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Friday, January 9, 2009

Japanesy Diva: Utada!

If you don't know who Utada is, like Krayon Brooks would say "Get in to it!" She is the top artist in Japan and a mix of Beyonce, Janet, and Kylie. US fans may know of her from songs "Simple & Clean" and "Sanctuary" used as the themes of the Kingdom Hearts video games and her 2004 Island Def Jam English debut "Exodus". Now after years of dominated back in Japan, she is coming back to try again and conquer the US with a new English album. The first single "Come Back to Me" has been released, but no word on an album title or release date yet. I am loving this track and I can already see Bey working hard to either jack it or make an album to over shadow it, Check out some videos showing why Utada is Diva.

Posted By: Peaches!