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Saturday, October 4, 2008


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! JANET (Ms.Jackson if we nasty) is canceling shows left and right due her sickness with VERTIGO. Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Greensboro, and Atlanta HAVE BEEN POSTPONED (Atlanta rescheduled for Oct 19 but other shows TBD)
Our show is the next on the list so WE ARE HOPING AND PRAYING FOR A RECOVERY so we can see you gurl!!!! Even if she has to come out in a hospital bed and just sing her songs while laying down, that would be fine with me! Peaches and I are headed to Sunrise in a few hours and enjoy the beach, sun, and fine ass individuals while we await the tour news! Any OFF THE CHAIN news or events that happen, we will post when we can but we are signing off for now!
Got to janet-xone or janetfanclub for updates!

Posted by Skittles

*UPDATE-Ft. Lauderdale is postponed until further notice! Me and Skittles are still having our vacay in Laudy Janet or no Janet. So I can't elborate tonight because my ass needs to go to sleep so I can get up in the morning and hit 95 for four and a half hours!

Posted By: Peaches!