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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Da Fierceness : Hot Traxx of the Moment!

I would like to introduce this post as the start of my Hot Traxx of the Moment and no it's no the latest hot shit to fall from too ugly to see daylight Lil Wayne nappy ass locs. I love music with a passion, and it doesn't matter what style. Seriously, give me my hip country rock pop classical Earth Wind and Janet with a little Marvin, mixed with some Garth and a touch of Kylie sprinkled with the Beatles, baked with the Chemical Romance with a side of Bach. So the soundtrack to my life is bananas. Like today, the hot male fire was on full force and there is nothing like us American Boys when it comes to bring the sexy heat. So I introduce Estelle and fine ass, even though sometimes he is an ass, Kanye with "American Boy". So sit back and enjoy those hot summer shirtless boyz, I will!

Posted by: Peaches

American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] - Estelle

I might as well GET INTO THIS as B.Scott would say and give you my Hot Traxx of the Moment. Its another "shake it till it falls off" jam from the diva Mariah Carey called "Heat" and she is givin it to me in this one. I am just upset it is not on the original album track list but just a bonus song! This needs to be the "Bitch Please Anthem" of 08 ok? I hope you feelin it while you bump this in yo ride as you sweatin it down from the heat trying to get to yo man house to find that bitch that done lost her monkey doodle mind cuz she knows better than to get up on you man! Don't she know you will CUT HER????? HANDLE YO BUSINESS GURL! But if he looks or acts like Nick Cannon, let the ho have him please!? Enjoy!

Posted by: Skittles

Heat (FuLL) - Mariah Carey