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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Celebrate The Father in Your Life!

As the nation celebrate their dads this Father's Day, this post is for those who don't have a father to honor. It could be you never knew him, he left for something else, treated you horribly, or like me, he is no longer on this earth. For me, my father died while I was young, but he had such a spirit, I carry it with me now. But Father's Day has always been such a conflict for me because eventhough I reflect on the memories I have of my father, it is just I normal day for me. But for the days leading up to it are sometimes hard due to fact of everywhere you go there's ads for gifts to celebrate dads or friends and family discussing plans their making for their dad and all I can think about is how much I wish I can physically give my dad a card or give him a hug. When I was in younger and sometimes now I would mask the hurt by making jokes or play off the day like talking about how much money I save by not having to worry about gifts for my dad. But through the jokes, I still had a void. The thing that has helped me in my adult years, is to use this day to celebrate to people who stepped up and in their own way tried to fill some of the gaps that a father would normally fill. I am blessed to have an army of uncles who were there for me and showed me how a man really should be and a mother who took on both roles and taught me how a man should act. So on Father's Day I tried to let each one know how much I love them. So if anyone out there are in the same situation or one like it, use this day and thank the person who helped you when your father wasn't there. Everyone has that one angel that is sent to the rescue, so let Father's Day be Mother's Who became Father's Day or Teacher's Who became Father's Day. No matter what it is, don't let this day take your spirit away, let it grow it. And on a side note, for those out there who physically have fathers and they know where you are and you know where there are, but choose to not have him in your life for whatever reason I wish and pray everyday that things could be different and my father was here on earth to share his wisdom with me or be able to celebrate my success to or just to talk to. No matter what he has done to you, he is your father and apart of you and the time you spend away from him, is the time that will never be returned if something happens and you're left like me praying for just a moment to share your thoughts. So visit him, write him, or call him, even if it is just to say hi, your spirit will thank you!

Posted by: Peaches