Read the fuckery after the click..

A 66 year old man in Boynton Beach, Florida was charged today for misuse of the 911 service. Apparently he made a midnight run to a Burger King, ordered some food with a large lemonade, and pulled up to pay. He gets to the window to find out that they no longer served the drink he longed for and became outraged. He argued with the attendant and threatened to call the police. She apparently dared him to do it (she must have been black! HAHAHA) and he did. **Hear the phone call here.** The sad part is, when he was asked by police why he called 911, he had nothing to say! My only explanation: He must have been getting it for his wife and she told him "I'm not giving you your medication unless you bring me a lemonade!" He had became outraged because the previous 3 he went to didn't have it either! Or he must have had a flashback to slavery when blacks longed for a little bit of lemonade after picking cotton in the hot sun all day. When they said no, the suppressed hatred all came back at once. Or...maybe he was just a mean old man!

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Black History Month: Blackcard Holders and Owners!

Okay, first of all some may notice no mention on this blog of the Chris Brown & RihRih fuckery. Well everyone and their mom is reporting everything they can find or make up on the situation so there is no need for me to waste space for something that isn't fully explained yet. Until the full story comes out from either one of them, I will stay mute, but if you don't know what's going on click here. Well on the positive moments in Black History, which is the purpose of Black History Month. We shop there, eat there, go to the doctor through them, make copies of that damn credit card bill you refuse to pay there, but how many of you know that its a brother or sistah getting that paper for all of it. Well check out some of the other and sometimes more powerful Black Presidents in America.

Current African American CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies

Clarence Otis, Jr.
Company: Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Position: Chief Executive Officer and President

Kenneth I. Chenault
Company: American Express
Position: Chairman and CEO

Richard Dean Parson
Company: Citigroup Inc.
Position: Chairman

Ronald A. Williams
Company: Aetna Inc.
Position: CEO/President

Former African American CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies

Aylwin Lewis
Company: Potbelly Sandwich Works
Position: Chief Executive Officer and President

Franklin Delano Raines
Company: Revolution LLC
Position: Director

Stan O'Neal
Company: Merrill Lynch & Co.
Position: Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Possible Future Black CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies

Don Thompson
Company: McDonald's USA
Position: President

John W. Thompson
Company: Symantec Corporation
Position: Chairman, CEO

Ursula M Burns
Company: Xerox Corporation
Position: President, Director

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Hooter It Up On Wednesday!

Yes! Ya'll know this deal is HOOTNESS! I mean Hotness! This deal is Hooters' way of giving us a "Stimulus Package" so to speak! I plan to take full advantage of if and hope you guys will too! Hopefully all the locations in the world are doing it, and if you are in J-ville then go to the one on San Jose Blvd!!! YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!! You can't beat hot wings, hot girls, and a hot deal! GET INTO IT @ HOOTERS! Learn more at

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammy's Recap: Step by Step!

For the one that did not have the chance to see the live show, see my step by step recap of the biggest night in music after the click

U2 opened the show. Pretty good!
Tipsy Whitney announced J.Hudson as Best R&B album!
Whitney's dress was fierce and J.Hud's wasn't.
Dwayne "the Rock" Johnsen told some bootleg jokes and introduced Timberlake
Timberlake told a bootleg story, introduced and performed with Al Green
They both tried to out high note each other with AL being victorious
Boys 2 Men and Keith Urban were in the background!
The Mentalist's Simon Baker introduces Coldplay
Jay-Z comes on stage out of no where and starts rapping with them! HOTNESS!
Intimate song turnes into Viva La Vida with big drums and a big ass bell!
Keith Urban introduces Carrie Underwood.
She is givin it to me right now! Strut yo stuff gurl!
Sheryl Crow and Le Ann Rimes hit the stage and announce SugarLand as Favorite Country Duo/Group
Were back with Duffy and Al Green. They both start singing song for older nominess for Song of The Year!
Song of the Year goes to ColdPlay's VIVA LA VIDA! Really short acceptance speech.
Kid Rock performs 3 songs, in one saying "I'm a Rock & Roll Jesus!" WHATEVER!
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus perform for the first time! Not too bad!
They announce Plant and Krauss "Rich Woman" as the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.
I don't see how they got it!
Jennifer Hudson makes her entrance to perform! This dress is so much better!
That was so emotional and she fought back tears. Amazing!
Jason Mraz and Emily Procter introduces Jonas Brothers with Stevie Wonder.
Their performance was pure fuckery! Enough said!
Blink 182 announces ColdPlay for having the Best Rock Album.
It sucks that the guy with the broken arm had to open the card.
Craig Ferguson introduces Katy Perry.
She emerges on stage in a floating sparkling banana and with a sparkiling fruit dress. WOW!
She should have lip synched!!
One a small stage, Kanye West starts rapping and Estelle begins to sing. They outfits are truly sparkling!
They then announce Adele as the Best New Artist!
Peaches and I both sing "Give it up for the BIG GIRLS!"
Morgan Freeman comes out with one glove on to introduce Kenny Chesney.
He does a typical "sit on a stool in a bright spotlight" performance
Natalie Cole, Puffy, and Herbie Hancock announces Plant and Krauss "Please Read This Letter" as Record of the Year
WHY?? I don't see how they got this one either!
Queen Latifah introduces a very pregranant M.I.A!!! Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, and Lil Wayne join her.
A standing ovation was in order, and they got one!! HOTNESS!
Kate Beckinsale introduces Foo Fighters and Sir McCartney!
They jam out to a old Beatles hit! Very nice!
Jack Black and Charlie Hayden announce John Mayer as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Screen goes black! Ok, we back again! John leaves the stage.
LL Cool J and some white guy introduces SugarLand and Adele.
Sugarland was surprisingly good, I was feeling it!
Adele sang her ass off about them damn pavements! Yes Ma'am!
Gwen Paltrow introduces RadioHead backed with some school marching band.
Very DrumLine like, but white!!
Samuel L Jackson talks about uniting music and introduces T.I. and Timberlake
Great collabo performance!
Grammy President Neil Portnow hits the stage to give his speech of the night.
Wow! I didn't know Obama received two Grammy awards in the past!
Neil then introduces Smokey Robinson.
Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx join Smokey and the only other surviving member of The Four Tops in an oldies medley. A good blast from the past.
Josh Grobin introduces Neil Diamond
Very "Sweet Caroline" Vegas Style performance!
Now comes the Encore segment. Tribute to the artists who have passed away!
John Mayer, BB King, Keith Urban, and Other (don't know his name) does another oldies melody!
Gary Sinise introduces Lil Wayne with Robin Thicke
Great great great collabo and inspirational song for New Orleans!
Old black man pianist, dirty dozen band, new orleans dancers join the two in the tribute! and T-Pain announce Lil Wayne for Best Rap Album
Blind Boys of Alabama gets a Lifetime Achievement Award
Zooey Deschanel introduces Plant and Krauss!
They need to sit down somewhere!
Green Day announces Rick Reuben as Producer of the Year and the BIG BIG BIG award of the night....... Plant and Krauss for ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!
WHY??? WHY??? WHY???
The other nominees were robbed of that award!
What happened to this years Grammy's!!??
Stevie Wonder ends the show.
I'm glad it's over! There is the 51st Grammy Awards in a Nut Shell!!
The End

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Black History Month!

This Black History Month has enough first to spawn hundreds of pages of Black History Month reports without one mention of Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, or Malcolm X! First black President of the GOP, First Black President of America, things may seemed to be better, but the power of Black History Month needs to be celebrated. So, even though it's a week late, we will celebrate all things black this month. To make up with the week we missed since Black History Month is a short ass Month, here is 7 things you may not know about Black History. 1. Black History Month originated in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson as Negro History Week. The month of February was chosen in honor of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, who were both born in that month.
2. Gransville T. Woods invented the "telegraphony," an invention that Alexander Graham Bell's company purchased, which lead to the invention of the telephone.
3. Andrew Jackson Beard in 1897 invented the automatic railroad car coupler (aka the Jenny Coupler). This invention allowed two railroad cars to lock automatically by bumping into each other. Prior to this invention, a railroad employee would have to drop a bin between the two connectors of the railroad cars. Often times they could not get out in time and many lost their limbs and even their lives.
4. Nancy Green (1834 – 1923) a former slave, was employed in 1893 to promote the Aunt Jemima brand by demonstrating the pancake mix at expositions and fairs. She was a popular attraction because of her friendly personality, great story-telling, and warmth. Green signed a lifetime contract with the pancake company and her image was used for packaging and billboards.
5. Beyonce Knowles (1981 - ) an award-winning singer, songwriter and actress is the first African-American woman to win the "Songwriter of the Year" award at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in 2001 and also holds the record for the longest run on the Billboard Hot 100's number one spot in 2003 with the songs "Crazy in Love" (8 weeks) and "Baby Boy" (9 weeks). Beyonce is ranked as the second best-selling female artist of the 21st century with record sales of over 37 million dollars.
6. Lonnie G. Johnson (1949 - ), an engineer who performed spacecraft system design for NASA, invented the Super Soaker water gun - the number one selling toy in America in 1991.
7. Dr. Charles Drew (1904 - 1950) discovered techniques to store blood and developed blood banks.

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Drumline Live Post...Finally!

Okay I know its been like a week ago, but I am finally posting about Drumline Live. It was incredible! After a delicious and pricey(don' they know we're in a recession!) trip down memory lane at Longhorns, me and Skittles embarked on a night of beats, dance, and jams. And of course when you get FAMU marching bands and a Saturday night, you get the club hoes in full effect. Bitches had their freakum dresses and fcuk me pumps on lock. Me, Skittles, and the old white lady ushers thought we walked on the set of a Plies Bust it Baby video. But on the other side, he Grandmas and Sorara (as my mom calls Sorority) were on full effect in furs and gold! But like anytime a group on black people gather, there was a few "Oh no that bitch didn't" moments.One, I know some people, black or white, will act a fool during an event, but was it necessary to have a hundred JSO officers there? I didn't even see JSO at Ave Q except to help people cross the street. That is why the Ville is the murder capital of Florida, JSO is busy patrolling Broadway shows and not killerway. Two, I know the other JSO in the Ville is the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and across from the Moran theater hosting Drumline, in the Jacoby Hall the JSO was having their own concert (which I wish I could have seen...explain later) and in the lobby there were ushers passing out surveys for people attending the concert. Well one of the survey takers were standing right next to us and before we knew why she was there, was curious about what she was doing. She saw us and didn't even move an inch toward us, but as soon as someone white passed by she sprung to action asking if they were going to the JSO concert and if they wanted o take a survey. I was like HELL NO OBAMA IS PRESIDENT BITCH! and we are still second class. Why couldn't me and Skittles be attending the concert. In fact we were getting tickets to one of he Masterwork performances coming up. I love the symphony and as a id the only concerts I ever attended were with the JSO. But to make it even crazier, most of the white people she were asking, were attending Drumline Live and the JSO performance was a night of Motown! The final trifling moment came when we entered the theater for the show and the usher passing out the programs for the show gave Skittles a program and when I asked for mine, was like "you can share"! Bitch I can't, could you share the price I paid for tickets? She had a boxes full and people looked at her like she was crazy. How she even know we knew each other and the price of a seat comes with a program. There should be a program for each seat, its not like it was oversold or I was requesting multiple copies. Just know I got my damn program just like every other show I have every attended. But off the trifling part of the night and on to the performance. It was pretty much sold out, there may have been a couple of empty seats, but it was full. The show was great, right out the gate they brought that black college beat and people were up and dancing and cheering like it was halftime at the Classic. There were different sections an showed the diverse sides of black college music from Africa to Gospel, big band to modern, and Motown to Soulja boy. The small but big sound band was on point and the dance girls brought the heat. They had participation from the audience in cute and funny moments. My only complain is you can tell this is a new show and some elements haven't been ironed out yet or reached their full greatest. Also just we your getting in to one of the different sections, the would end quickly, so they brought the fire, but not long enough to let it burn. But the band members, mostly college students from the historically black colleges were amazing and during the intermission, me and Skittles discovered they were pretty cute as well. A group of the drumline drummers came around in the audience with drums to play and the girls were going crazy, I thought they were stripping how wild they got just to hold their drum while they drummed. But I don't blame them, they were hot and most seemed to beat to a different drum, if you get what mean. But also during that point everyone got to realize how much talent lays in the audience as well. When people got to chance to play the drum themselves, many blow everyone away with their skills. My favorite part was just after the finale and the all the performers marched out in the lobby for a unscripted goodbye jam, where you got to meet the performers face to face ad take pictures, and thank them for a great show, while jamming out to some beats. It was an experience to be a part of and I can't wait to see how the show evolves. It deserves to be on the same tier as Stomp and Riverdance and based off that performance, it will. Here is a video i caught on my phone of the after jam, sorry for the lack of quality audio, it was loud as hell in that lobby.Make sure if Drumline Live is hitting a city near you to check it out, you won't forget it. Visit for info on the show and stops. Next show...Wicked!!!

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*Side Note: Also in the lobby were the trancely beautiful women of Radiance. They performed the Motown JSO concert across the hall ad they were signing autographs and I had to get one, even though I didn't see their show. But after seeing them and talking with them I wish I did. I would post a picture, but it pales in the reality of how fierce and sexy they were face to face. I would put down dick for them...well not too much gurl!
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Its Back!!: Torchwood

My sci-fi threesome consist of Doctor Who, Fringe, & and sexy of the three Torchwood! Finally season (or Series for the UK readers) 3 is coming this year. Watch it on BBC1 in the UK or BBC America a little after that here in the US. Just like Doctor Who, instead of the regular 13 episodes it will be a five episode mini series with one story. I am a little upset I am not getting the full Torchwood experience, but I have been missing my Capitan Jack, that any is fine with me! Check out why Torchwood is the Bizness! And if that didn't peak your interest, this should.

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The Grammy's!!!!!!

Watch to see if your favorites get the biggest honor in music! You know we will bring our fierocia recaps after the show ends!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Out for a minute! (It's COLD!)

Hey fierocios and fierocias! Sorry Peaches and I haven't been bringing you the heat lately but it's because the extreme weather drop in J-ville has somewhat extinguished our flame. But never fear cuz will we be blazing back soon! In the mean time, check out some Obama news I came across today after the click

Click here about the controversy over the infamous picture above:
Obama Poster Fuckery

Click here about news on Obama's speech yesterday about the "stimulus" situation: Stimulate us Obama!

Oh! and click here if you want to "OBAMICON" yourself!!:
Obamiconme NOW!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Jesus Take the Keyboard!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Take on the Super Bowl!

Enough of the straight macho football talk, you know what you're really looking at during the big game...the big players! So check out some pig skin on our other site Lickalish!

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Are You Ready For Some Football??!!

To answer the question, no not really. Yeah me and Skittles getting the food ready, the TV on lock, and prime sofa seating established, but not to see Arizona and Pittsburgh battle (yawn). No it's all about the Ads, the preshow concert with the diva Jennifer Hudson back with the National Anthem (Be prepared to go to church!), halftime not so much (The Boss ain't that Diva!), and the after game shows on NBC (That preview of the office with the cat is hilarious!). But the economy has taken the bite out of the games this year. The famed Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and other big named Super Bowl parties of the past didn't happen this year due to the ecnomy. Also more people have flown in commerical rather than by private jet like years past and spending is down 30%. When The Ville hosted the game in 2005, parties were everywhere and once $2 hamburgers were $20, but the atomshpere was electric (It's electric!...I had to!). So I wonder how things down south in Tampa are and will Miami next year be affected? Well we will see like my mom would say "Lord's willing"!

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No Super Bowl Club: Jacksonville Jaguars!

I was searching for some information for my last post and came across this shocking New York Times article. It states:
It’s pro football’s lonely list: the teams that have never even been to a Super Bowl. But now that the Arizona Cardinals are finally there, maybe there’s hope for the Forlorn Five — Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville and New Orleans.
I swear I thought the list of teams who never got to the game was longer. Damn Jacksonville! I know we are new and compared to others, but Carolina was born with us and made it. And to make it worse, we went to the AFC Championship game twice and hosted once and still couldn't pull it off. But no matter the fuckary of this season, I am still a Jag to the end and know we will turn in our membership to the No super bowl club soon. Read the entire article here.

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About Damn Time: Hall of Famer Bob Hayes!

After 29 years and a failed attempt during Super Bowl XXIX here in his hometown of The Ville, Bob "Bullet" Hayes is now Pro Football Hall of Famer. For those who know him, he was an Olympic gold medalist in track and played for the Dallas Cowboys. His speed caused NFL defenses to step their game up to zone defense. He is the only man to have both an Olympic gold medal and a super Bowl ring. But to me he deserve it because of hi service to the Jacksonville community with his Bob Hayes Invitational. For 39 years schools from around the southeast come to compete in track and field competition and a highlight for The Ville and all those talented enough to compete. Bob Hayes died in 2002, but his spirit lives in the countless students in the track and lightening fast wide receivers on the field. Here is the TU(Times Union) Story on the vote:
Twenty-nine years after he first became eligible, Jacksonville native Bob Hayes was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday.

Hayes was nominated for the second time in five years by the senior committee and he needed at least 36 of the 44 board members to vote in his favor.

The exact number of votes he got was not announced.

The case for Hayes was that he changed the game with his speed that forced defenses to change to zone defenses.

But he was rejected just five years ago, the first time he was a finalist. The fact he had only 371 catches and didn’t have a signature game in the championship games he played in were hurdles he had to overcome.

Hayes is the only man to win an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring.

He died in 2002.

Joining Hayes in the Hall will be Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Randall McDaniel, Derrick Thomas and Buffalo Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson.

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