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Monday, January 5, 2009

The "DIVA" movement has started!

As you know, when "Single Ladies" came out everybody was trying to get on Youtube and show the world (or try to) that they could do it better than Mrs.B to the K ok? But just when you thought it was over and done with, the fuckery continues!!! With the "DIVA" video just coming out, you knew it was gonna start back up full force and here are three videos to kick it off!!

White Guy - DIVA
Typical gay guy dancing in his apartment to the song, but where & why does the chair come in??

Gay Boy - DIVA
Just the way he introduces himself says it all!!! His parents or whoever is filming him should be ashamed of themselves!

Hell to the naw! Straight HOT MESS! and you know it smelled like hair grease and cheeseburgers in that room! We all know which one was suppossed to be Beyonce!

I can't wait to see what other so called divas try to make it work! ENJOY!

Posted by Skittles