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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ville's New Old School!

As you may or not know (Read the story here) FCCJ, Florida Community College of Jacksonville (Fat Chance of Catching a Job as Skittles name it!), is dropping the Community and becoming a four year college. They are spending $50,000 to find a new name. In this economy, that is a lot of money for something not that deep, its not like they put a lot of thought into FCCJ and I know it didn't cost $50,000. Here are some of my submissions:
Jacksonville State College - I know there is a Jacksonville state University, but at least this one will be representing the cool Ville and would look hot on jerserys.
Duval College - even though you know it will be called Duuuuuuuval College by the ghetto crew, it will still be cool to say you go to the DC!
Isaiah Hart College - For those who don't know he was the guy who founding Jacksonville and all we got named after him is Harts Bridge. Plus imagine all the bootleg slogans like "The School With Hart!"
St. Johns College - Sounds professional and classic enough to not feel shamed when telling people you go there.
First Coast College - Where you come First!
Fierocia College - Cause it will be a hot fierce tranny mess!
Now all is that is left is a mascot and colors. I am thinking a rainbow colored drag queen crack head! Where is my $50,000!!!

Posted By: Peaches (with help from Skittles)!