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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Really Need 2 Stop: The Michael Jackson Media Blitz!

I make a stand today that there will be no post on our blog with any so called news or mess out there about Michael Jackson unless it is a tribute. I was so hurt and angered after watching just a couple of minutes of all the "Entertainment" shows like "The Insider" and shows like it. They report so many false stories and half truths, even they get confused on what they reported as true or fake. The man hasn't been dead a week or even buried. He deserved to be mourned and celebrated, but the media is busy trying to one up get other with the most outrageous story they can find and don't care what trash pops out the darkness to sell it to them without proof. And it is sadly not limited to tabloids and entertainment shows, but supposedly quality news channels and programs. Like the fan made video above, "Just because you read in a magazine or see it on the TV screens don't make it factual"! So form now on I won't even mention the mess that is being "exposed" or reported about Michael. If you want that, go to Perez Hilton or TMZ and their constant bull factory. But as for me and my house, we shall serve the lord and honor Michael Jackson as his soul and genius deserves! But in this crazy mess, I noticed something very interesting and sad about one of Michael's albums after the jump.Like everyone after Michael's death, I have been rediscovering his incredible albums and "HIStory part 2" hit me like a champagne bottle from Da Brat. I started ridin out to the album and I noticed that the songs seemed to be Michael's unheard commentary on the craziness after his death. "Scream", "Tabloid Junkie", and "They Don't Care About Us" seem to speak on all the negative press and drama that is being created around his death. "D.S.", "Money", and "2 Bad" talks about all the supposed friends and close advisors who are coming out the woodworks for money and interviews. "Childhood" and "History" talks about his struggles and his greatness that aren't and needed to be celebrated in the media. And "You Are Not Alone" and "Smile" illustrates the hurt and loss as well as the peace that his fans feel since his death. I know some may not agree or have different meanings, but the is the lasting legacy and genius of Michael Jackson. His music has the power to stir the listener's spirit and soul to feel something more than just music. It can be fond or sad memories, call to action or change, or just to get down and shake it like its no tomorrow. Let us keep that as the top news story.