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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Fierceness : Fierocia of Music, Ms. Jackson!!

I was just going to post this song that I have been feeling today as another Hot Traxx of the Moment, but then I was like Hell to da Naw!! This is Janet "Mothafucka" Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty (and I am!), and she deserves so much betta. I was reading about how Def Jam and L.A. Reid done gone and bumped their heads fucking around with Janet and not giving her her dues. She is not Rhianna, just trying to get in the game covered in glitter with her beeper, Janet has been at this longer than most of Def Jam artist been alive and not only got in the game, but is the game. Not only does she bring it when she drops an ablum, but she be giving it to me in her videos and and don't get started on the concerts and performances where even if you paid $150 to see it, she gave you triple that amount of show. She has single handedly stepped up the music game and all the chicks and chickos out there now know where they had to learn it to get where they are now (I am defitnely talking to the bitters Beyonce and Britney!). I bet you anyone on the planet can name at least 3 Janet songs before they can think of 3 Def Jam artists. This rant isn't against the artists of Def Jam, I like Rhinana, but L.A. Reid and his crew need to reconize how luck their ass are for Janet to be on their label and treat her as the Fierocia Queen of Pop she is. Also for those out there who say Madonna is the Queen of Pop, that bitch is nothing but the queen of old ass wore out coochie and buck teeth! And if you don't like it, in the words of the Great Kathy Griffin "Suck it!"

So Much Betta - Janet Jackson

Posted By: Peaches