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Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears?

Skittles posted a while ago about B Scott's top five pet peeves, well I have been busier than R. Kelly at Chuckie Cheese (fuck what ya heard, that bitch did it!) the past few weeks to post this. Peaches top 5 pet peeves, or as Peter from Family Guy would say "What really grinds my gears!".

Number 5: Georgian Drivers
I am sorry if this offends Jacksonville neighbors to the north, but Georgia drivers need to make up their damn minds. Maybe it is just here in Jacksonville and their freaked out shopping or visiting the big city, but they will break their necks to cut in front of you on the road and then once they almost kill you to get there, they suddenly slow down to 2 miles per hour with no one in front of them. If getting in front of me was worth your life, then bitch you need to be driving for your life as well.

Number 4: Street Talkers
Unlike the picture above illustrates, I am not talking about the street ho stroll. I am talking about people who feel there is nothing wrong about having a whole 3 hour conversation with a friend in the middle of the street with people behind them waiting to pass. Either let the friend get in the car and talk while you drive or pull over to the side and talk. I care less to be apart of your ghetto reunion.

Number 3: Lil Wayne Wannabes
You see them, the guys with the nappy and dirty dreads that when you look at them your hair itches. The sagging pants with two sets of boxer shorts on and both are dirty as hell. With or without a shirt on allowing the funk of 10 years of not being Sure (For those out of the loop, no deodorant!) knock da fuck out of anything that walks too close. So why look like Lil Wayne, cause nothing on that child is cute or even fuckable.

Nubmer 2: Fox News
All I need to say is pure fair and balanced racist, sexist, homophobic, bullshit. O'Reilly (If it is not spelled right, fuck it!) is bad enough, but the whole network is sicken. I feel like going Black Panther on their ass everytime I have to pass the channel to get to CNN. How does the network who calls Obama wife his "Baby Mama" or that gays are ill allowed to be on TV and they cancel Girlfriends?

Number 1: Walmart
Okay, I can have an entire post, fuck it, an entire blog on the reasons why Walmart is hell on earth. But the thing that tops my list is their self check out lanes. Its not the lanes it self that pisses me off, in fact I love them and wish that Target (Targay!) gets them. Its the fact that Walmart will shut them down and force all 500 people shopping to use one lane with the chick that either wants to have all day conversation with each customer or that chick that is pissed off she still here and Lil Wayne is at the Post and she is missing it. I mean doesn't it make sense to have a lane of 10 checkout stations opened and have that one chick watch them, so people like me and all the normal people who happened (or forced) to be shopping for that one thing can pay and go, instead of waiting for 2 hours listening about how many cats the old man 4 people ahead has to buy food for. But to top it all off, they don't just close the lanes at a set time so you can make sure you get there on time. No, those bitches closes them whatever time they want and won't tell your ass until you just finshed trying to scan your 5th item. Its like why the fuck do you have them if they are never available to use or not there for the convenience of the customer. And I am done!

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