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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Video: Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

You know this video will be deleted soon so I hope you catch it before it's gone.. but I digress. I just came across the new one from BeyBey and I just can't say that I am fully impressed with it (but at least it's better than that Drake video!!) It just seems like it's all the other "Sasha Fierce" videos she has made but with a little dash of special effects. Nothing I haven't already seen in a everyday Kylie Minogue video, but the fact that I watched it all the way through is always a good thing. Now, the only thing left to do now is #1: wait for someone to find a past music video that she copied the concept from (I hope not but you never know) and #2: wait for all the gays and the queens to start trying to remake the video with their own low budget youtube versions. Either way, I CAN'T WAIT! ENJOY!!!!
P.S. If it has been deleted, then you should be able to watch it here: Sweet Dreams

Posted by Skittles