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Monday, June 9, 2008

Solange says "I Decided" and it looks good!

I can't believe that she is back on the scene with a new sight, new sound, and a new attitude. Its Solange! (AKA Beyonce's little sister) and she is givin it to me in this song and video even though it looks a little like something Beyonce did back in the 60's, she still is trying to hold her own. Hopefully this next effort with her 2nd album will be alot better and more mature than her first album (Solo Star) which I own and kinda liked at the time but it got so elementary school so fast that it just got annoying. But you know it wasn't all her fault cuz all the money was going to big sis and crew not to mention the mom paying the kiddies in the sweat shops to make them clothes. Shame! You held your head up Solange and now it's your time to shine so MAKE IT WORK!! And one more thing SK, don't do a song wit T-Pain (ain't he on everybody shit these days, ho sit down wit da bottleg switchboard computer voice) cuz he will ruin you booboo! ENJOY!

Posted by Skittles