Two fine ass black men on a mission to up hold the ideals of fierceness and hotness from the streets of Jacksonville to the cities of the world. And if you are fierce you will be celebrated as you deserved, but beware if you look, act, smell, or sound like a hot mess, you will be ASSASSINATED!(Verbally, not fo realz!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Major!

Bralina who? Posted By: Peaches!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Casting Call: The Last Airbender!

As you may or may not know, me and Skittles are huge Avatar(I am am not talking about the Titanic director movie) fanatics. If you don't know Avatar is a Nick cartoon about here is a little quick summary:

Avatar-101-The Boy in the Iceberg
Vezi mai multe video din Animatie »Well the show was on air for three seasons(On purpose like how Lost will be six seasons) and during the second season, M. Night Shyamalan announced that he will make three movies based off each season and currently filming now with a release in 2010. He even did a little shout out in "The Happening" with the little girl in the end with an Avatar book bag. Well last month the annoucement of cast came out and some fans were a little upset, feeling that the cast, which isn't Asian or Native American, wasn't right. I agreed a little, but the world of Avatar is fantasy and not earth, so they can be any race. I feel though other people would be perfect for each role. Check them out. We'll start with Aang the last air bender and Avatar. I think alexander Gould would be great in the role. You will know him from he show Weeds as Shane or as the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo. So you know he has the cute voice, but the serious acting as well.
The diva of water bending and love interest of Aang, Katara, should be played by Melissa McIntyre. You know her as Ashley on Degrassi TNG and everytime I see Katara especially with hersexy season three hair, I think of Melissa.
Sokka is Katara's goofy, but hard fighting brother and would beplayed well by cute David Henrie. He is on the Disney show the Wizards of waverly Place, but I rember him as Cory's friend of That's So Raven. He has the goofy down and you can't deny those eyebrows are soo Sokka.
The hotness of Avatar in more ways than one Zuko, can only be played by Michael Copon. Know for his action role in Power Ranagers and countless shirtless scenes in Beyond the Break, no one can pull off the I am hot with a 3rd degree burn my father gave me black eye.
Zuko's bad ass diva of fire Azula would be hot played by Megan Fox. The Transformers star is not only hot, but has a enough fireceness to pull off the fire bitch and powr hungry sister to Michael Copon's Zuko.
Zuko and Azula's Uncle Iroh I feel is the hardest to cast and to me and Skittles, will either make or break the movie. His voice is soo warm and powerful that you wish e was your uncle and the cartoon matches the fierceness of it. I thought of a lot of people who may pull that off, but the closet I get, other than just CGIing the cartoon version with the voice actor, is Yun-Fat Chow. I thought of him after watching my fav movie again Curse of the Golden Flower and watched his perfromane as the Emperor. Even though he isn't funny or warm in the movie, I feel he shows the serious and powerful side of uncle perfectly and Yun-Fat Chow has played warm in the past, so he can work it out.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The "If You Seek Amy" Fuckery!!

Oh my GOSH! Are they serious with this video? If it aint one thing, it's another with people trying to hate on Ms.Spears. I mean, would they have liked it if she just came right out and said "FUCK ME!". You news stations need to get a life and report on something worth while in the world like OBAMA!!! View the fuckery of the video after the click

It's just sooooo stupid to make a big deal over that song. No little girls were every thinking about the message behind the song until someone brought it to their attention. But in the event that they caught on or you just now caught on too it and don't like it then turn your radio off. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

If the video doesn't work click here - Fox News Fuckery on Hidden Message
Posted by Skittles
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American Idol : Jacksonville #2

Ok I just finished watching the Jacksonville episode of American Idol and I am a little disappointed. If you wanna know why, find out after the click

#1 - Ok first off, I am upset that it wasn't a two hour show. We are the biggest city (land mass wise) in the world so it takes another whole hour to appreciate us.
#2 - But even if they had made it two hours, it wouldn't have mattered considering they barely showed off the good parts of Jacksonville at all. They basically showed woods and trees and the back streets of the hotels in Ponte Vedra Beach. There were only two quick shots of the arena (which the auditions that were shown weren't even there), the park in Riverside, and the beach (which showed some chalky skin bitches lying in the sand).
#3 - We are not the "DOG STATE" so why did the audience welcome Randy to the "DOG STATE"?? I don't know where that fuckery of a place is!!
#4 - Half of the contestants on the episode that auditioned or made it to Hollywood weren't even from Jacksonville!
#5 - After they fucked us over with that "DOG STATE" shit, it would try to end with everyone singing "I'm Walking On Sunshine" which the episode should have started with considering we are in the SUNSHINE STATE!!!!
#6 - There was maybe one spectacular contestant and I don't remember them that much! Simon said it best when he said "It was terrible!"

Basically the whole episode was a let down and a little boring. So I give the Jacksonville show a "FAIL" stamp of approval. But it's not your fault J-ville, I STILL LOVE YOU!!

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American Idol : Jacksonville!

Just a reminder to all my Duvalians...Tonight at 8pm on FOX is the Jacksonville episode! REPRESENT and don't miss it! I tried to find a really good video to post with this post but I just couldn't find one!

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Dammit Janet!!

Here we go again! And I was hoping things were going to change in 2009, I mean Obama's President Bitch!! Janet cancels Japanese leg of Rock Witchu Tour
Janet's Japanese leg of the Rock Witchu Tour, which was scheduled to begin in February, has been postponed. She had been scheduled to perform five concerts.

Japanese concert promoter Kyodo Yokohama said the concerts were canceled due to the global financial crisis, according to the BBC. The shows will reportedly be rescheduled later this year, with new dates expected to be announced in March.

Janet had previously canceled seven shows in North America and rescheduled three other shows late last year.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


Thanks to Crunk + Disorderly for posting this so I could post this fuckery of a video! They know how to find some crazy stuff!! Find out how to do the STANKY LEG dance (the next dance for the gay ghetto revolution) after the click. Watch for the guy in the purple shirt! Doesn't he look like Chingy??

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

OBAMA puts a Vote On It!!!

Just watch the video!

You don't have to read more! This is it!

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The Lost Effect!

Skittles saw it last night and I finally got blown away by the season five premiere of Lost. I am in awe and won't flood the blog with details of the episodes, you just have to watch. And if you haven't got into Lost yet, this video is a warning of what will happen to you and your Lost friends! Check out where you can watch the show and some crazy Lost sites after the jump!Click here for the show. Click here for an in depth knowledge of the show. Click here for the Lost game.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Passion for Porn!

Crazy ass Beth From Passions is going from TV to porn. Former Miss USA 1991(Yes I didn't believe it either!) and Beth "I am gonna steal your baby for some Latin d**k" Wallace aka Kelli McCarty is joining Vivid Entertainment and releasing a porn movie, "Faithless", on February 4. I am not even stunting on her doing porn, cause I saw her ass on a Skinimax flick back in the day, so this isn't too big of a jump. But I am upset that of all the people that were on Passions, she is the only one getting press, Where's Teresa, Eve, Julian, fine ass Miguel the 2nd? For those out there who never experienced the greatest soap opera ever that was Passions, check out some clips after the jump and if you want to check more on the porn, just click the pic!

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LOST Premiere TONIGHT!!!

LOST premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC with a THREE HOUR EVENT!!! The 8pm episode is a recap of all the events leading up to the special premiere at 9pm! DON'T MISS IT! See video widget from after the click

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President & First Lady Obama!!!

I woke up to the beautiful realization that Obama is no longer President Elect but President. And if he turns out to be worst than Bush(Which better not happen!) I am excited not just he is the first African American Prez, but I am excited to see a loving and hot family in the White House. And if this first dance is any indication, there will be more(wedded!) action in the Oval office than Clinton and Kennedy combined! Eventhough in his speech to the world, Obama said we need to put down childish things, the video after the jump pretty illustrates how me and Skittles felt last night!
Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - "Aer OBAMA" from Gold Greendot on Vimeo

Posted By: Peaches!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

History Has Been Made Today!!

Wow! I can't believe it's finally happened! BARACK OBAMA has been sworn in to be our 44th President of the United States of America. 1/20/09 will forever be a historic day and I am so glad I get to experience it. Although I'm not in D.C, I'm praying for everyones safety. Let's keep hope alive and make a CHANGE starting today! Peaches and I are continuing to watch the coverage and the history being made today, so more on this special day will be written on another post!

Posted by Skittles

You don't have to click on the READ MORE link because I just posted the video of Barack Obama's Speech below!
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guess the Product!

This is so great and wish things like this happened more in the US, but if it did you know someone would fcuk it up! Check out some other Flashmob moments like this after the jump.

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Miami's Dirty Secret Revealed!

I use to go to school in Miami and even though hotness is on full tap there, the truth is that hotness only made up 10% of the community. Just walk through Little Havana or the local Sedanos or Publix and you will see why Miami is voted he fattest city in America! It maybe shocking to many, but the MIA is not like the MIA we all see on movies and TV. All the flash and glam is just the Bey weave on Amy Winehouse. You see yachts and expensive cars, but Miami was voted the poorest city in America in 2001 and the home of dollar stores and homeless everywhere. Check out one of the reasons Miami is a fat mess.

Posted By: Peaches!
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Trying to Stay Warm and Cozy!

For all those outside California, it's cold as hell this week and today of all days, Saturday, it wants to be the coldest. I had to go out at 8am and I had 3 layers of clothes and I am still freezing. So to help with the chill, do like this hilarious photo of Vern Troyer dressed like a cuddly bear on the UK's Big Brother, which is making my day, just cuddle up with something cute and get warm. Also check out who was in town escaping the cold in New York!. His cute rich(He makes $300 an hour in tips in Times Square. You better work Bitch!) ass brings up something else(Not that ya nasty!) about the cold here. To all our Northern visitors and my Northern Co-Workers, please note: Just because your ass is use to shoveling ten feet of snow or negative 100 degree weather, doesn't give you the right to make comments like us Southerners need to stop crying about the cold! Bitch cold is cold and when you are use to 100 degree sun's ass farting fire on you. Anything that requires a jacket is too much and we have all the right in the world to complain and stay inside. If the cold is so nothing, your ass wouldn't be down here enjoying the warmth and somewhere buried in snow. Plus you don't hear us talking about you when you passing out in 90 degree weather. So stay warm today and just think about summer and shorts and sandals are not far away!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Do You Remember.....Adina Howard

I know I missed the Hump Day post but mainly because I was doing some humping of my own, but better late than never right?? Well, unless you have been under a rock you may not remember the underrated sex music diva above. Her hit single "Freak Like Me" went platinum by itself in 1995. Even though she has been under the radar, Ms.Howard has still been making albums and keeping it sexy. Check out the videos from her first hit and her comback hit 10 years later. So get ready for feel her freakness after the click

Freak Like Me

Nasty Grind

If you wanna know more about her, check out her myspace page - AdinaHoward Myspace

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Dont' question my SWAG!!

No one on the corner has 11ft multi triple swagger like us!, unless its TARGET where I took this picture of some cheap Christmas lights. See what other swag we got and what Wikipedia says about SWAG after the click

"The Swag" camping dog bead!

Three Legged "Swag Chair"

Dark Grey Double Swag Drapes

The Obvious "Blue Swag" Bag

What kind of swag you got? Let me know!
Find out with Wikipedia has on SWAG.

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Ray-J?? Are you serious??

When will this all end?? I can't believe Ray-J has jumped on "The Love of" train of fuckery that I hope will eventually derail into the hole of no return. Here we go again with 14 hopeful skanks who try to get with a D-List celebrity and all the 15 minutes of fame that comes with it before season 2. Why take up precious TV from something that could have been worthwhile? But if you disagree and feel you must watch it, "For The Love Of Ray-J" premieres February 2nd on VH1!

P.S. - Even though you dropped major hot points with me Ray J, you are still a fine looking black man with a nice big chocolate lollipop! Ya'll know you seen the sex tape.

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Downtown Bank Fuckery!

and the "so-called" security guard that did nothing about it! after the click..

So today Peaches and I had to make a quick bank trip that turned into a long 90 minute session. Within the 45 minute slot of us just waiting, someone had came in a left a large bag under the desk in the lobby. Not really seeing who it could have belonged to (especially with all the shady looking people we saw walk in & out during that time) I thought I would tell the security guard in hopes he could check it out. I don't know why I asked him because he indeed looked like a old homeless bum that must have been there so much that the bank offered him a position just so he would have a reason to speak to customers. But I digress, the quote-unquote security guard looked at me crazy and just said "Oh well, whoever it belongs to will eventually come back for it. Don't worry about it!". All I could think of was
#1 - What if some shady bitch just grabs a bag that doesn't belong to them?
#2 - What if there is a bomb or some crazy weapon in there ready to blow us up or kill us?
#3 - Why is this lazy bitch telling me that in a loud voice so everyone can hear him say that? Does he want someone to steal it?
and #4 - What kind of security guard are you to not care about our safety or someones belongings?
All I'm saying is that there are crazy people who do terrorist shit everyday (especially during this recession) and rely on bullshit security guards to do nothing about it! DO YOUR JOB SIR! You don't have to call a bomb squad or anything but show some kind of respect for the people so should be trying to protect. Oh, and it doesn't count if you finally decide to move the bag an hour later sir! We could have all been dead before then.

P.S. - At least we were able to get our shit taken care of!

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Ms.Williams Tell Em!!!

Hmmmm! I know you have always wondered what you could say to Michelle Williams (the 1/3rd goody good of Destiny's Child) for her to retaliate on that ass.... Call her a HOT MESS and you will get this video in yo face! Even though she did it in a "good" way, she still let'em know not to fuck wit it.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Youtube DramaQueenz!

I found out about this new web show through another blog site and had to post it. Find out more after the click!

Posted by Skittles

DramaQueenz is a new gay black web series about three best friends living in New York trying to become big Broadway stars all while dealing with other life situations along the way! I saw the first episode and I was hooked. Ok, it's not quite at the Noah's Arc level yet but give it time. Watch the first episode below and to see other episodes or find out more info, hit up these links: DramaQueenz on YouTube
DramaQueenz on Myspace
DramaQueenz Website

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Q is All For You!

Quentin Elias gives us the thumbs up! Find out why after the click!

Posted by Skittles
Quentin Elias (or Q to you) has even us the thumbs up to post some of his sexiest pics for you guys. Since there is such a high demand for him (and most of you come to this blog only to see our other post on him - Q.Eli is Triple Sexy - I figured why not give you more of him. Check him out on our other blog right now! **Lickalish: Man of the Hour - Quentin** Read more!

Let's Get Ill!!

From just writing and looking for the videos for my last post on Biggie, I came across this little diddy (literally) and had to post it. I have never seen or heard this song or performance from 6 years ago but maybe you have. I didn't know that Diddy tried to go all "Dance Factory Music" on us and drag Kelis with him. I guess it didn't go too well considering I haven't heard anyone talk about this EVER! Anyway, look at the performance and tell me what you think after the click!
Posted by Skittles

Well, at least Kelis was ok and the bootleg fireworks tied all the fuckery together but what is it with Diddy thinking that having seizures on stage is the hotness. Sorry but my dreams have not been fulfilled with this mess!
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My "Notoriously BIG" Post!

I was just in the listening mood to hear some Notorious BIG songs and see some of his past videos. I guess since the movie came out and all the black Tv and radio stations have been playing him all day, I decided to jump on the band wagon. I flipped through some music channels & stopped on VH1 Soul which just so happened to be playing this video. I thought this THROWBACK VIDEO is just too cute to pass us so I had to post it!, even if it did have the young hoochies in it. The young B.I.G & young Diddy were dead on in my book. But I still wanna know this, "Why does he know the lyrics to that or any of Biggie's song word for word at that young age? Shouldn't he be in school learning a math problem or somethin?? Watch for the other kids and see if you know who they are supposed to be! ENJOY.

Posted by Skittles

Watch my other video favorite after the click!
Excuse th quality but you guys know I had to post it! CLASSIC THROWBACK VIDEO!
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Films with a Dash of Curry!

With the best picture Golden Globe win for "Slumdog Millionaire", people are now taking notice of the biggest film industry in the world, Bollywood. Even though Hollywood is the famous capital of film, India is it's metropolis. Literally hundreds of movies are made back to back and have themes that span the world. Yes there is singing and dancing and in the sense of American Musicals, the high pitched women voices and the wild and queenie dance moves of the men may look strange, but they tell the rich story of the movie. To introduce yourself to the beauty and excitement, I suggest 2000 movie Mohabbatein. It's the story of three college students who attend the strict all men business school where love is forbidden, yet each one is in love with a women but don't know how to express it, until a new music teacher comes and introduce them to the power of love. It is fill of twist and turns, hot men, and hot music, and most of all its fulled with unending love. Check out a sample after the jump.

Posted By: Peaches!
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Where U At?: Quiznos of San Marco!

I might be late or break news, but what happened to the Quiznos in San Marco? That was my quick bit spot. I know there are Quiznos I visit in Riverside and University and was told one in FCCJ Downtown. But when I am near Skittles place(which is everyday) and I needed that right before work toasty sub, that Quiznos was the spot. The owners were nice and nothing beats the food. Well it came as a shock when Me and Skittles last week was going to satisfy our before work sub craving and got there and the doors were locked and a for sale sign was posted on the building. But all the signs and the stuff are still there as if it's still open. What happened? Did the owners just up and left? Were they not making money? Did enough stupid people who couldn't read and try to enter through the exit(even though it is my only complaint, who designed that type of entrance and exit?) cause too many accidents? If I had the paper I would soo take it over. Me and Skittles were forced to go of all places, Subway(which I haven't been since my middles school days) and I am no even going to honor that hot ass mess on this post! If you know something, please post a comment! Check out one of my favorite and creepy Quiznos ad after the jump. Read more!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Taylor Lautner Is Ready!

Man oh man! When you thought he could get no hotter, he proved us wrong. He is now confirmed to continue his role in the Twilight movie series and Mr.T is getting the body ready for us! See for yourself in the video!

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Tebow Me!

This is for Skittles, who despite all the press and hype of The Ville's very own Gator Superman, have not heard of Tim Tebow. This Heisman and BCC Champion hottie Quarterback has been the wet dream of ever UF fan and local sportscaster since he came on the scene 2 years ago. Now with the announcement he is not going pro and staying at UF for another year, we can only hope to see more of his talent(and I am not talking about football)! Check an early yet hot video on Tebow that gives you a little more detail on his talent and a little more of his shirtless body.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tell Her To Cool It!

I thought I would never see someone match and even pass a little of the crazy funny that is Ms. Wiing. But Neil Patrick Harris was giving it to me(that sounded soo x-rated and wishful!) I wa in tears! Who in The Ville don't know at least one co-worker or Denny's server like one of them. For all my fellow Theater Queens out there here is one of the other funny skits from SNL.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ville's New Old School!

As you may or not know (Read the story here) FCCJ, Florida Community College of Jacksonville (Fat Chance of Catching a Job as Skittles name it!), is dropping the Community and becoming a four year college. They are spending $50,000 to find a new name. In this economy, that is a lot of money for something not that deep, its not like they put a lot of thought into FCCJ and I know it didn't cost $50,000. Here are some of my submissions:
Jacksonville State College - I know there is a Jacksonville state University, but at least this one will be representing the cool Ville and would look hot on jerserys.
Duval College - even though you know it will be called Duuuuuuuval College by the ghetto crew, it will still be cool to say you go to the DC!
Isaiah Hart College - For those who don't know he was the guy who founding Jacksonville and all we got named after him is Harts Bridge. Plus imagine all the bootleg slogans like "The School With Hart!"
St. Johns College - Sounds professional and classic enough to not feel shamed when telling people you go there.
First Coast College - Where you come First!
Fierocia College - Cause it will be a hot fierce tranny mess!
Now all is that is left is a mascot and colors. I am thinking a rainbow colored drag queen crack head! Where is my $50,000!!!

Posted By: Peaches (with help from Skittles)!
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Japanesy Diva: Utada!

If you don't know who Utada is, like Krayon Brooks would say "Get in to it!" She is the top artist in Japan and a mix of Beyonce, Janet, and Kylie. US fans may know of her from songs "Simple & Clean" and "Sanctuary" used as the themes of the Kingdom Hearts video games and her 2004 Island Def Jam English debut "Exodus". Now after years of dominated back in Japan, she is coming back to try again and conquer the US with a new English album. The first single "Come Back to Me" has been released, but no word on an album title or release date yet. I am loving this track and I can already see Bey working hard to either jack it or make an album to over shadow it, Check out some videos showing why Utada is Diva.

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Want to Lick Obama?

Ben & Jerry's has done it again! Introducing for just the inaugural month of January "Yes PeCan!" Obama inspired ice cream. Plus proceeds for it's sales will go to Common Cause Education Fund. Okay Ben & Jerry, I know its for charity and Obama deserves to be celebrated in a multitude of ways for just being the first Black(I know Half, but that Black half comes from the source, Africa, and over takes that white side ten fold!) President, its just butter pecan not special. I mean in the past favors like "Cherry Garcia" & "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" had usual or new combos of favors making them classic Ben & Jerry's, but "Yes PeCan" is just plain butter pecan that I can buy any where. Check out the other and I might add more creative retired favors in Ben & Jerry's past after the flip! Link to the Wiki page of past Ben & Jerry's Favors and the Link to Ben & Jerry's(Like most of you don't already have it bookmarked!)

Posted By: Peaches!.
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Calling Dick Tracy Literally!!

We are finally getting close to the future Saturday morning cartoons promised us. LG premired a working watch cell phone that actually looks cool, useful, and most importantly you can buy one. See it in action after the jump.
Now where is my flying Jetson's car bitches!!

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This movie trailer gave me a chill!

I don't know why but the phone conversation he has with this unknown man had me in chill. I felt he was coming for me in real life and it's just a movie. The movie comes out this month eventhough the video says September 2008. I learned from research that TAKEN has been released everywhere else and even on DVD overseas but hasn't come out in the U.S. yet! I must go a see this when it hits theaters. Even if it ends up being the suckiest movie ever... atleast I will always have the trailer to look at! ENJOY!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Want My Kidney Back!!!!

This man (Richard Batista) is already "taking it too the extreme" in the 09! He apparently gave his wife of 8 years a kidney to save her life and supposedly their marriage back in 2001. He later learned that she had been cheating on him with her physical therapist but Ms.Batista was the one who filed for a divorce in 2005. He has filed a claim against her now saying that because of her actions toward him that he wants that kidney back or will charge her 1.5 million dollars for it! WHAT???? Are you serious? I know she did him dirty by getting it in with another man but is that right to ask her to return the organ that is keeping her alive? "It is said to be the first case of its king in New York State, I have never heard of anything similar" says Julia Rivera of the New York Organ Donor Network. I think he is taking it too far! What do you think??
Read the article here: ~Kidney Problem~

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Destination Downtown in Jacksonville!

I say it's about damn time Jacksonville put something together for the grown and sexy but on a cheap and free scale, especially during this recession! Behold Destination Downtown on this and every friday night. All you have to do is follow this simple steps for the night:
#1 - Park at the Jax Center Parking on Bay street (for only 1 dollar)!
#2 - Walk to The Jacksonville Landing to get your free passport and wristband.
#3 - Follow the map or the markings on the ground to the marked clubs.
#4 - Say "Destination Downtown" or flash the wristband to get in FREE ALL NIGHT LONG!
Side Note - If you get drunk or just don't feel that you can drive home, find one of the designated city drivers to get that ass home (for FREE)!

I hope that we are able to keep it going for a while without any problems! As follow Jacksonvillians know, we never really keep a "WONDERFUL" thing for long so take advantage of it while it last!! It starts JAN 9th... for more info visit the site: Destination is Here!

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Scarlett Takes A Tumble Parody!

I love Seduction702 and his funny ass videos. He has taken my favorite video of last year and put his own spin on it, not to mention having one of my favorite foods to eat from Red Lobster! ENJOY!

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N.E.R.D - Sooner or Later

Check out the new N.E.R.D video "Sooner or Later" I ganked (my word for stole) from MTV! I wouldn't have thought of that concept with the song, but it goes so well!! What do you think??

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The "DIVA" movement has started!

As you know, when "Single Ladies" came out everybody was trying to get on Youtube and show the world (or try to) that they could do it better than Mrs.B to the K ok? But just when you thought it was over and done with, the fuckery continues!!! With the "DIVA" video just coming out, you knew it was gonna start back up full force and here are three videos to kick it off!!

White Guy - DIVA
Typical gay guy dancing in his apartment to the song, but where & why does the chair come in??

Gay Boy - DIVA
Just the way he introduces himself says it all!!! His parents or whoever is filming him should be ashamed of themselves!

Hell to the naw! Straight HOT MESS! and you know it smelled like hair grease and cheeseburgers in that room! We all know which one was suppossed to be Beyonce!

I can't wait to see what other so called divas try to make it work! ENJOY!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Times!

Hope everyone had a good transition into 09 and had a great 1st day of the year! Even though Peaches and I spent the Years EVE separately with our families, we had a very good Years DAY together! THANKS BOO! The video above is the finale of the fireworks from The Jacksonville Landing bringing in 09! We usually bring it a lot better than that on our worse day for an unworthy (for fireworks) event, I don't know what happened there! I blame it on the recession! HAHAHA! See you tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kwanzaa Roots: Imani (Faith)!

To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. To carry the spirit of Imani, do something you were scared to do in 2008.
Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.

GET UP - Mary Mary

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