Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Spotlight is on J.Hudson!

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

I have to admit that I love this song and the video. She is looking fierce as she struts her stuff and tells her man "I tried of being in your spotlight!" The only thing that gets me is that why everybody gotta have an iPhone in their video and homegirl on the other end of the phone was not coming in too clear! What's up with that iPhone?? ENJOY!

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What Is Diss??? (A visit to DollarTree)

Peaches and I just had to snap some photos of HOT MESS THINGS @ the local DollarTree!
These are just straight uglified to the core. These fake plastic flowers should be 10 cent or free just so people can take them and burn them in the street.
Why would you buy meat at the dollar store? By the way, this picture is giving it much needed justice because it looked worse than this up close.
Even though this is nothing but a K Y Warm Touch knockoff, I bought some just to see if it works. I put a little on my fingers and it was actually warm to the touch. Can't wait to try it on other things!
Did you know D.T. has finally jumped on the band wagon and got us a end cap of all black products and its not even our month! Yes my brothas and sistahs, it is all there from doo-rags to oil sheen. This won't last long so get there quick!
And the piece that brings it full circle is the "I'm Powerful" little girl yellow panties. WTF is this about. I'm all about woman rights and pussy power (i mean girl power) and stuff but this is too early on for our young ones. What's next, the "I'm Special" blue panties or the "Let's Be Friends" green ones and lets not forget the "Hide and Lick" red ones for the grown little girls!
A dollar goes a long way........spend it wisely!!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears?

Skittles posted a while ago about B Scott's top five pet peeves, well I have been busier than R. Kelly at Chuckie Cheese (fuck what ya heard, that bitch did it!) the past few weeks to post this. Peaches top 5 pet peeves, or as Peter from Family Guy would say "What really grinds my gears!".

Number 5: Georgian Drivers
I am sorry if this offends Jacksonville neighbors to the north, but Georgia drivers need to make up their damn minds. Maybe it is just here in Jacksonville and their freaked out shopping or visiting the big city, but they will break their necks to cut in front of you on the road and then once they almost kill you to get there, they suddenly slow down to 2 miles per hour with no one in front of them. If getting in front of me was worth your life, then bitch you need to be driving for your life as well.

Number 4: Street Talkers
Unlike the picture above illustrates, I am not talking about the street ho stroll. I am talking about people who feel there is nothing wrong about having a whole 3 hour conversation with a friend in the middle of the street with people behind them waiting to pass. Either let the friend get in the car and talk while you drive or pull over to the side and talk. I care less to be apart of your ghetto reunion.

Number 3: Lil Wayne Wannabes
You see them, the guys with the nappy and dirty dreads that when you look at them your hair itches. The sagging pants with two sets of boxer shorts on and both are dirty as hell. With or without a shirt on allowing the funk of 10 years of not being Sure (For those out of the loop, no deodorant!) knock da fuck out of anything that walks too close. So why look like Lil Wayne, cause nothing on that child is cute or even fuckable.

Nubmer 2: Fox News
All I need to say is pure fair and balanced racist, sexist, homophobic, bullshit. O'Reilly (If it is not spelled right, fuck it!) is bad enough, but the whole network is sicken. I feel like going Black Panther on their ass everytime I have to pass the channel to get to CNN. How does the network who calls Obama wife his "Baby Mama" or that gays are ill allowed to be on TV and they cancel Girlfriends?

Number 1: Walmart
Okay, I can have an entire post, fuck it, an entire blog on the reasons why Walmart is hell on earth. But the thing that tops my list is their self check out lanes. Its not the lanes it self that pisses me off, in fact I love them and wish that Target (Targay!) gets them. Its the fact that Walmart will shut them down and force all 500 people shopping to use one lane with the chick that either wants to have all day conversation with each customer or that chick that is pissed off she still here and Lil Wayne is at the Post and she is missing it. I mean doesn't it make sense to have a lane of 10 checkout stations opened and have that one chick watch them, so people like me and all the normal people who happened (or forced) to be shopping for that one thing can pay and go, instead of waiting for 2 hours listening about how many cats the old man 4 people ahead has to buy food for. But to top it all off, they don't just close the lanes at a set time so you can make sure you get there on time. No, those bitches closes them whatever time they want and won't tell your ass until you just finshed trying to scan your 5th item. Its like why the fuck do you have them if they are never available to use or not there for the convenience of the customer. And I am done!

Posted By Peaches

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You know you was groovin to this back in the day up in da club or just at the crib with yo boo! This was the jam and I can't believe I almost forget about the "before the diva" Mariah Carey with "what are you doing these days" Joe and the "where are you hiding Kelis at because ever since ya'll got married we haven't seen her" Nas. Oh well, memories in the corner of my mind! ENJOY!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Yo Man Aint S@%T!

B.Scott was made a video about his 5 reason that yo man ain't shit! I kinda agree but I can't relate because my man ain't done none of those things. What are your 5 reasons? Leave comments or go to and share your reasons. His 50 reasons list is coming soon!

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What Is It About Da DICK????

This post is going to be X-rated so if you don't want to read about any inappropriate material, DON'T READ ON! Oh my gosh! I will just let you guess who's immaculate piece of god's creation that is above but just know he is a major porn star that I can't get enough of!! Take me higher! Anyway, this post is about DA DICK and what makes it so worthy of our attention and why some men can't get enough of trying to get those hot mouths on them. I mean, doesn't looking at the above picture just make you wanna jack off that growing member in your pants or definitely your man's throb stick. Its just amazing to think about the fact of you having a fantasy in your mind and all the while there is blood rushing through the veins in your manhood to get it ready for the taking, and as I work that meat pole (so to speak) getting it wet with my mouth juices, you every so slightly grab my head and push down a little letting me know you are about to release and right before it happens, it gets its hardest and begins to tremble on my tongue and as your moans reach its peak as you cum. ISN'T THAT SO DAMN HOT!!! It is just sexy to think about and watch it on the big screen. I just feel like men doing men is hella sexy because we know what we like so we know how to work a dick cuz we want it worked the same way. Oh, and its not just the dick, you also got the nipples, the ass, and kissing is the ultimate! You know how you want to be kissed, so why not have someone with almost the same mind kiss you and sex you up the way you want. OOOOOOoooooo jebus, Matthew Rush is giving it to me with dat dick right now! Damn!, I gave the mystery away...... ENJOY!!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

What's In a Name??????

There is an awesome site that Peaches showed me a while back which is that amazingly tells you about yourself from your name. I wanted to try this on our alter-ego names and see if it still applies to us. Lets see...

*The name Skittles creates an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and friendly congeniality with a moody disposition.
*The name of Skittles creates an overly-sensitive nature which causes you to sense and feel far more than you can understand or put into words.
* You have a deep, artistic, and creative side which shows through a love for music and literature.
* Writing is a more natural mode of expression for your deeper thoughts and feelings than the spoken word.
* You have an ability to concentrate and work intently on anything which holds your interest.
* However, you prefer to avoid routine, monotony, and mental tasks.

Lets see about Peaches......

* The name Peaches creates the urge to be kind and thoughtful to others, we stress that it causes frustration through a scattered and emotional nature.
* As Peaches, you are spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and you enjoy the company of others--the more the merrier.
* You make friends easily as people are attracted to your warm and generous nature.
* However, you have to watch that others do not take advantage of your generosity, for you are apt to be influenced by hard-luck stories and give when it might be more prudent not to.
* You are ever on the watch for ways and means of making some "easy money" because this name spoils initiative and ambition, producing an easy-going, come-what-may nature which attaches value to money only for the self-enjoyment it can offer.

Go to find out more about your name and others at! ENJOY!

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The Crazy Child & The Danish Poet!!

I just recently saw two videos (1 shown to me by Peaches and 1 I just happen to come across for some reason) and both are rather interesting pieces of footage!

The Crazy Child video or as it is named "Who you talkin to hoe?" is a little boy that acts out a graphic story about an argument between a pissed off puerto rican woman and her cheating boyfriend. It is very funny and he makes the characters come alive like you were actually there when it went down. He needs to be on the Actors Studio or something for this performance. Big props to him for MAKIN IT WORK okay!!!!!????

The Danish Poet which is the actual name of the video is a complete turnaround from the video above, and is a lot longer. Can you believe that this won a 2007 Oscar for Best Short Animation? This is a story about a lady who is telling a story about coincidental things that happen to bring her parents together. It didn't seem like something I would finish but it was actually a good story and video. Big props to Torill Kove and Liv Ullmann for MAKIN IT WORK okay!!??

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Miss Honey?!?!

First of all who is Miss Honey and what did they do to piss off Amy Winehouse gay black cousin (Where do you buy a outfit like that, the shooting range!). Second, what is up with the background dancers, are they straight as hell and being punished for something or did Miss Honey pissed them off too, because I can believe two gay black men have no rhythm at all. Finally, what show is this and where can I watch this hot mess. All I know is this is my new bitch hold my purse jam.

Posted By: Peaches

Where the hell are you Miss Honey and don't you hear this HOT TRANNY MESS trying to get your attention???? I am so overwhelmed by this video and what is up with the white guy they keep showing? You know those back up dancers aint fooling nobody, they lost a bet wit little Rey Rey down the street and she got them to dance on that show for her hot tranny brother "GreenApple Envy" to promote dat new album at a 2 dollar gig talent show that was filmed in their local ghetto fab studio on the corner of "Hell 2 da naw" and "Oh gasp no jesus!!" and all the while she has been looking for "Miss HONEYdew Fiya" cuz she told that bitch she would be back to get that wig money and trying to look fierce all at the same time!!! You need to show yo self MISS HONEY!!!!! cuz if she lookin like that, then what are you workin wit!?? It doesn't get any betta than dat!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pointing Them Out!!

Nothing I say, but this is the funniest shit me and Skittles have heard ever! This song is so seething me and Skittles, if we had the rap skillz, would have made and it will be the jam of the summer. So watch ya hot mess looking ass this summer cause we will point you mess looking boy!

Posted By: Peaches

JUST LET YOU SOOOOOOOUUUULLL GLOW! Curly Lookin Boy! HAHAHA Thats My SHit Right Therrrr! And I am through~!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

I Decided..And I'm Not Talking About Beyonce Jr.!

Well I know the poll (That no one cares about!) still has a day left, but the good tickets are going quick, so I (Skittles knew where he wanted to go awhile ago!) decided. Fort Lauderdale here we go. I know Atlanta will be hot to def with probably surprise guests and celebrities, but its about Janet. And Janet will bring it no matter where she is and South Florida is my old stomping grounds and Skittles never been, so it will be a vacation as well as a celebration of the Queen that is Janet. So if your heading south hit us up, we will be the two fine ass brothers in the front row you wishing you were in the middle of.

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Vote or Die or Just Don't!

So as Skittles announced on a previous post, the one and only Ms. Jackson (Janet for the wholesome crew!) is finally going back on tour and me and Skittles won't miss it for a side of Popeye biscuits on a naked Marcus Patrick. The only problem is where, since is not coming to Jville, the closets choices (cause gas is high, even for Janet!) are Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale. Both have their high points , like Hotlanta is Janet new home and you know Janet will probably bring it extra hard , but Ft. Lauderdale is the only South Florida stop and they get down in the Latina South. So which, Atlanta or Ft. Lauderdale, Lawdy or Da ATL???? Please help us decide, on the side we have a poll for you to put in your 2 cents and based on your decision that's where we'll go. So vote or die wondering if we made the right choice. Poll open until 6/21 cause tickets are going fast!

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I do...Maybe Not!

I know I am late talking about this, but congrats to Cali and all the couples that do decide to jump the broom. As for me and Peaches, we just trying to decide which Janet Tour city to go to!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Again, B.Scott is always bringin it when it come to his videos and this one is no different. He talks about and explains his Top 5 Pet Peeves and i agree with most of them. What are some of your pet peeves!? Let me think........ I will get back to you on this post but in the meantime, enjoy the video!

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Hump Day Hump Music!

I have known Skittles for years and he still surprises me, especially when it comes to music. I thought I knew Michael Jackson and all his hits and then one day Skittles introduced me to "The Lady in my Life". Oh my god, who knew Michael can bring the grown and sexy. I promise once you listen to this song it will be on and popping. So on this Hump day call that special someone or just someone you happen to meet and show them the meaning of "Hump" day (Protected of course!).

The Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson

Also I know this is being posted after midnight and it is technically Thursday, but why the hell are you worrying about it, you should be humping to the grooves, even if its just you!

Posted by: Peaches

Well, I am very glad to please you sir on the Michael Jackson tip ok? I have always been feeling that song and I say "hump yo day away" if it make everyone happy! The song itself it good alone but if you just happen to not be feeling Michael at the moment, you can listen to Mya's version called "Man of my life" below. I dedicated this song to Peaches cuz he is the best man and the best friend i'll ever have.

man in my life -

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Really Need 2 Stop Moments: Celebrity TV Edition

I had to take this from Skittles after watching Celebrity Circus. What is up with the Celebrity TV game shows on the air now, is it 2002 again. I mean, when did it become off the chain to watch famous (I say that with the most basic definition of the word, cause some of those bitches haven't been famous since the original celebrity circus!) people do tricks or performances for money and prizes. The final straw was the announcement of Celebrity Family Feud, come on Family Feud is about real families and their dumb ass members who can't think of one thing someone will buy for a wedding gift. I know they are desperate for money and fame again, but I don't want to see it. Its all Dancing with the Stars fault, even since that show, ever network is trying to match that success. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Dance with the Stars when I watched it, and to see celebrities doing things their not known for is entertaining, but only if its for that reason. Celebrity Circus when it was Circus of the Stars was entertaining because it was just celebrities doing crazy tricks for the delight of watchers and not fame and money. I rather watch some bum off the street trying to pay rent or get gas do trick for money, its heartwarming and the purpose of a game show. Leave the celebrities to TMZ or the occasional charity episode of a game show!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Future of Fierceness on Four Wheels!

Just wow! I so see myself riding up to the club and fanning the haters away with my doors. That's just to much sexy and fierceness in one car. Lucky you won't find this on the set of some tired ass rapper BET video with some video ho...I mean vixen getting the fabric all fishy and smelling like baby powder, because it is only one working model made and it is on display at the BMW Museum in Germany.

Posted By: Peaches

That was pretty awesome, especially the car headlight opening like "Bitch whatchu looking at cuz I know I'm fly!!!". But even though it looks pimp, there are questions in my noggin like
#1 - How do you wash that thing?
#2 - What happens if the fabric rips?
#3 - How much does it cost to fill this car up cuz looks like it could eat a gas station?
#4 - Where is the trunk?
#5 - With all this tight shit with it, will it protect you if it rains?
#6 - Can I get it in Midnight Blue or is that the only color?

Just some things I would consider before I put it on my American Express Black Card which I don't have to later pay it off with money I will never get and drive it to places I will never go too!! DREAM BIG PEOPLE!!!!!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

I Like DAT

I know its kinda like B.Scott's Weekend Try This section but i am just putting out what is so hot tranny fierceness right now and it should be to you to so ENJOY!!

EAT THIS : BEN & JERRY'S CAKE BATTER AND ORGANIC COOKIES & CREAM TOGETHER!!!!!!! Rather it be in Milkshake form or Cone form, its still like heaven in your mouth, almost like other things!!!!

WATCH THIS : THE HAPPENING BY M. NIGHT SHYMALAN!! I haven't actually seen it yet but i think it's going to be off the scary chain.

HEAR THIS : SEEING SOUNDS BY N.E.R.D! My favorite song on the album is LOVE BOMB which you can hear below but the whole album is flawless. I smell Grammy or at least an AMA!!
Love Bomb - N*E*R*D

WEAR THIS : 24 GOLD ACCENT GROOVED BRUSH TITANIUM RING W/ BLACK CABLES BY CHISEL!! I just really like this ring, it's just so different and unique. The brand name CHISEL and SILVER INSANITY make this and other rings like these seen hear. Find out more on

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Fathers that Get Down!

Okay, I know my last post was a little deep and heavy. So to bring the blog back to its fierceness level we are use to, I'm posting this ad for Hallmark. No, Fierocia is not being sponsored by Hallmark (But Hallmark if you want us to and provide that paper, every post can be about you!), but if you read by previous post, you know how I feel about Father's Day ads, but this one always makes me laugh. So to all the fathers out there, bust a move!

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Celebrate The Father in Your Life!

As the nation celebrate their dads this Father's Day, this post is for those who don't have a father to honor. It could be you never knew him, he left for something else, treated you horribly, or like me, he is no longer on this earth. For me, my father died while I was young, but he had such a spirit, I carry it with me now. But Father's Day has always been such a conflict for me because eventhough I reflect on the memories I have of my father, it is just I normal day for me. But for the days leading up to it are sometimes hard due to fact of everywhere you go there's ads for gifts to celebrate dads or friends and family discussing plans their making for their dad and all I can think about is how much I wish I can physically give my dad a card or give him a hug. When I was in younger and sometimes now I would mask the hurt by making jokes or play off the day like talking about how much money I save by not having to worry about gifts for my dad. But through the jokes, I still had a void. The thing that has helped me in my adult years, is to use this day to celebrate to people who stepped up and in their own way tried to fill some of the gaps that a father would normally fill. I am blessed to have an army of uncles who were there for me and showed me how a man really should be and a mother who took on both roles and taught me how a man should act. So on Father's Day I tried to let each one know how much I love them. So if anyone out there are in the same situation or one like it, use this day and thank the person who helped you when your father wasn't there. Everyone has that one angel that is sent to the rescue, so let Father's Day be Mother's Who became Father's Day or Teacher's Who became Father's Day. No matter what it is, don't let this day take your spirit away, let it grow it. And on a side note, for those out there who physically have fathers and they know where you are and you know where there are, but choose to not have him in your life for whatever reason I wish and pray everyday that things could be different and my father was here on earth to share his wisdom with me or be able to celebrate my success to or just to talk to. No matter what he has done to you, he is your father and apart of you and the time you spend away from him, is the time that will never be returned if something happens and you're left like me praying for just a moment to share your thoughts. So visit him, write him, or call him, even if it is just to say hi, your spirit will thank you!

Posted by: Peaches
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

WTF???? Recriutment @ a young age?

I cannot believe what I am seeing here! This is just wrong on so many levels not to mention a grown man "making it rain" on her. That girls parent should be put under the jail for rooting her on like that. Can't you just see little "peprika" (that's what i call her) as the new video vixen in 15 years?? I guess on the upside, she making more money than me so do yo thang! Im a little jealous cuz she can pop, lock, and drop it better than me. I dedicate this song to the new recruited girl on the ho stroll!

Pop Lock And Drop It - Baby Huey

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Really Need 2 Stop Moments! Young Rappers Edition

Ray J "Shawty Got Gifts" Video
You are not cute whatsoever in da video, the lyrics are so 1999, and please do try and make a dance to this song (so not the business!)
Bow Wow Thinks He Is the Shit
Get It Girl! You twirlin dat finger a little too much to be for the ladies, and please give it a rest because there is cocky and then just being a dick!
Lil Wayne's Lollipop
No one wants to lick yo lollipop, yo face would fuck the whole thing up if I had to look up at it (get my drift!)
Plies Auditions for a Bust It Baby
What is a Bust It Baby? Please someone tell me!! and if they are suppose to be it then just call it the "Ho stroll convention" baby!

Click these to see what I mean!

More "Really Need 2 Stop Moments" Coming Soon!

Posted by Skittles

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OMG! I had to post this because Peaches and I love this song! Hmmmm... for those of you who don't know her, I got one word (and name) ROBYN and she has been in the music world for 14 years! You may remember her first 94 hits "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know" which led on to other top ten billboard hits but she eventually returned to Sweden in 98 to regroup and become even more successful. 10 years later she is back in the USA to show us what she is workin wit! Watch this and more on and see for yourself!! ENJOY!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Solange says "I Decided" and it looks good!

I can't believe that she is back on the scene with a new sight, new sound, and a new attitude. Its Solange! (AKA Beyonce's little sister) and she is givin it to me in this song and video even though it looks a little like something Beyonce did back in the 60's, she still is trying to hold her own. Hopefully this next effort with her 2nd album will be alot better and more mature than her first album (Solo Star) which I own and kinda liked at the time but it got so elementary school so fast that it just got annoying. But you know it wasn't all her fault cuz all the money was going to big sis and crew not to mention the mom paying the kiddies in the sweat shops to make them clothes. Shame! You held your head up Solange and now it's your time to shine so MAKE IT WORK!! And one more thing SK, don't do a song wit T-Pain (ain't he on everybody shit these days, ho sit down wit da bottleg switchboard computer voice) cuz he will ruin you booboo! ENJOY!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting silly with CHARLIE!!!!!!!!



I just had to put these on because it is so hilarious to me! The story and the plots are stupid but their voices crack me up every time. They sound like some old retarded queens that are horny over Charlie. Go to to check out other weird videos like these. I seriously think this guy was on crack or really drunk when he thought of this. ENJOY, i guess!

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The Fierceness : Fierocia of Music, Ms. Jackson!!

I was just going to post this song that I have been feeling today as another Hot Traxx of the Moment, but then I was like Hell to da Naw!! This is Janet "Mothafucka" Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty (and I am!), and she deserves so much betta. I was reading about how Def Jam and L.A. Reid done gone and bumped their heads fucking around with Janet and not giving her her dues. She is not Rhianna, just trying to get in the game covered in glitter with her beeper, Janet has been at this longer than most of Def Jam artist been alive and not only got in the game, but is the game. Not only does she bring it when she drops an ablum, but she be giving it to me in her videos and and don't get started on the concerts and performances where even if you paid $150 to see it, she gave you triple that amount of show. She has single handedly stepped up the music game and all the chicks and chickos out there now know where they had to learn it to get where they are now (I am defitnely talking to the bitters Beyonce and Britney!). I bet you anyone on the planet can name at least 3 Janet songs before they can think of 3 Def Jam artists. This rant isn't against the artists of Def Jam, I like Rhinana, but L.A. Reid and his crew need to reconize how luck their ass are for Janet to be on their label and treat her as the Fierocia Queen of Pop she is. Also for those out there who say Madonna is the Queen of Pop, that bitch is nothing but the queen of old ass wore out coochie and buck teeth! And if you don't like it, in the words of the Great Kathy Griffin "Suck it!"

So Much Betta - Janet Jackson

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Hometown Fierceness: #9 The Beaches!!

In my continuing quest to show the fierceness that is Jacksonville, I introduce you to the beach or should I say beaches. Jacksonville has many beach communities to satisfy any queen sun fetish. The hot ones are Atlantic Beach, which is for the upscale, not even thinking about getting her weave wet or Dolce pumps sandy, its all about the shopping and dining and looking hot beach. Hanna Park is the opposite, where a nature diva can hike, swim with Florida wildlife, meditate with nature on unspoiled beach. But for everyone else, the hottest beach is Jacksonville Beach. Here a fierce queen of the divas can chill on the pier, tear it down at the clubs, get their drink on at the bars, snap for the kids at the park, watch a movie or concert, or find a nice spot on the sand and watch all the cut and fine people show off what God or their money gave them all on the beach.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

That Is Such HATE!!!! Fuck' Em B.Scott cuz you are so much betta!!

Can you believe that???? I am so shocked that she said that, but of course you know that was the mother's doing because no little girl thinks that way! Apparently the bitch has insecurities, is jealous, and has no time on her hands except to put others down. On top of that, she wasn't even woman enough to say it to his face so what kind of person does that make her???? People like that shouldn't be allowed to have kids because they are corrupting our future! Keep yo head up because for every one hater, you got five love muffins that got yo back okay!!!?? LOVE, BLESS, FORGIVE, and RELEASE!!

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She Wants To "ROCK WITCHU" on Tour!

OMG! I know you should already know about it, but if you have been living under a rock then I am glad to let you know that Ms.Jackson is back and ready to shake it up all over the world for us fans out there! I really hope I get the privilege to be in the same arena with her before the year is over! She will be performing songs from her "Discipline" album which by the way is hot fierceness and as well as other countless favorites. Its been 7 years in the making so you know its gonna be HOT FIRE okay??? Here are some tour dates already out but awaiting pre-sale so get that ho stroll money ready cuz your not gonna want to miss out!
Date City State Country Venue Public Tickets Fan Club Tickets Special Packages
Sep 10, 2008 Vancouver BC CA GM Place Coming Soon Presale Ended Not Available
Sep 13, 2008 Oakland CA US Oracle Arena Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 17, 2008 Los Angeles CA US Staples Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 19, 2008 Las Vegas NV US Mandalay Bay Events Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 20, 2008 San Diego CA US Sports Arena Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 25, 2008 Chicago IL US Allstate Arena Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 27, 2008 Detroit MI US Palace of Auburn Hills Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Sep 28, 2008 Toronto ON CA Air Canada Centre Buy Tickets Presale Ended Not Available
Sep 29, 2008 Montreal QC CA Bell Centre Coming Soon Presale Ended Not Available
Oct 01, 2008 Boston MA US TD Banknorth Garden Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 02, 2008 Philadelphia PA US Wachovia Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 04, 2008 Greensboro NC US Greensboro Coliseum Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 05, 2008 Atlanta GA US Philips Arena Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 07, 2008 Fort Lauderdale FL US BankAtlantic Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 15, 2008 Washington DC US Verizon Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 17, 2008 East Rutherford NJ US Izod Center Coming Soon Presale Ended Not Available
Oct 21, 2008 Houston TX US Toyota Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available
Oct 22, 2008 Dallas TX US American Airlines Center Coming Soon Coming Soon Not Available

Check out more info on under the TOUR section. I know you are already pumped up, but I'll give you a boost with this video. Oh, did I forget to mention she is our FIEROCIA of the Moment! ENJOY!!

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Serious Skittles Face: Someone give grandma her pants!!

This has to be said after watching grandma...I mean Madonna's new music video (I don't remember the name of it, and I am not posting it cause that bitch get enough unneeded press!) We do not and let me stress this, DO NOT want to see your old ass stretched out pussy every photo and video you make booboo. Yes you look good for a woman in her 80s after brush ups and photoshop, but damn don't you own some pants. I mean every video recently she has to have on some depends coochie cutters and not only that, stretching out that rusty shit on some ballet bar. Bitch you don't dance, why the hell you on a damn ballet bar getting it all dusty. And for all the Madonna fans out there just know I love her music, just not her tired ass. Wait let me specify, I love her music, meaning the music and beats, not her stupid lyrics, so really I like the Neptunes and Timbaland. So Jebus please be a pair of Jaclyn Smith trousers from the sales rack at Kmart.

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Hometown Fierceness: Da Ville Where Size Matters!!

Where can two fierce black and sexy men regin supreme? The Bold New City of the South ad Where Florida Begins, Jacksonville. Jacksonville is da hotness, but everyone is too busy in Miami dirty ass to realize. So through out this blog I will drop some knowledge with the top ten reasons Jacksonville is hot fierocia Starting with number 10: It is big as hell!!!
In fact its the largest city in landmass outside Alaska in the US. It is soo big that both the cities of New York and Los Angeles can fit perfectly within Jacksonville's city limits. But what's great about it is you are always discovering new places and things you never knew existed in the city. Also there are so many neighborhoods wit their own character and style that whatever your diva mood is, there will be a place to satisfy it.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hoe Sit Down!

I am soo feeling this little girl right now! That is some serious side eye of death for Ms. Clinton for her foolery. When it's over, it's over and she need to be using her free time helping the Democrats finally getting that elephant shit smell out of the White House! Give Obama his shine and I am not saying this because I am a Black Man. In fact I was a Hillary Supporter, but she started doing things that gave me a bad feeling and Obama feels more true and from the heart. So let us have at least a moment to celebrate the fact a Black Man (at least half) has made it to be nominated to run for president, because old ass McCain and his Republican posse going make this a dirty and trifling election. GO OBAMA!!!

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Side Note: Please Vote! No matter if it is for Obama or McCain or the crazy homeless lady who pee on a wall by a busy road in the middle of the day, just VOTE!

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Making Love in Showbiz Pizza!

Oh My God! I just died laughing. I don't know how many Jacksonvillians (or else where) out there remember Showbiz Pizza before it was turned into bootleg Chuck e Cheez. I remember my dad taking me there all the time and nothing beat the show by the Rock-afire band. I know you can still see the band at Adventure Landings at the Beach, but not as crunk as this. I guess for their come back tour, they're bringing the heat for that ass.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I know this is old but I just wanted to put this on to show how fierce this game is going to be. Peaches and I are big big big Kingdom Hearts fans and can't wait for the new installment Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, even if it is gonna be by PSP and PS3 (which I don't have!) The last two games were hot tranny fierceness so there is no doubt about this one!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

"My Pussy" for the Kids and Drama in China all @ the O.P. Mall!!

Let me just start by saying "What is the world coming to?" I was @ the mall today and was passing by the little kiddie playground section where all the kids frolic around and stuff. Well, I just happen to hear some store bumpin some hot beat so I did a quick tuck and roll over to where it was coming from and when I reached my destination they were playing "My Pussy" by Amanda Lepore loud as can be!!! I was like OMG, NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDDIES!!! Yes honey, it was on and popping up in there (I wont give the store name away though) I was flabbergasted but I was still shakin it up on the inside. For those who havent heard this song, its in the B.Scott video above and its just plain hilarious!!

That picture is funny but it is not the actual place being talked about in this post. I knew that some people @ these chinese food places were slick but not like this. So I go up in the line, got my food and was getting ready to pay for it. I didn't want a drink with the combo so I thought it was going to be cheaper but just to make sure, i asked the lady if it was going to be cheaper and if not I would just get the drink! The bitch said it would be but when I got to the cashier, she swiped my card for full price. So I assume then that I was gonna get the drink and I told her what the other worker told me, and she goes "No, its the same price with or without the drink" so Im like "Then obviously I want the drink!" Do you know this bitch then completed the transaction, gave me the receipt, and told me "Oh its too late for me to give you the drink" and walked off. Oh NO MA'AM!!! I had already paid the same price with or without the drink so all she had to do was give me the drink. I went off on her and then got the manager to give me my money back and I got a free drink. You don't fuck wit black people food or they money!!!! I had to take it there DEGRASSI style. Anyway, please believe it wont happen again!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fierceness: Hot Fire!

All I have to say is, 1:) He is the biggest, childish, closeted, stuck up, bitch ever on the Real World and 2:) I will hit that faster than two fat chicks on the last chicken wing.

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Side Note: Points for using Bjork to show off the sexy!

Well, after seeing this fuckery, I conclude that he just downgraded himself to me. That dance was in no way sexy and it completely turned my off from him! Someone that is that sexy should be able to work it betta than that. JUST STICK TO BEING CUTE BOOBOO cuz that's the only thing going for you.

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Serious Skittles Face: In The Name of Jebus!

First of all I am sorry for anyone who was eating, about to eat, or ever ate for this picture. I saw this on one of my favorite fierce blogs, and there is all kinds of wrong with this fuckary. I thought this was a poster for the Grudge 3 and was about the wet myself, until I discovered it was just Latoya Jackson and then I wet my self. In the words of B. Scott "Lord take me higher!" and lord please be some #2 Honey Amber Milani Smooth Finish and a comb. If I am being too hard let me know. Janet you need do something about you fam, at least let them borrow your brush before they step out the house looking like a monkey doodle fool. And don't get me started on those damn pants, looking like she got tagged in an alleyway after pissing off some queens.
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THE INSPIRATION VIDEO that started this blog!

OMG! I just had to put this on here to show the people what inspired the name and general vision of this blog. Oh, and it's just....plain.....FIERCE!!!! Peaches and I love Project Runway and SNL so it was right up our alley. That Amy Poehler made it work fo realz and big props to Christian S (winner of P.R.) for his fierceness! See if you can catch the name of the blog in the video. Make sure you watch or keep watching SNL for more funny skits or go to for episode skits you miss. DON'T BORE NINA!

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Da Fierceness : Hot Traxx of the Moment!

I would like to introduce this post as the start of my Hot Traxx of the Moment and no it's no the latest hot shit to fall from too ugly to see daylight Lil Wayne nappy ass locs. I love music with a passion, and it doesn't matter what style. Seriously, give me my hip country rock pop classical Earth Wind and Janet with a little Marvin, mixed with some Garth and a touch of Kylie sprinkled with the Beatles, baked with the Chemical Romance with a side of Bach. So the soundtrack to my life is bananas. Like today, the hot male fire was on full force and there is nothing like us American Boys when it comes to bring the sexy heat. So I introduce Estelle and fine ass, even though sometimes he is an ass, Kanye with "American Boy". So sit back and enjoy those hot summer shirtless boyz, I will!

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American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] - Estelle

I might as well GET INTO THIS as B.Scott would say and give you my Hot Traxx of the Moment. Its another "shake it till it falls off" jam from the diva Mariah Carey called "Heat" and she is givin it to me in this one. I am just upset it is not on the original album track list but just a bonus song! This needs to be the "Bitch Please Anthem" of 08 ok? I hope you feelin it while you bump this in yo ride as you sweatin it down from the heat trying to get to yo man house to find that bitch that done lost her monkey doodle mind cuz she knows better than to get up on you man! Don't she know you will CUT HER????? HANDLE YO BUSINESS GURL! But if he looks or acts like Nick Cannon, let the ho have him please!? Enjoy!

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Hot on my tail in da FL!!

I just don't understand why it is or gets so damn hot in Da FL! It's like that Missy Elliot quote "Hotter than two fat black people in a small jacuzzi" hot. Of course today when me and Peaches took our road trip, there wanted to be a red light @ every traffic light. Florida should ban red lights so we can keep God's airflow comin in the car because gas prices are TOO HIGH to have the air blastin ok? DO YOU FEEL ME SHAWTY!!!?? I just needed to vent about my trails wit the ball of flame in the sky. Well, it could be worse and we all could have Vegas heat up to 127!! Stay cool bitches!

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