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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Crazy Child & The Danish Poet!!

I just recently saw two videos (1 shown to me by Peaches and 1 I just happen to come across for some reason) and both are rather interesting pieces of footage!

The Crazy Child video or as it is named "Who you talkin to hoe?" is a little boy that acts out a graphic story about an argument between a pissed off puerto rican woman and her cheating boyfriend. It is very funny and he makes the characters come alive like you were actually there when it went down. He needs to be on the Actors Studio or something for this performance. Big props to him for MAKIN IT WORK okay!!!!!????

The Danish Poet which is the actual name of the video is a complete turnaround from the video above, and is a lot longer. Can you believe that this won a 2007 Oscar for Best Short Animation? This is a story about a lady who is telling a story about coincidental things that happen to bring her parents together. It didn't seem like something I would finish but it was actually a good story and video. Big props to Torill Kove and Liv Ullmann for MAKIN IT WORK okay!!??

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