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Monday, May 11, 2009

One Time For The BIG BOYS!

"Oh My Word!" is the phrase I give for this video! Now all of us obese men have a dream to follow okaaay!!! It is time for us to enlist in the Beyonce Army - Big Men Quadrant for the FIERCE (you betta know it!). He went that long and didn't pass out? I applaud you sir, I APPLAUD YOU! You better work bitch! I'm sending you 5 McDoubles and 3 Large Fries as I type. Don't hate cuz I'm gonna eat some too and GAG of jealousy. HAHA
Thanks to B.Scott for posting the video and Tyrone for making the video. See more of them here (B.Scott) and here (TyroneJones1989)

Posted by Skittles