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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

911 for Lemonade!!!!

I know that the world is going through some difficult times and that some people are in major need of some reporations(especially during the economy crisis and it being Black History Month), but why would someone call 911 over a drive-through soft drink?? Read the fuckery after the click..

A 66 year old man in Boynton Beach, Florida was charged today for misuse of the 911 service. Apparently he made a midnight run to a Burger King, ordered some food with a large lemonade, and pulled up to pay. He gets to the window to find out that they no longer served the drink he longed for and became outraged. He argued with the attendant and threatened to call the police. She apparently dared him to do it (she must have been black! HAHAHA) and he did. **Hear the phone call here.** The sad part is, when he was asked by police why he called 911, he had nothing to say! My only explanation: He must have been getting it for his wife and she told him "I'm not giving you your medication unless you bring me a lemonade!" He had became outraged because the previous 3 he went to didn't have it either! Or he must have had a flashback to slavery when blacks longed for a little bit of lemonade after picking cotton in the hot sun all day. When they said no, the suppressed hatred all came back at once. Or...maybe he was just a mean old man!

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