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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seriously Funky Skittles Face: Brandy's Breath Edition!

Like water and air, I live for a hilarious pic of Brandy. I know Skittles loves her but all I need from her is a two piece (y'all know she be looking greaser than the ghetto love child of Popeye's and Churches Chicken!) and a funny pic. Well Bossip made my night with this diamond of a photo. Her friend is giving serious Skittle face and if Brandy doesn't close her mouth I swear her friend's face will melt!
Posted by Peaches

Whatever!... don't be talkin bout my girl B-rocka like that! It's the two scared white women and that serious ebola face (she has gone past Skittles face) standing next to her that's bringing her down. But I ain't gonna lie, BranBran can sometimes look like she stepped off of the Afro Sheen boat.
Posted by Skittles