Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

They Better Make it Work!: Project Runway on Lifetime

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Making Them Hoes Gag with Clean!: The Pine-Sol Lady

When I saw this on The Fury, I was on the floor. Makes me want to do a suicide drop on a floor of Pine-Sol. You betta clean bitch! Check out more fierceness (Finger wagging double time) after the jump. Read more!

Too Much Drama At the Moment!

There might be a lack of posts for a little while since me and Skittles are dealing with some serious bullshit and drama. Trust, things between me and him are perfect and what is keeping us sane at the moment. But the supposedly tight people and situations they are putting us through around us are fucking around. So if we have a chance we will post, but until things start to calm down, it maybe a post a week if possible. But in the mean time, check out this video from B. Scott that is our mantra at the time being: Read more!

RIP: E. Lynn Harris

This is getting too much. Pioneering black gay author E. Lynn Harris died at the age of 54 from unknown reason as of yet. My and Skittles were about to start reading his books. I was introduced to his work off handedly through my mother. She would read all his books and I was hooked on the hot covers and after reading summaries, opened my eyes to black gay love. Check out the full story here via B.Scott. Read more!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP: Teddy Washington

Jazz great and Jacksonville cultural icon, Teddy Washington died from a blood clot at Shands Jacksonville today. He was 78 and worked with such greats as James Brown, Ray Charlies, and one of the creators of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Check out his celebrated career and life presented by The Florida Times Union. Read more!

Taste the Rainbow...Literally!: Cocaine Found with Skittles

And no I am not taking about my man aka Skittles, but the actual candy. A little boy in Middleburg decided to taste the rainbow at CVS and discovered a bag of cocaine in the box with he Skittles. But to me, the fuckary is with CVS and how they dealt with it. Check out the full story after the jump. Read more!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trailer Park: The Last Airbender!!

Why wasn't this shown during Harry Potter movie?, but either way I am excited!!! Read more!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movie Trailer: Despicable ME

I'm sure that everyone who has seen the new Harry Potter flick has seen this trailer but if you go. It looks very promising to me, not to mention very funny Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are going to be voices in the movie (I'm sold just on that) and the theme song by Pharrel (heard at the end of the trailer) tops it off. Go to the website now:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whitney Is Back Bitches!!

Apparently Whitney (Ms.Houston IF YA NASTY) is back and in a big way. Since finally leaving that waste of time called Bobby Brown, she is actually looking normal (crack-free) but hopefully her voice hasn't burned itself out. I am actually rooting for her comeback to be huge. Her album hits stores September 1 and her first single can be heard here: IDKMOS
Check out her website here: Whitney!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damn!: Nelly Hits a Homerun!

Thanks to Rod 2.0 for this late night/early morning delight. See more here: Whoa Nelly!!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hollyville: Amber Rose @ Regency Mall!

While exploring the vast waste land that is now Regency Square Mall, me and Skittles discovered Ms. Amber Rose in the mall sporting her bald fierceness. But there was no sign of Chris "Ike" Brown or Kanye "Sexual Chocolate" West to be found anywhere.
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LMFAO Video: He Hates HER!!!

Guess who he is talking about before the 2:38 mark! I was in tears bitch!!

See more from him here: Bee318ti

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Just A Reminder: Harry Potter Finally Hits Theaters Tomorrow!!

OMG! After waiting almost a year for the next installment of the hotness that is the Harry Potter Series, we finally get our fix on July 15th...... in 24hrs! For the hardcore fans that want to experience it in IMAX3D, you will have to wait until the 29th (mainly because the new Transformers movie is hogging up the screens right now) unless you're in Mexico, India, or Scotland which show both versions on the 17th. All I know is this one better make me have triple orgasms for waiting so long. If you haven't crawled out under a rock to visit the site yet, do it here:
Oh, and if anyone has any up to date info on the Harry Potter Experience opening in Orlando in 2010, leave a comment cuz this is all I could find!: UniversalOrlando


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Terrel Carter: Upgrade or Downgrade?

Ok Ok, we have all heard the story about Terrel Carter being outed by his ex, but I don't care if he is supposedly gay, he was always fine enough to be welcomed into the family of those who love the "magic stick". Need I say more?? But if he has moved on from Alex (ex boytoy on top) to Keston (alleged new boytoy on bottom), would you consider that an upgrade or a downgrade?? Tell me what you think!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Throwback Video: Fabolous - Young'n (Hollaback)

I just happened to hear this 2001 "piece of the past" song on the radio today just had to post the video. Too bad to say that this is probably the only song I really liked from him. Watch for the little black girl doing the Harlem Shake. When did that dance come out??? Someone let me know pleeease!! Enjoy!

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Shots of Fab: 3 Videos & a Question!?

Rap Song - I Love Chicken (Bossip)

Who will play The Green Lantern?? (NYPost)

Game got beef wit Jay-Z and Beyonce (YBF)

Beyonce sings about Ice Cream Truck Man (ThatGrapeJuice)

I know we usually have better shots for you but it's late and I forgot to do this earlier because I was....... nevermind!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seriously Funky Skittles Face: Brandy's Breath Edition!

Like water and air, I live for a hilarious pic of Brandy. I know Skittles loves her but all I need from her is a two piece (y'all know she be looking greaser than the ghetto love child of Popeye's and Churches Chicken!) and a funny pic. Well Bossip made my night with this diamond of a photo. Her friend is giving serious Skittle face and if Brandy doesn't close her mouth I swear her friend's face will melt!
Posted by Peaches

Whatever!... don't be talkin bout my girl B-rocka like that! It's the two scared white women and that serious ebola face (she has gone past Skittles face) standing next to her that's bringing her down. But I ain't gonna lie, BranBran can sometimes look like she stepped off of the Afro Sheen boat.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

WTF of the Century: Swim Club turns Away Black Campers

Swim Club turns Away Black Campers
Click Link Above for Video!
Shared via AddThis
I am too pissed for words. Is this 1969 or 2009? For all those who think having Obama as President changes anything in American Race relations, here is exhibit A, B, C and fcukin D! Read more!

Mom hit by lighting IN THE KITCHEN!!!

Watch this amazing story of a mom in Texas that was struck by lightning in her kitchen and how her son saved her life. OMG!!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Video: Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

You know this video will be deleted soon so I hope you catch it before it's gone.. but I digress. I just came across the new one from BeyBey and I just can't say that I am fully impressed with it (but at least it's better than that Drake video!!) It just seems like it's all the other "Sasha Fierce" videos she has made but with a little dash of special effects. Nothing I haven't already seen in a everyday Kylie Minogue video, but the fact that I watched it all the way through is always a good thing. Now, the only thing left to do now is #1: wait for someone to find a past music video that she copied the concept from (I hope not but you never know) and #2: wait for all the gays and the queens to start trying to remake the video with their own low budget youtube versions. Either way, I CAN'T WAIT! ENJOY!!!!
P.S. If it has been deleted, then you should be able to watch it here: Sweet Dreams

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WTF: Carls Jr. Burger Ad!

I don't know if this is truly real since We don't have Carls Jr in the Ville, but they did have Paris wet on a car. This is soo hilarious and hot at the same time. It's like a fat Queen fantasy!
Posted by Peaches

I know that's right boy cuz he was clearly trying it get his fixins, and a little more! I think I skeeted a little after watching that. I might start doing that to draw some attention to my crotch since it is so... you know!?, but don't tell Peaches. Oh, and for my educational moment: Carl's Jr is the sister restaurant chain to Hardees (why it has the same logo) and is mostly located in the Western parts of the United States. Thank you Wikipedia! HAHAHA
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


OMG!! I am so pissed after watching this that I am trying to control myself from punching the wall. It's not that I expected anything more from him, but I can't believe what this PIECE OF SHIT MAN is saying about Michael. How dare you even speak his name!!!?? I just can't do it right now, just see this fuckery for yourself!! Thanks to for the story.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LIVE RECAP: Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

Bringing it to you as it happens, for those who aren't watching it.
Sorry that there isn't any extra commentary!!

Smokey Robinson starts the service with opening statements from Diana Ross and Nelson Mandela

Long pause

Choir begins to sing as Michael is brought into the arena by his brothers

Pastor Luscious Smith speaks about Michael

Mariah Carey begins to sing "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz. So BEAUTIFUL!

Queen Latifah talks about her memories of Michael and reads a poem written by Maya Angelou just for him.

Lionel Richie sings "Jesus Is Love"

Berry Gordy speaks about the Michael and the Jackson 5 with Motown

Video Montage begins recapping his accomplishments

Stevie Wonder speaks about Michael and begins to sing "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer".

Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson speak about Michael's accomplishments and funny moments.

Jennifer Hudson sings "Will You Be There".

Rev. Al Sharpton speaks about the dreams of the Jackson family.

John Mayer plays a guitar solo of "Human Nature".

Brooke Shields speaks her memories of Michael

Jermaine Jackson sings "Smile".

Martin Luther King III and Bernice King speaks on the inspiration and vision of Michael and their father MLK.

Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee speaks on Michael as an America Samaritan.

Usher sings "Gone Too Soon"

Video Montage plays of the Jackson 5

Smokey Robinson speaks on his memories of Michael and the Jackson 5

Shaheen Jafargholi (from Britian's Got Talent) sings "Who's Loving You?"

Kenny Ortega speaks on his memories of Michael and his final days.

Big musical tribute to Michael with "We Are The World" and "Heal The World"

Jermaine says Thank You to the fans
Marlon tells his most memorable story of Michael
Paris Jackson says a tearful goodbye to her father.

Today was and will always be a very moving day. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this memorial service for MJ. It was a very respectable and moving program and if you didn't get to see it live, I hope this recap helped a little. WE MISS YOU MICHAEL!

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If Kelly was Janet!

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Fierce but WTF!: Nicole Kidman Ad

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"Hair That Will Make You Gag" Story

Here is another funny chapter from the "Book of Qaadir" and her hair troubles. Ya'll queens betta take heed and listen closely so you won't have yo "dome" fucked up! Enjoy!!!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Update!

Even though the full details are not known, the lineup has been partially revealed such as Mariah Carey (Diva Hotness), Jenifer Hudson (Double Hotness, and Usher (Of course) to name a few. Also if you don't have a ticket, trust the LAPD will be on that ass like Rodney King if you are near the Arena. I understand the reason for the tight security, but the LAPD also needs understand that this will be the biggest event outside the second coming of Jesus and I know there will be crowds that are going to show up anyway. Read the full story after the jump and make sure watch (Like you had a choice!) the Memorial at 10am in LA and on pretty much every channel @ 1pm Eastern. Also don't forget to vote on the side!Here is the full story @ Read more!

Vote Like it's for Obama!: We are Nominated

My site was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!
We are so excited and proud our little bundle of fierceness is being recognized. Please vote, we beg of you. We may not be as charismatic as President Obama or will help the economy or fix health care. But we are not beneath getting on our knees and ...Begging! Cause like TLC said:So click the image above or at the side and vote for us!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

To All Our American Boys and Girls, Happy 4th of July and Happy Bday USA!!!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Shots of Fab!: 4th of July Weekend Edition

Love is a ice rank: 4th of July Events {FTU}

What the ice cream man chases down the street: DT Cupcake Truck {FTU}

How about an extra season: Lost adds an hour to the final season {Live Feed}
$10?!!! Michael's ghost better be having a concert on the beach: Beach new weekend parking fees {FTU}
Burn this motha down: what the 4th is all about, the fireworks {FTU}
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WTF: 2009 BET Awards Review!

I know the awards aired almost a week ago, but I didn't post anything on it because one, Skittles haven't watched it yet and two, until today, I haven't seen or heard someone who had my exact feelings on it. Jia had me crying on how true her words were. Check it out here since the video isn't sharable. Read more!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jackson funeral at Staples Center????

Michael Jackson's funeral service will be held this Tuesday. We found out from here: {Source}

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Wack A** Video: Drake - The Best I Ever Had!

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

I cannot believe this is the video concept that came out of the mind of Mr. Kanye West. It was just 5 mins and 30 sec of "breasts, basketball and Blah with a capital B" but the song is hot shit!! To Drake: Stay cute as always and don't ever let KayKay ever make a video for you again!

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Red, White, & Michael!: July 4th Tribute Jam

As stated before, only posts of tribute to Michael Jackson will be made. And since there is no word of a worldwide moment of jam (instead of silence, ever channel, radio, and speaker will play a Michael song to dance to!) I will honor him this weekend by not stopping until I get enough. I plan on jamming out at my family BBQ with the dance album of dance albums. The ultimate party jam album "Off The Wall", with hit after hit that will make the stiffest person shaking it like a stripper working on her last car payment. Can't find the album since everyone and their Grandma sold it out at your local Best Buy? Well in the spirit giving like Michael, click the pic above for your own copy. But you have until the end of the weekend to get it! So "Get On The Floor" get "Off The Wall" and "Burn This Disco Out" this July 4th! Read more!

Really Need 2 Stop: The Michael Jackson Media Blitz!

I make a stand today that there will be no post on our blog with any so called news or mess out there about Michael Jackson unless it is a tribute. I was so hurt and angered after watching just a couple of minutes of all the "Entertainment" shows like "The Insider" and shows like it. They report so many false stories and half truths, even they get confused on what they reported as true or fake. The man hasn't been dead a week or even buried. He deserved to be mourned and celebrated, but the media is busy trying to one up get other with the most outrageous story they can find and don't care what trash pops out the darkness to sell it to them without proof. And it is sadly not limited to tabloids and entertainment shows, but supposedly quality news channels and programs. Like the fan made video above, "Just because you read in a magazine or see it on the TV screens don't make it factual"! So form now on I won't even mention the mess that is being "exposed" or reported about Michael. If you want that, go to Perez Hilton or TMZ and their constant bull factory. But as for me and my house, we shall serve the lord and honor Michael Jackson as his soul and genius deserves! But in this crazy mess, I noticed something very interesting and sad about one of Michael's albums after the jump.Like everyone after Michael's death, I have been rediscovering his incredible albums and "HIStory part 2" hit me like a champagne bottle from Da Brat. I started ridin out to the album and I noticed that the songs seemed to be Michael's unheard commentary on the craziness after his death. "Scream", "Tabloid Junkie", and "They Don't Care About Us" seem to speak on all the negative press and drama that is being created around his death. "D.S.", "Money", and "2 Bad" talks about all the supposed friends and close advisors who are coming out the woodworks for money and interviews. "Childhood" and "History" talks about his struggles and his greatness that aren't and needed to be celebrated in the media. And "You Are Not Alone" and "Smile" illustrates the hurt and loss as well as the peace that his fans feel since his death. I know some may not agree or have different meanings, but the is the lasting legacy and genius of Michael Jackson. His music has the power to stir the listener's spirit and soul to feel something more than just music. It can be fond or sad memories, call to action or change, or just to get down and shake it like its no tomorrow. Let us keep that as the top news story. Read more!

Something Cool in Hot Springfield: City Kidz Ice Cream!

Finally something new is popping up in my hood of Springfield. I am still counting down when Uptown Market finally opens, but I am happy City Kidz is open. Unfortunately me and Skittles missed the opening because we were at our favorite Chinese Buffet on San Jose on the other side of town. But just know, we will be hitting the spot soon and will provide a full review. Check out the partially done, but still informative website here. Read more!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

District 9: No Non-Humans Allowed???

Check the website here: D-9

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