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Monday, June 23, 2008

Miss Honey?!?!

First of all who is Miss Honey and what did they do to piss off Amy Winehouse gay black cousin (Where do you buy a outfit like that, the shooting range!). Second, what is up with the background dancers, are they straight as hell and being punished for something or did Miss Honey pissed them off too, because I can believe two gay black men have no rhythm at all. Finally, what show is this and where can I watch this hot mess. All I know is this is my new bitch hold my purse jam.

Posted By: Peaches

Where the hell are you Miss Honey and don't you hear this HOT TRANNY MESS trying to get your attention???? I am so overwhelmed by this video and what is up with the white guy they keep showing? You know those back up dancers aint fooling nobody, they lost a bet wit little Rey Rey down the street and she got them to dance on that show for her hot tranny brother "GreenApple Envy" to promote dat new album at a 2 dollar gig talent show that was filmed in their local ghetto fab studio on the corner of "Hell 2 da naw" and "Oh gasp no jesus!!" and all the while she has been looking for "Miss HONEYdew Fiya" cuz she told that bitch she would be back to get that wig money and trying to look fierce all at the same time!!! You need to show yo self MISS HONEY!!!!! cuz if she lookin like that, then what are you workin wit!?? It doesn't get any betta than dat!

Posted by Skittles