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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We'll the news is out and the FAB 5 is now the THRILL 3!!!! In the Season Finale of MTB, Diddy officially booted Aubrey and D.Woods out of the group saying that "Aubrey has changed and is not the woman he signed in the beginning!" and that D.Woods wasn't happy in the group! SO WILL THE THREE GO ON TO BE THE NEXT DC3 (Destiny's Child for those that don't know!) AND MAKE IT BIG??? I don't think so! Eventhough those two might have been a problem, I think it was a mistake to let them go and now it's just a matter of times before the rest of the DK wall crumbles! AND WHAT ABOUT AUBREY OR WOODS IN A SOLO CAREER?? I don't think so either! Once Diddy fires you, that shit sticks like glue on your resume gurls!!!! But Diddy did say that he would work with Woods in the future so good luck wit that. I am sure that another MTB show will be coming to TV soon enough to find another hopeful group of people to be music sensation that will only fall by the waste side so PRAY HARD hopefuls!!!!

Posted by Skittles