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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Really Need 2 Stop Moments: Celebrity TV Edition

I had to take this from Skittles after watching Celebrity Circus. What is up with the Celebrity TV game shows on the air now, is it 2002 again. I mean, when did it become off the chain to watch famous (I say that with the most basic definition of the word, cause some of those bitches haven't been famous since the original celebrity circus!) people do tricks or performances for money and prizes. The final straw was the announcement of Celebrity Family Feud, come on Family Feud is about real families and their dumb ass members who can't think of one thing someone will buy for a wedding gift. I know they are desperate for money and fame again, but I don't want to see it. Its all Dancing with the Stars fault, even since that show, ever network is trying to match that success. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Dance with the Stars when I watched it, and to see celebrities doing things their not known for is entertaining, but only if its for that reason. Celebrity Circus when it was Circus of the Stars was entertaining because it was just celebrities doing crazy tricks for the delight of watchers and not fame and money. I rather watch some bum off the street trying to pay rent or get gas do trick for money, its heartwarming and the purpose of a game show. Leave the celebrities to TMZ or the occasional charity episode of a game show!

Posted By: Peaches