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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying to Stay Warm and Cozy!

For all those outside California, it's cold as hell this week and today of all days, Saturday, it wants to be the coldest. I had to go out at 8am and I had 3 layers of clothes and I am still freezing. So to help with the chill, do like this hilarious photo of Vern Troyer dressed like a cuddly bear on the UK's Big Brother, which is making my day, just cuddle up with something cute and get warm. Also check out who was in town escaping the cold in New York!. His cute rich(He makes $300 an hour in tips in Times Square. You better work Bitch!) ass brings up something else(Not that ya nasty!) about the cold here. To all our Northern visitors and my Northern Co-Workers, please note: Just because your ass is use to shoveling ten feet of snow or negative 100 degree weather, doesn't give you the right to make comments like us Southerners need to stop crying about the cold! Bitch cold is cold and when you are use to 100 degree sun's ass farting fire on you. Anything that requires a jacket is too much and we have all the right in the world to complain and stay inside. If the cold is so nothing, your ass wouldn't be down here enjoying the warmth and somewhere buried in snow. Plus you don't hear us talking about you when you passing out in 90 degree weather. So stay warm today and just think about summer and shorts and sandals are not far away!

Posted By: Peaches!