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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Serious Skittles Face: In The Name of Jebus!

First of all I am sorry for anyone who was eating, about to eat, or ever ate for this picture. I saw this on one of my favorite fierce blogs, and there is all kinds of wrong with this fuckary. I thought this was a poster for the Grudge 3 and was about the wet myself, until I discovered it was just Latoya Jackson and then I wet my self. In the words of B. Scott "Lord take me higher!" and lord please be some #2 Honey Amber Milani Smooth Finish and a comb. If I am being too hard let me know. Janet you need do something about you fam, at least let them borrow your brush before they step out the house looking like a monkey doodle fool. And don't get me started on those damn pants, looking like she got tagged in an alleyway after pissing off some queens.
Posted By: Peaches