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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's the T?? : Sexy Spec of Pretty Ricky

I had to find this video just from seeing all of the reaction videos first, which I have yet to find a positive one! I must say that I was a little turned on (his body from the neck down is on point) abut a lot disturbed (every other aspect of the video) which is not good at 4:17 in the morning. Here what I want to know Spec...
1 - Did you talk to your bandmates about this idea?
2 - Did you watch this and think it through before putting it out on the web?
3 - Did you research your choices of artists and their dance moves before you decided who you wanted to challenge?
4 - Why do you want them all to as you say "Come get it"? Is that a clue to something we should know about?
I just wanna know this: What was this video meant to be??? Was it a "promotion" for the album?, or maybe a "I'm just feeling myself and I think this will be sexy" video?, or how about a "Time to call all the gays out and let ya'll know who the queen bitch on da floor is" video? See for yourself and let me know. You can stop the video @ the 2:24 mark unless you want to hear the rest of the song and see the ad.
But on the real sir, whatever you trying to do with this video, it just came off in a gay stripperish way and I don't know it this can be fixed. Sorry.

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