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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red, White, & Michael!: July 4th Tribute Jam

As stated before, only posts of tribute to Michael Jackson will be made. And since there is no word of a worldwide moment of jam (instead of silence, ever channel, radio, and speaker will play a Michael song to dance to!) I will honor him this weekend by not stopping until I get enough. I plan on jamming out at my family BBQ with the dance album of dance albums. The ultimate party jam album "Off The Wall", with hit after hit that will make the stiffest person shaking it like a stripper working on her last car payment. Can't find the album since everyone and their Grandma sold it out at your local Best Buy? Well in the spirit giving like Michael, click the pic above for your own copy. But you have until the end of the weekend to get it! So "Get On The Floor" get "Off The Wall" and "Burn This Disco Out" this July 4th!


The Current exModians said...

Thank you for this. You are sweethearts.

We were down to one scratchy vinyl. We were literally clobbered by a little blue-gray haired old lady at Best Buy here in New York City for the very last copy of this CD. Let us tell you that that wicker, Sophia-style purse with its ginormous Gucci double G's HURT!

Thanks again.

exModia Staff