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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing Race Winners!

Don't click the READ MORE link if you don't want to know who won. The season finale just ended and the winners are....
I am so glad that Tammy & Victor won out of the final three. I'm sorry if you guys don't agree but the cheerleaders were just rude bitches that spread bad karma to everyone and finally got it back tenfold (That lady on the phone told them bitches off) and the mom/deaf son were just triflin bitches that tried to play that helpless deaf game and then call my former team "bitches" (I'm glad he kept fucking up and getting discouraged over the last challenge). Its so funny that they had to help each other just to be second and third place. HAHAHAHA!, IN YO FACE HEFFAS. TIME TO GO HOME AND CRY WITHOUT THE MILLION. The best team won in my opinion.

Posted by Skittles