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Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Update!

Even though the full details are not known, the lineup has been partially revealed such as Mariah Carey (Diva Hotness), Jenifer Hudson (Double Hotness, and Usher (Of course) to name a few. Also if you don't have a ticket, trust the LAPD will be on that ass like Rodney King if you are near the Arena. I understand the reason for the tight security, but the LAPD also needs understand that this will be the biggest event outside the second coming of Jesus and I know there will be crowds that are going to show up anyway. Read the full story after the jump and make sure watch (Like you had a choice!) the Memorial at 10am in LA and on pretty much every channel @ 1pm Eastern. Also don't forget to vote on the side!Here is the full story @