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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Future of Fierceness on Four Wheels!

Just wow! I so see myself riding up to the club and fanning the haters away with my doors. That's just to much sexy and fierceness in one car. Lucky you won't find this on the set of some tired ass rapper BET video with some video ho...I mean vixen getting the fabric all fishy and smelling like baby powder, because it is only one working model made and it is on display at the BMW Museum in Germany.

Posted By: Peaches

That was pretty awesome, especially the car headlight opening like "Bitch whatchu looking at cuz I know I'm fly!!!". But even though it looks pimp, there are questions in my noggin like
#1 - How do you wash that thing?
#2 - What happens if the fabric rips?
#3 - How much does it cost to fill this car up cuz looks like it could eat a gas station?
#4 - Where is the trunk?
#5 - With all this tight shit with it, will it protect you if it rains?
#6 - Can I get it in Midnight Blue or is that the only color?

Just some things I would consider before I put it on my American Express Black Card which I don't have to later pay it off with money I will never get and drive it to places I will never go too!! DREAM BIG PEOPLE!!!!!

Posted by Skittles