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Friday, June 27, 2008

What Is It About Da DICK????

This post is going to be X-rated so if you don't want to read about any inappropriate material, DON'T READ ON! Oh my gosh! I will just let you guess who's immaculate piece of god's creation that is above but just know he is a major porn star that I can't get enough of!! Take me higher! Anyway, this post is about DA DICK and what makes it so worthy of our attention and why some men can't get enough of trying to get those hot mouths on them. I mean, doesn't looking at the above picture just make you wanna jack off that growing member in your pants or definitely your man's throb stick. Its just amazing to think about the fact of you having a fantasy in your mind and all the while there is blood rushing through the veins in your manhood to get it ready for the taking, and as I work that meat pole (so to speak) getting it wet with my mouth juices, you every so slightly grab my head and push down a little letting me know you are about to release and right before it happens, it gets its hardest and begins to tremble on my tongue and as your moans reach its peak as you cum. ISN'T THAT SO DAMN HOT!!! It is just sexy to think about and watch it on the big screen. I just feel like men doing men is hella sexy because we know what we like so we know how to work a dick cuz we want it worked the same way. Oh, and its not just the dick, you also got the nipples, the ass, and kissing is the ultimate! You know how you want to be kissed, so why not have someone with almost the same mind kiss you and sex you up the way you want. OOOOOOoooooo jebus, Matthew Rush is giving it to me with dat dick right now! Damn!, I gave the mystery away...... ENJOY!!!

Posted by Skittles