Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Just a real quick shout out to Travis @ MTV BUZZ WORTHY for having our little creation "linked" on the Buzz Bites - 5/29/09 post. Appreciate it!
Click the image and check them out.

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WTF: Suicidal Man Pushed Off Bridge

I was so shocked when I came across this story centered around these two crazy men. Read the full story HERE! All I can say that if you plan to kill yourself, do it on your own time or someone else may try it on their time!! But seriously, don't kill yourself cuz it's not cute in any aspect! HAHAHA (laughing but serious moment!)

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Naughty Obama! You Should Know Better!

Okay, so I'm sure that everyone has seen or heard about the "choice words" that Obama said at the Democratic Party a few days ago. If you haven't then click *Read More!* after my opinion on this (and I am in no way trying to change, put down, or help your own opinions, these are mine alone, respect mine and I will respect yours).

One one hand, I can agree with "the ones that don't justify it" party. I do feel that it was out of line for him to say it and I feel he was absolutely trying to get a laugh in some way. It seems like if he was thinking clearly, then he wouldn't have brought the protesters up at all. Just talk about the main issues, eat some food, and go home. I felt that he should have shown some kind of compassion or at least tried to find out why the protest was happening since he claims he didn't know.

On the other hand, I can agree with "the ones that justify it" party. I honestly don't think he was trying to come across in a negative way, he just doesn't seem that cold of a president. I think he was just trying to say that the protesters weren't being absolutely clear on what "promise" since he has made so many. I also believe that people analyze too much on everything he says and that any little slip would have been a major problem for SOMEONE. He could say "I love Blue Shirts!" and somebody would make a big deal about it. HATE is a second nature to many, that's life.

Now you can bet that he will feel a huge backlash and probably make a public apology soon, and you know Michelle got on his ass later that night okaaaay? Just know that this won't be the first or the last time Obama says something that will offend people, but I say look at it on both sides and then decide how you feel. Yes he had a bad choice of words, but let's not be ready to totally deny him for it. That's just my opinion. Thank you!
Check the video and/or leave comments!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

For Real???: Ciara & KFC Chicken

Is this for real??? and if it is then I have one word for it.... DAMN!!!!! Has it come to this CiCi?? I know the album didn't meet expectations but you should know better than to let this happen! Not that it will matter anyway because if the Oprah coupons couldn't get us free chicken, then this coupon definitely won't get your cd booboo (not to mention the ghetto employees keeping them all and trying to sell them for personal gain). I'm hoping this is a fake, but if it's not then send me one! Times are hard and free is free, LET'S KEEP IT REAL!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

NOH8 Campaign PSA!

The video speaks for itself and we all for it! It's time to take a stand for equality FOR EVERYONE!!

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Deadbeat Dad of the Year!!

Click here to see why we have named Desmond Hatchett the "Deadbeat Dad of the Year!". Thanks to for the story.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's the T?? : Sexy Spec of Pretty Ricky

I had to find this video just from seeing all of the reaction videos first, which I have yet to find a positive one! I must say that I was a little turned on (his body from the neck down is on point) abut a lot disturbed (every other aspect of the video) which is not good at 4:17 in the morning. Here what I want to know Spec...
1 - Did you talk to your bandmates about this idea?
2 - Did you watch this and think it through before putting it out on the web?
3 - Did you research your choices of artists and their dance moves before you decided who you wanted to challenge?
4 - Why do you want them all to as you say "Come get it"? Is that a clue to something we should know about?
I just wanna know this: What was this video meant to be??? Was it a "promotion" for the album?, or maybe a "I'm just feeling myself and I think this will be sexy" video?, or how about a "Time to call all the gays out and let ya'll know who the queen bitch on da floor is" video? See for yourself and let me know. You can stop the video @ the 2:24 mark unless you want to hear the rest of the song and see the ad.
But on the real sir, whatever you trying to do with this video, it just came off in a gay stripperish way and I don't know it this can be fixed. Sorry.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First Follower: BlkGrafix

I can only speak for me but I never thought we would have an actual follower of our little blog. I know I am probably a little more excited than I need to be but I can't help it. So here is to you **BLKGRAFIX** for seeing something worth following at our home and making our day! Check him out on the right side in the "Our Fierce Fans" section and see what he's got going on. We hope to get more of you soon, and even if our one follower leaves then it's okay because you will still be FIERCE to us! THANKS!!!!!

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Happy Memorial Day

I know it's only 18 minutes left before the day is over but the thought should count for something. Hope you all took this day to eat good bbq, spend time with the fam, and just celebrate and remember those who fought and died for this country. They will be missed but never forgotten.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tatted Up: Janet on Dupri????

I just have one question for you J.Dupri!! Well, a few actually.....
Why?? Why you would you tattoo Janet on your side fat? Isn't it enough to have one of the sexiest black women all to yourself? Couldn't you just have her name or a small thumbnail pic of her on your arm?? I hope you two last forever and a day but what happens if you two break-up?? There is no way you can change that image into something else. Speaking of image, why does she look like a sexy earth mother or a sexy nun praying?? I'm sure you could have found a better pose of her to have forever inked on you! Do you think she likes it?? I just couldn't see me doing that for anyone unless it was my child, my parents, or of a significant other (if they died and I wasn't going to get with anyone else ever again). What do you think???

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Friday, May 22, 2009

ABC's New Shows!!

With LOST coming to an end next year, ABC has to step their game up if they want to keep us viewers watching their station. I believe they have some shows coming soon that will make the recovery of the LOST series finale as easy as possible. See for yourself with these links (hopefully they work, if not, find them @ ABC.COM

FlashForward - A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds, and each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now. When they wake up, everyone is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen.

V - Today, the world woke up to find spaceships over every major city. The Visitors claim to have come in peace, bringing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs. They promise to do no harm. They're lying.

The Forgotten - Gone but not forgotten. That's what they say. But what if a killer took your life -- and your name? Every city has its share of unidentified murder victims. When standard police procedure fails to give them a name, that's when the Identity Network steps in.

HappyTown - For the past seven years Haplin, Minnesota's lived up to its nickname, Happy Town. Even the air is sweet with the smell of bread from the industrial bakery. Unfortunately, everything is about to change.

Also check these out - ModernFamily, Eastwick, The Middle

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beyonce's "EGO"

She is at it again with her two girl dance team (see Single Ladies and Diva) with her new video 'Ego". Go to to see it or watch it below. Tell us what you think?

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Happy "Late" Hump Day!

I would have had this post up earlier if our blog wouldn't have taken forever and a day to ping. Anyway, I know most people think dedicate Hump Day to mainly just grinding the goodies or getting it in from the back but I want to dedicate this one the once that have that Mastered their HEAD GAME.
What is HEAD GAME?? If you have to ask, then you don't have it boo boo okay?? But you may be able to figure it out from the above picture.

So I dedicate this song to those men or women who know how to satisfy that throbbing manhood (rather it be your man or a jumpoff) and can have him cumming back for more. Keep it up, literally. Shout out to my boo Peaches who knows how to keep me at attention.

Warmth - Janet Jackson

And I dedicate this song to those men or women who know how to work that tongue and make that kittykat purr for dear life. The rain shouldn't be the only thing getting you wet tonight.

Moist - Janet Jackson

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Allen: American Idol Winner

Ok I admit that I didn't watch much more of American Idol after the "more than disappointing" Jacksonville episode but hearing the degaga of the whole thing, everyone seemed to think that Adam Lambert has the win on lockdown. Even I was convinced and I barely watched it but it just goes to show that the underdog can come out on top. (Prime example: When everyone thought that Gay Aiken had the win and Ruben stomped that ass in the end.) Well either way it was good for Kris to win because you know Adam will have a record deal in no time and entertaining "Queens and Trannies" everywhere. Congratulations to you both!
Read more about the big night here : Idol Finale

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am Gagging!: New Moon Sexy!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just for Sh*ts & Gggles!

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Taste This

A very refreshing Draft Cider Beer with a hint of Raspberries. Not too much beer taste, not too much fruity taste. That's about it.
You can get it at your local World Market or Total Wines.

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Spotted Dick!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

LOST: Final Season in 2010!!!

Well as you may or may not know, the season 5 finale was this past Wednesday and it was the best one yet!!! If you haven't been watching or missing some of the episodes, YOU HAVE 9 MONTHS TO CATCH UP so you better jump on the LOST roller coaster now so you don't miss out on the ending. Buy the dvds (if you ballin) or watch them on (if you ain't ballin) and be ready for the final installment next year!

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Shots of Fab! Sweety Darling!

So not Lacroix! Ab Fab US wheel has exploded and now a pool of melted rubber covered in cat sick {Dlisted}

If you see me tipsy at the arena, blame it on the AAAAlcohol! Jamie Foxx live in the Ville {FTU}

I have only one photo in my hand, mine bitch cause I am Tyra! Another diva realize they ain't America's Next Top Model and bitch about it {Bossip}

The secret is in the sauce! I know where I will be having my after concert dinner {Fail} Read more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blame It On The E-E-E-E-Economy!

It's another Obama Spoof Video from Youtube's ALPHACAT!! I like this one the best so far!

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Timaya and the Brass Knuckles!

Just hilarious!
How he managed to add the three little pigs or destiny's child in this story is beyond me. Check out more of his videos here: Timaya

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Take Two: Princess & The Frog!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fcukary of the Year: Father Leaves Kids in Car with Drugs!

I came home worn out from a night of work and turned on the TV to see this fcukary on Channel 4 News. "Tanelius Pennington left a toddler and a 6-month-old in the car while he went shopping at a Winn Dixie on the Southside in the middle of the day.Other shoppers noticed the children, became concerned for their welfare and flagged down officers.Police said during their investigation, marijuana, cocaine and pills were all found in the car within arms reach of the children. That's because, according to police, Pennington was selling drugs from the car." What the hell? But to make it worst, when police arrived, he took off leaving the kids and now on the run. But it doesn't end there, he took to time to call two friends and the mother to call in a false stolen car report to make it look like he wasn't with the kids. Now her ass and friends are in jail and the poor kids are in Children Services. Situations like this make me soo pissed because If me and Skittles wanted to have children, the state won't allow it, but this bitches can have kids and fcuk it up! red the whole story after the break.Read the whole fcukary at News 4 Jax.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

One Time For The BIG BOYS!

"Oh My Word!" is the phrase I give for this video! Now all of us obese men have a dream to follow okaaay!!! It is time for us to enlist in the Beyonce Army - Big Men Quadrant for the FIERCE (you betta know it!). He went that long and didn't pass out? I applaud you sir, I APPLAUD YOU! You better work bitch! I'm sending you 5 McDoubles and 3 Large Fries as I type. Don't hate cuz I'm gonna eat some too and GAG of jealousy. HAHA
Thanks to B.Scott for posting the video and Tyrone for making the video. See more of them here (B.Scott) and here (TyroneJones1989)

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"New Moon" in the trash???

Click here for the story: SOURCE
She has to be a really goodhearted person to return them because I have to honestly say that I just might have sold them for top dollar! Just keeping it real with ya!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing Race Winners!

Don't click the READ MORE link if you don't want to know who won. The season finale just ended and the winners are....
I am so glad that Tammy & Victor won out of the final three. I'm sorry if you guys don't agree but the cheerleaders were just rude bitches that spread bad karma to everyone and finally got it back tenfold (That lady on the phone told them bitches off) and the mom/deaf son were just triflin bitches that tried to play that helpless deaf game and then call my former team "bitches" (I'm glad he kept fucking up and getting discouraged over the last challenge). Its so funny that they had to help each other just to be second and third place. HAHAHAHA!, IN YO FACE HEFFAS. TIME TO GO HOME AND CRY WITHOUT THE MILLION. The best team won in my opinion.

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Classic Shit!!

Happy Mother's Day to our and all the MOMS out there that keep it FIERCE!!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Solange giving me that Bjork FEVA!!

Here is my girl Solange sanging her own cover to Bjork's song "It's Ohh So Quiet". She made me believe that song! I betta know it bitches!! Click the post name to see the video since for some reason the video is being retarded.

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Why I Love The Ville!: Faith Jewelers!

Jacksonville Jeweler "Faith Jewelers", gave away 900 pieces of diamond and pearl jewelry to anyone who lost their job or home for Mother's Day. They know people were struggling and decided that on Thursday & Friday to give away 200 $100 pieces of jewelry to give them hope and show they care. Well when the amount of people exceeded 200, they called suppliers and provided more jewelry to help all who came. They helped bring hope to 900 people with strings attached. All you needed to do is bring proof of your foreclosure or unemployment with a ID. It is soo crazy to me that a small local jewelry store gives $90,000 away with no plan of getting it back or no loops and restrictions, but a mutli-billion dollar global fast food chain can't give away $2.99 meals right. Maybe because Faith Jewelers did something from the heart and out of pure caring and KFC for backfired greed. President Obama said we as a Nation needed to pull our boot straps up to make it through this economy and apparently some have more boots than others, but don't mind giving then away! Read the whole story at the Florida Times Union.

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Twittered Out!

As you may or may not notice, the Twitter section on the blog and our Twitter account is gone. It's hard enough to make time for the blog to make time for a site that I didn't understand from the beginning. Unlike Facebook, where my updates are for people I know and I keep up with them through their updates, Twitter seemed too impersonal. One, who was actually caring about our one sentence moments, when you can read the full story on the blog. And two, Twitter became the new fad that everyone and their mom did and didn't know why. Fierocia trys to stay ahead of the trends and makes them, because we are diva bitch! So sorry to those who actually followed us on Twitter for that first month we did it and Twitter maybe the hotness for others, but it's not tha bizness for us!

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Shots of Fab!

Saw this on other blogs and wanted to give it a try. So here are a few of the fab stories out there that deserve to be mentioned, but no time for the whole glass:

Jacksonville may soon be filled with half naked oiled up men for the world to see. (FTU)

Feel, hear, and maybe smell the funk in Metro Park Saturday. (FunkFest)

Hungry because KFC won't take your coupon, well have a free candy bar from Mars. (Mars)

RihRih takes Cassie shine by popping out a titty. (Necole Bitchie)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Black Eyed Peas are BACK!!

Check out the new B.E.P video of them giving us that BOOM BOOM POW they always seem to bring to our eyes and ears. Their website shows that their album hits stores in 32 days so be ready for the ablum review coming soon. ENJOY!

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I am Gagging!: Miss Kylie is Coming!!!!!

I can't even speak!!!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


That movie "broke the muthaf**kin dawn on dat ass" (I was obligated to put that line in for you RuPaul, Michelle Williams, and Peaches) but I digress. Sorry for not writing about it last night but I had to calm down my adrenaline rush from seeing it at the advanced screening event. More on it all after the click

Okay!, so let get the obvious out of the way so I can get to the good shit. Peaches got us some free advanced screening tickets to the Tinseltown event. As you may guess, the place was packed and we just got there in time to catch some "eyeballs to the screen seats" since all the others were taken. The movie was supposed to start at 7:30pm but since a movie theater representative and a comic book store owner had to talk to everyone for a while, it didn't start until 8. I have only been to one other advanced screening which was Ju-On 2 and they gave out free stuff, so I was a little disappointed that an already free local newspaper was being handed out like it was something exclusive! BOOO! But once the screen came on, it was all worth it.

Now the good shit! Right from the beginning of the movie, it was sexy action space battles in your face. All the major emotions went through me before the title appeared (which was hot by itself). If the movie had ended there, it still would have been hot shit. I can't even think of a time in the movie where it got boring or unappealing. The acting was great, the graphics were off the charts, and the story line was really good. NO DISAPPOINTMENTS on this flick. I'm not really a Star Trek follower but you don't have to be with this film (but if you are an expert then you may catch little things that us non-followers don't). From what I heard, there were a few surprising cameos (some that are really obvious and few I didn't catch until looking at the ending credits) but its nothing to freak out about. Even though the screening was free, I am definitely going back and paying money to watch it again cuz it was sooo worth it. All I'm wondering now is.... Do you think there will be a sequel???
GO AND SEE IT ASAP, like the day it officially comes out. I think its tomorrow or Friday. In the meantime, go to the website!! Live long and prosper bitches.

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Hold it Bitch!

I am soo pissed right now after watching the Amazing Race! My team to beat and fav for the million was Keisha & Jen. Not just because they are two strong black sistahs, but because unlike most of the others, they came to win and have no other BS to hold them back. Their whole battle with Luke & Mom made a victory for them even sweeter. Even though during the swimming challenge, they had me hot when they was ready to give up, I let it go because even the greats have to be low to make the win. But that last episode before the final got me hot as hell. One I can't hate on Tammy & Victor for U-turning them, I would too cause them bitches can run. Two Jen got a little too cocky by not tearing up that "Critter" platter as soon as she saw those "Cheerwhores" (which I want to know how the hell do you live in Miami and can't deal with people who speak different languages, they should have killed themselves after arriving at Dolphin stadium!) because she thought they wouldn't do it. Jen, it's called the "Amazing" Race and people do some crazy shit for a million dollars. And three, the most troubling, I understand you had to peed and after watching you drink all that water I had to too. But I held that shit to watch the rest of the show and I ain't getting shit for it, you will get the chance at a million. You should have passed the toilet and squat on that mat in front of Phil as team 3. He would have understand, there isn't rule yet against I'm sure. Hell if that was too much, you should have just ran and peed, it's a race, we could have thought you were sweaty or a water bottle is leaking. The most important thing was you making on the mat as 3rd, but now your 4th and home and I have to cheer on Tammy & Victor and endure Luke "Deaf Queen" & "Psycho Bitch" Mom gloat on how they are free of you and the "Cheerwhores" set American International Relations back to the stone age! Now I am going to pee!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dick Day!

Yesterday was a fcuked up day at first, but after the a-a-alcohol I forgot most of it. But I do remeber the reason for the alcohol and my new stress release day. A great friend of me and Skittles introduced me to Dick Day, and no it's not that ya nasty(even though I thought that at first too)! It a day when someone you really care about pretty much becomes a dick and fcuks up your day with their bull. So instead of crying or getting mad, you call up some friends and shake some things and break some things. I know it sounds like any other "No that bitch didn't, I need a drink!" situation and it is, but now I have a name for it and it makes it funnier to shout out "It's Dick Day Bitch, Where my drink!"

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Friday, May 1, 2009

MMMMM!!, John Legend!

Peaches and I are no strangers to the hotness that is Mr.Legend, but I don't think I have ever seen him shirtless until now! and look at him with the "Yeah that's right!, I know I'm Hot." swag face on. Here he is walking man's best friend in South Beach (I wish I was on that leash being his best friend!) and keeping himself in shape. He better be glad we weren't in a 5 mile radius of that chocolate skin or he may have been devoured okaayy? Keep it up JL!!!

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AbFab Sweetie Darling!!??

Oh my gosh darlings!!! I know most of you may know about this show already, but if not then you have been missing out! Peaches just introduced me to this throwback show (1992-2005) and I am loving every minute of it. ABFAB is mainly about two best friends (Edina & Patsy) and their day to day lives of trying to be FABULOUS while dealing with their crazy families and friends, hectically non hectic work schedules, and countless wine and smoke breaks. Eventhough this is a british show (sometimes a turn off from not being able to clearly understand what they are saying), it totally changed my views about BBC shows entirely. Please rent or watch the shows online and you shouldn't be dissapointed. If you don't catch any of the old episode then don't worry.... FOX is remaking the show for the U.S. in FALL 2009.
Click and red letters above to go to the website and watch a tribute clip below.

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