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Monday, June 16, 2008

I Like DAT

I know its kinda like B.Scott's Weekend Try This section but i am just putting out what is so hot tranny fierceness right now and it should be to you to so ENJOY!!

EAT THIS : BEN & JERRY'S CAKE BATTER AND ORGANIC COOKIES & CREAM TOGETHER!!!!!!! Rather it be in Milkshake form or Cone form, its still like heaven in your mouth, almost like other things!!!!

WATCH THIS : THE HAPPENING BY M. NIGHT SHYMALAN!! I haven't actually seen it yet but i think it's going to be off the scary chain.

HEAR THIS : SEEING SOUNDS BY N.E.R.D! My favorite song on the album is LOVE BOMB which you can hear below but the whole album is flawless. I smell Grammy or at least an AMA!!
Love Bomb - N*E*R*D

WEAR THIS : 24 GOLD ACCENT GROOVED BRUSH TITANIUM RING W/ BLACK CABLES BY CHISEL!! I just really like this ring, it's just so different and unique. The brand name CHISEL and SILVER INSANITY make this and other rings like these seen hear. Find out more on

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