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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hump Day Hump Music!

I have known Skittles for years and he still surprises me, especially when it comes to music. I thought I knew Michael Jackson and all his hits and then one day Skittles introduced me to "The Lady in my Life". Oh my god, who knew Michael can bring the grown and sexy. I promise once you listen to this song it will be on and popping. So on this Hump day call that special someone or just someone you happen to meet and show them the meaning of "Hump" day (Protected of course!).

The Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson

Also I know this is being posted after midnight and it is technically Thursday, but why the hell are you worrying about it, you should be humping to the grooves, even if its just you!

Posted by: Peaches

Well, I am very glad to please you sir on the Michael Jackson tip ok? I have always been feeling that song and I say "hump yo day away" if it make everyone happy! The song itself it good alone but if you just happen to not be feeling Michael at the moment, you can listen to Mya's version called "Man of my life" below. I dedicated this song to Peaches cuz he is the best man and the best friend i'll ever have.

man in my life -

Posted by Skittles