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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol : Jacksonville #2

Ok I just finished watching the Jacksonville episode of American Idol and I am a little disappointed. If you wanna know why, find out after the click

#1 - Ok first off, I am upset that it wasn't a two hour show. We are the biggest city (land mass wise) in the world so it takes another whole hour to appreciate us.
#2 - But even if they had made it two hours, it wouldn't have mattered considering they barely showed off the good parts of Jacksonville at all. They basically showed woods and trees and the back streets of the hotels in Ponte Vedra Beach. There were only two quick shots of the arena (which the auditions that were shown weren't even there), the park in Riverside, and the beach (which showed some chalky skin bitches lying in the sand).
#3 - We are not the "DOG STATE" so why did the audience welcome Randy to the "DOG STATE"?? I don't know where that fuckery of a place is!!
#4 - Half of the contestants on the episode that auditioned or made it to Hollywood weren't even from Jacksonville!
#5 - After they fucked us over with that "DOG STATE" shit, it would try to end with everyone singing "I'm Walking On Sunshine" which the episode should have started with considering we are in the SUNSHINE STATE!!!!
#6 - There was maybe one spectacular contestant and I don't remember them that much! Simon said it best when he said "It was terrible!"

Basically the whole episode was a let down and a little boring. So I give the Jacksonville show a "FAIL" stamp of approval. But it's not your fault J-ville, I STILL LOVE YOU!!

Posted by Skittles