Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Much Drama At the Moment!

There might be a lack of posts for a little while since me and Skittles are dealing with some serious bullshit and drama. Trust, things between me and him are perfect and what is keeping us sane at the moment. But the supposedly tight people and situations they are putting us through around us are fucking around. So if we have a chance we will post, but until things start to calm down, it maybe a post a week if possible. But in the mean time, check out this video from B. Scott that is our mantra at the time being: