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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tube Top Thursday: End of the Runway!

Okay after a miserable night(see my last post!) I decided this morning to watch last night's Project Runway final. I know I haven't been keeping you guys updated like I wanted to, but invest in some cable or TV download sites to keep up! Anywhoo, I was about to write a post on how pissed I was that Korto didn't get her dues and won and became to latest in a long line of talented black designers who always come up second.

But thinking about the history of the show, the winners never do anything after the show and just disappears and the second place winner always is the one you hear about getting to design for Heidi or contacts with movies and opening their own fashion houses. So go on Miss Korto, don't front that second place win, cause why have $100,000 when you will be making that per dress.

Also, if there was someone more deserving to win it was Leanne, because I did like her design, even if they were one noted. She is very innovative and if she lucky beats the winners curse, she will have some hot designs. But I am not the only one happy as hell that Kenley ass got the first boot.

Even though I did like some of her pieces and her knock off wedding dress was fierce, that bitch attitude still irks me and like Tim Gunn said, she needs to go to fashion history school and stop frontin like she didn't know hundreds of desginers already made the same crap she was peddling.

So congrats Leanne and don't worry Korto, the only question now is how bootleg will Project runway season 6 be in LA on Lifetime? Will they be designing dress based off the Golden Girls? Will they have to design a batted women court appearance dress? We will just have to see!

Posted By: Peaches!