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Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Is Diss??? (A visit to DollarTree)

Peaches and I just had to snap some photos of HOT MESS THINGS @ the local DollarTree!
These are just straight uglified to the core. These fake plastic flowers should be 10 cent or free just so people can take them and burn them in the street.
Why would you buy meat at the dollar store? By the way, this picture is giving it much needed justice because it looked worse than this up close.
Even though this is nothing but a K Y Warm Touch knockoff, I bought some just to see if it works. I put a little on my fingers and it was actually warm to the touch. Can't wait to try it on other things!
Did you know D.T. has finally jumped on the band wagon and got us a end cap of all black products and its not even our month! Yes my brothas and sistahs, it is all there from doo-rags to oil sheen. This won't last long so get there quick!
And the piece that brings it full circle is the "I'm Powerful" little girl yellow panties. WTF is this about. I'm all about woman rights and pussy power (i mean girl power) and stuff but this is too early on for our young ones. What's next, the "I'm Special" blue panties or the "Let's Be Friends" green ones and lets not forget the "Hide and Lick" red ones for the grown little girls!
A dollar goes a long way........spend it wisely!!

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