Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Twittered Out!

As you may or may not notice, the Twitter section on the blog and our Twitter account is gone. It's hard enough to make time for the blog to make time for a site that I didn't understand from the beginning. Unlike Facebook, where my updates are for people I know and I keep up with them through their updates, Twitter seemed too impersonal. One, who was actually caring about our one sentence moments, when you can read the full story on the blog. And two, Twitter became the new fad that everyone and their mom did and didn't know why. Fierocia trys to stay ahead of the trends and makes them, because we are diva bitch! So sorry to those who actually followed us on Twitter for that first month we did it and Twitter maybe the hotness for others, but it's not tha bizness for us!

Posted By: Peaches!