Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hoeoween!

I am not even going to front, Halloween is not about scares or frights, it's sex and freaks! So as you get your look together and plan on picking up that eye candy trick in the club remember one thing...that dark knight can turn into the Favor of Love when the costume and the makeup disappear. So fuck responsibility tonight!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


No Word, Just Fuckery!!!

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Steph Jones : Get Me Started

Here is the new video from the very talented and very HOT Steph Jones! It takes you back to the Andre 3000 "Hey Ya!" days but a little scarier and with way less budget to work with! ENJOY!

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The Fair is Back Bitches!

First off, I have to apologize for the old picture with the
old arena to the left, but it's still a good picture. You're Welcome!!

And it begins again....The Jacksonville Agricultural Fair in full swing from Oct 29 - Nov 9 right in the heart of downtown J-ville. Get ready for the upsides (Good greasy fair foods, bright lights, a few random hotties floating around, fast rides, funny country redneck activities, & free concerts) and the downsides (High prices on everything, screaming lost kids, terrible parking areas, ghetto girls dressed like they are at freak fest, annoying booth workers, loud country music mixed in with loud rap music, & stank farm animal smells) but all the while having a damn good time with friends. From what I see from the website JACKSONVILLEFAIR.COM, there are two things missing or won't happen this year : the "Hall of Spooktacular" exhibit and the "Last day Church bulletin" promotion so have that money ready kids!

P.S. : Notice how I added all the colors not only for emphasis or importance on the words, but to make it colorful in honor of the fair! HAHAHA aren't I a goofball!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Traxx : PCD

I know that this CD came out a month ago and that I am late hearing the hotness that is PCD but I was listening to Peaches' copy in the car and I am loving the tracks. I have to say that they are become more of a group (I don't care what Peaches says) now that the girls are trying to individualize themselves (dress differently, be seen separately, have their own songs on the album) and maybe they can be better than the Spice Girls and stop being known as "Nicole and Friends". Anyway, besides When I Grow Up, Love The Way You Love Me is my top favorite at the moment so if you haven't heard the hotness then enjoy it here!
Love The Way You Love Me - The Pussycat Dolls

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Monday, October 27, 2008

B.Scott Commentary on Scarlett!

Hilarious B.Scott Commentary on Ms.Scarlett takes a Tumble!! ENJOY!!!!!!

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Girl Stop!

No Words, Just Fuckery!

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Why Aretha!!???

Aretha wants you to TOUCH HER BODY!!!

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Terrible Hudson Tragedies

First off, Peaches and I send our prayers out to Jennifer, her family, and everyone that had a relationship or was involved in the lives of the mother (Darnell), brother (Jason), and nephew (Julian). I hope that one day, they may find peace and closure to this tragic event in their lives.
It just sickens me that someone would do this to a loving family or any family and devastate peoples lives like that. I hope the person that did this is caught and prosecuted to the extremest extent of the law. This kind of action and violence is uncalled for and unforgivable and we need to find a way to end this pain. I mean, what kind of monster would do this to other human beings?? What kind of world are we living in?? When is the love and the togetherness suppose to start?? I can't bring myself to write anymore on this without breaking down, so follow the story here :
Hudson Tragedy

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's In You, Literally!

I was so lost for words when I saw this craziness that someone has come up with. At first I thought it was a joke but in fact, this is a real Obama Dildo which you can buy. This pleasure toy not only comes in Democratic Blue, it also comes in Presidential Gold for those really in the spirit of election. I don't know it they have a McCain one yet (why would you want his face on one anyway) but either way, having a presidential candidate on a dildo is kind of DISTURBING! What will they think of next???
Click here to see more or even buy one : Head O State

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McCain supporter is CRAZY!!

Um, I sorry but this bitch is crazy to do this to herself and come up with complete fuckery of a lie to match! A John McCain campaign volunteer admitted Friday she made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter "B” scratched on her face by a black man in a politically inspired attack, police said.
Read the rest here : Ashley Todd Fuckery!!

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"The One" is Sexy!

OMG! I have to say that if there is one thing I remember from the our whole trip to South Florida, it would be the sales lady at Macy's spraying this on Peaches and I and how we loved it so much! If I wasn't so expensive, I would have bought it right then and there! This fragrance is "to date" the best I have smelled in a long time. Ed Hardy comes in a really close second but The One is hotness. Now, I know Peaches wont agree but I wouldn't have picked Matthew as the face of it, maybe Shemar or Channing or even John Legend would suit me fine! But I digress, he does look good enough to make it work. Go to your local mall or department store right now and get this for you or your man (ladies can get the "the one for women" also available) and they will not be disappointed.
Check out the website : The One

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Britney is "For The Record"

Britney (Ms.Spears if you nasty) will finally share and hopefully come clean on some issues from her crazy past few years. It will air on November 30th (her 27th birthday) on MTV, just two days before Circus hits the stores. Talk about promotion material for that ass!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dont Buy Ugly Trucks and New Janet Videos

The first video is on here only because Peaches claims he has never seen this before and the second is a video from JD and Janet finally releasing a video since her sick leave. ENJOY!

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Sometimes How I Feel!

After reading that horrifying article(see last post!), I needed something to lift my spirit. This picture not only lifted my spirit, it lifted my ass out my bed on the floor laughing. It's soo cute and sad, its hilarious!

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Soo Hot I Could Eat Him, Literally!

I had a beautiful, exciting, hilarious, found my happy face day with Skittles and saw all the reasons I feel in love with him. I would even say, I love him soo much that I could eat him...until I read this! I just have three words...Nasty Gutterbutt Trollop!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Begins!

Posted By: Peaches!

Oh My Word! I had to clutch my pearls just now! I can't believe a this queen just "MADE IT WORK!" to Ms. B's song! That bitch worked it harder that two fat black people running in 100 degree weather to Popeyes because they were giving away free chicken with some red kool-aid and a biscuit! All you needed miss thang was two other hot bitches for backup and you would have shut Youtube down honey! I am through.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Choice!

Okay I may have said before that I would not post anymore political posts to value everyones give rights. But I must post this video to give you the right to be educated on your choice especially since early voting starts tomorrow here in Florida. Those who don't know, I am a PBS fanatic and no show beats Frontline when it comes to giving you the full story in a balance and in depth way that tells the whole truth without agenda. So a couple of nights ago they aired "The Choice 2008", which was the finale of their series on the lives of the past few Presidents. Everything you think you know about both Obama and McCain or things you never knew is explained and broken down it this program. This should be watched by every American before they vote and even if they don't. So I am sharing this video(and yes it is 2 hours, same amount of time to watch the premiere episode of America's Next To Model, so I know you can do it) in hopes that every one who votes or even mutters a word of either candidate, has the whole truth and nothing but the truth and that you understood why you will vote for them and not because someone told you to.

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*As always...VOTE!!! Read more!

The "Palin" Rap!!!

I can't believe how good this was! I also can't believe that Palin was actually there trying to be "hip" on SNL. Even though I still think she is not a good choice for VP, it was a good move on her part to go on the show to try and rack up more votes for their "falling behind in the polls" election campaign. But I digress, this was off the chain! ENJOY! Read more!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

200 and still sexy!

This is our 200th post on this blog and to celebrate, I have asked Mr. Sexy himself LL Cool J to get wet for us so we will be inspired to do another 200 plus posts! Thanks to everyone who is reading and watching the many crazy posts, stories, and videos we love to share! We will continue to Make It Work for you!!

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My Clubhouse Gear!

Prada Who? D&G What? This is the hotness! I would rock the hell out of that golden gay Mickey Mouse mask. Grace Jones don't play with her fierce dark as night at night swagga. I am loving poor Estelle face. She is soo ready to run as fast as she can out of there, but scared that Grace Jones will eat her soul by haunting her with one of her music videos. I better stop before I wake up in the middle of the night staring at a pair of eyes and the smell of Steel Vagina*.

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* Have you ever watched a movie and there had a product that wasn't real but was so cool you wish they did, like Soul Glo in Coming to America. Well, even though the scene was the best part of Boomerang with Grace Jones, I don't know if I want to buy it. But if you do here you go and it is so not safe for work, Duh ya nasty!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Beyonce Copin White Ladies Moves??

This video looks awfully close to Beyonces' Single Ladies video! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

Posted by Skittles!

This even shows the connect better. Beyonce know you can't beat old white lady swag. I'm 50!

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Don't Stand On Coffee Tables!!!!!!

It is a miracle that this girl is still able to walk after the fall! Unless you want to hear her sing, fast forward it to the 2:45 mark and watch the craziness happen! I can't believe she still put this on YOUTUBE because I would have deleted this right away!

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DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN you Skittles, you know I have to get up early in the morning and now I can't sleep! I literally fell out my bed and couldn't breathe for at least couple minutes. What voice in her head told her big ass to sing(horribly I might add!) on a Pic N Save coffee table. I do have to say one thing, thats a strong ass coffee table cause I swear her ass was going to go through it, but when she just flipped off it...Damn I just can't.. I am out!

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Tube Top Thursday: End of the Runway!

Okay after a miserable night(see my last post!) I decided this morning to watch last night's Project Runway final. I know I haven't been keeping you guys updated like I wanted to, but invest in some cable or TV download sites to keep up! Anywhoo, I was about to write a post on how pissed I was that Korto didn't get her dues and won and became to latest in a long line of talented black designers who always come up second.

But thinking about the history of the show, the winners never do anything after the show and just disappears and the second place winner always is the one you hear about getting to design for Heidi or contacts with movies and opening their own fashion houses. So go on Miss Korto, don't front that second place win, cause why have $100,000 when you will be making that per dress.

Also, if there was someone more deserving to win it was Leanne, because I did like her design, even if they were one noted. She is very innovative and if she lucky beats the winners curse, she will have some hot designs. But I am not the only one happy as hell that Kenley ass got the first boot.

Even though I did like some of her pieces and her knock off wedding dress was fierce, that bitch attitude still irks me and like Tim Gunn said, she needs to go to fashion history school and stop frontin like she didn't know hundreds of desginers already made the same crap she was peddling.

So congrats Leanne and don't worry Korto, the only question now is how bootleg will Project runway season 6 be in LA on Lifetime? Will they be designing dress based off the Golden Girls? Will they have to design a batted women court appearance dress? We will just have to see!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ladies and Gents: JANET'S BACK!!!

Our gurl Ms Jackson is finally back to her young self and has return to Rock Wit Us on her Rock Witchu Tour in Washington, DC tonight (although LL did not perform tonight!) It's her first time back since the September 28th show in Toronto from dealing with "migraine-associated vertigo." Lets hope she can make it through the rest of the tour AND the rescheduled dates! "It feels so good to be back after being down just a little bit," Janet said from the stage.

Posted by Skittles
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Losing my Happy Face!

Happy Face - Destinys Child
I was leaving Skittles' place tonight and I had a Destiny's Child CD in the car and this song came on. To anyone who listens to this song, should feel happy and their spirit should lift. Not me. It's not like I don't like the song or the members or Destiny' Child, but with all the drama surrounding me, I have truly lost my happy face. Here is a little side of me that I feel I most share to help you understand where whats going on. For some time now I have had moments of deep depression and even though I have not been clinical diagnosed with it, I know I have it chronic depression. I know everyone has moments when all their stress is to much to handle and you feel down. But for me, it comes in waves and it doesn't really have to be a stressful or sad occasion(even though I have plenty with my mother, work, and finances!), but some days I feel like not even getting up or worst, having thoughts of giving up on life(I know I won't kill myself, but sometimes its hard to not think its better that am not around). But I was blessed to have two tings to help me through it, God and Skittles. After having so many dark periods in my life, I had to give my faith to God to help me through the darkness and to Skittles to help me value life and enjoy the light. So for the past year I haven't been depressed or down like before and even though drama in my life has cause me to break down, both God and Skittles have helped me through. But this week, all of it has changed. For some reason after the most relaxing and needed vacation, the darkness has returned and I am feeling less faithful to clear it away. The moment I returned home the drama started, destroying all the goodness I felt and build up that week. All the problems of the past came back full force, which I knew would happened, but I thought after a breather, I could handle them better. And then there's Skittles. Skittles may not say this, but I feel me and him are beyond soul mates and are each other's ying and yang. If I am up he's down and I am there to bring him up and visa versa until we are at that perfect equal emotional field. But now after the trip, Skittles with his own stresses is down, but for some reason I just can bring him up. We had times like this and it always works its self out, but now its killing me and taking me to the darkness again. Now I am not saying that the reason I am now feeling depressed again is because of Skittles. What I am saying is that this depression I had under control is back and its affecting how I interact with the one I love and I feeling more down because I can't help him when he's down. It makes no sense to me, things at work are fine and I maybe getting full time, my money may not be overflowing, its still has flow, and I have people around me who love and care for me, but I feel on the verge of tears and feel like I being sucked into a pit of darkness. I know this is long, personal, and depressing to others(If anyone is actually reading this blog) but I just needed to let this out, in hopes that it may clear away some of the darkness and maybe I could find my Happy Face!

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We'll the news is out and the FAB 5 is now the THRILL 3!!!! In the Season Finale of MTB, Diddy officially booted Aubrey and D.Woods out of the group saying that "Aubrey has changed and is not the woman he signed in the beginning!" and that D.Woods wasn't happy in the group! SO WILL THE THREE GO ON TO BE THE NEXT DC3 (Destiny's Child for those that don't know!) AND MAKE IT BIG??? I don't think so! Eventhough those two might have been a problem, I think it was a mistake to let them go and now it's just a matter of times before the rest of the DK wall crumbles! AND WHAT ABOUT AUBREY OR WOODS IN A SOLO CAREER?? I don't think so either! Once Diddy fires you, that shit sticks like glue on your resume gurls!!!! But Diddy did say that he would work with Woods in the future so good luck wit that. I am sure that another MTB show will be coming to TV soon enough to find another hopeful group of people to be music sensation that will only fall by the waste side so PRAY HARD hopefuls!!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nvy69 wants to lick that Lollipop!

This is how the song should have been put out! I love it! See more videos from Ms. Envylicious here : It's Envy!

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Words of Wisdom from the Golden Girls: Election Edition!

My last post of the day and I haven't posted anything political in awhile so you can make your own decision(which will hopefully be Obama!) after watching this, I had to post it. Speak it Miss White! I wish Betty White was my grandma, cause you know the holidays would be a drunken hot tranny mess with wicker!!!

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Got That Janet Swagga: Ciara!

Okay I posted alot of music videos today, after catching up from last week, but CiCi brought it down. Bey Who? Brit Who? Miss CiCi, as she is now dubbed, took her Janet swagga to a new level for "Go Girl"! I was gonna post the new PCD videos and some others, but Miss CiCi, even with Jim Crow himself TPain, brought the fire and in the words of B Scott "Hotter than Satan's ass crack"!

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Give Me Dramatic: Beyonce!

Beyonce trying to be deep on her new album!* Well if that was a little too deep, she brings it back to In Cahoots, with her J Step Bonanza "Single Ladies"

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: I know I wasn't the only hearing "Mrs. Officer" when Beyonce walked out as a cop! I had to watch it twice to hear her. Also I am loving the black and white mood Bey is in, very fierce 80's!

OMG OMG OMG OMG! That video "Single Ladies" is "SO OFF THE UNIVERSE" hot that I had to watch it like 5 times to fulfill my fix. All I have to say is B is giving it to me like 3 hot drag queens on Ecstasy shakin it up at the Ovahness Ball during the last "dance off" of the night in they fuck me pumps trying to regain the official "hot tranny mess crown" that was stolen by Ms.Honey the year before (don't you hear them callin you) YOU BETTER STEP YO GAME UP Rhianna cuz Mrs.Jay-Z don't play! I can't wait to see this being performed on the dance floor at InCahoots.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Song of Ft.Lauderdale!!!!!!!

Peaches knows I had to post this and if you haven't heard this song yet then you weren't in Ft.Lauderdale last week or listening to the radio!!!! Mrs.Officer by Lil Wayne featuring Bobby Valentino was on blast 24/7 on the radio, we heard it atleast 7 or more times everyday, it just made no sense but I have to admit that I was boppin my head to it so ENJOY!
I don't think a video has been made yet cuz if it was......... well, ya'll know the rest!

Mrs. Officer - Lil Wayne Read more!

It's Britney Bitch!!

As Skittles said, we're back bitches and apparently so is Britney. I will let the the obvious rip off of Janet's "Son of a Gun" video go, because it is great she is finally putting some effort in video again and bring her signature ture (copycating of Miss Jackson) dance moves back. Even though I thought the video is good, the song is still soso to me. But me and Skittles assumed this album wasn't going to bring the fire of her last effort, because for someone reason when an artist is do the most drama, they make the best album. Amy Winehouse was great with "Frank", but add the crack and jailed boyfriend, she became Grammy worthy. Even Janet's "Velvet Rope" was her best due to the hidden drama in her life coming out. So even through Britney is looking good and doing better, don't except the same fire as the crazy as hell Britney!*

Posted By: Peaches!

*Side Note: We are not in any way saying Britney needs to be crazy again or other artist need to get on crack. All we are saying is that when artist hit that low point in their lives, their truest and best works are made and with most artist that album is their turning point and they finally get their life together.

OMG! I just saw the video, and I AM LOVING IT SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!! I think that the video makes the song come together and sound better to me! But, I agree that this was a mix of Janet's "Son of a Gun" video and her own "Toxic" video put together. I am really hoping that this Britney is here to stay!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just letting ya'll know we back up in this bitch with a vengeance but need to rest after the trip so we will GET INTO IT in the next few days! THANKS!!

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B.Scott Is Giving 2 US in this Compilation!


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Saturday, October 4, 2008


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! JANET (Ms.Jackson if we nasty) is canceling shows left and right due her sickness with VERTIGO. Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Greensboro, and Atlanta HAVE BEEN POSTPONED (Atlanta rescheduled for Oct 19 but other shows TBD)
Our show is the next on the list so WE ARE HOPING AND PRAYING FOR A RECOVERY so we can see you gurl!!!! Even if she has to come out in a hospital bed and just sing her songs while laying down, that would be fine with me! Peaches and I are headed to Sunrise in a few hours and enjoy the beach, sun, and fine ass individuals while we await the tour news! Any OFF THE CHAIN news or events that happen, we will post when we can but we are signing off for now!
Got to janet-xone or janetfanclub for updates!

Posted by Skittles

*UPDATE-Ft. Lauderdale is postponed until further notice! Me and Skittles are still having our vacay in Laudy Janet or no Janet. So I can't elborate tonight because my ass needs to go to sleep so I can get up in the morning and hit 95 for four and a half hours!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bringing Full Jackson Style: Many Moons Video!

Janelle is bringing to those hoes with this video. Usually people first videos look like something their cousin Pookie did on a bootleg video camera from the flea market. But she brought it Jackson style with a mini futuristic movie with top names and hot graphics. I can't wait for the next installment. But in the mean time check out the behind the scenes:

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

P. Diddy views on S. Palin!!


I cannot believe I missed that news broadcast with Palin clearly trying to give a "i don't have a f**king clue" answer to that simple question (as always) and she seriously wants to be vice president! Diddy hit it on the head with this one, so let's get it right this time around! Read more!


THAT'S RIGHT GIRL, IT IS FIVE DAYS BEFORE WE HOPE TO ROCK WITCHU IN THE FL!!!! Well... as we probably all know by now, Janet has been working it out so hard on tour that she had to take a trip to the hospital the other night and has also been canceling or postponing dates left-right-and sideways on our asses! Even though it was only a two hour visit she will rest for a few days (Boston and Philadelphia dates on hold till further notice) and begin again on OCT 4 in Greensboro NC! I hope she feels better soon so she can rock wit Peaches and I in Ft.Lauderdale on the 7th cuz the trip won't be the same if our 3 1/2 months of anticipation and planning and waiting is brought down by a cancellation! SO HAVE A SPEEDY RECOVERY JANET AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON BOO!

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