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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Films with a Dash of Curry!

With the best picture Golden Globe win for "Slumdog Millionaire", people are now taking notice of the biggest film industry in the world, Bollywood. Even though Hollywood is the famous capital of film, India is it's metropolis. Literally hundreds of movies are made back to back and have themes that span the world. Yes there is singing and dancing and in the sense of American Musicals, the high pitched women voices and the wild and queenie dance moves of the men may look strange, but they tell the rich story of the movie. To introduce yourself to the beauty and excitement, I suggest 2000 movie Mohabbatein. It's the story of three college students who attend the strict all men business school where love is forbidden, yet each one is in love with a women but don't know how to express it, until a new music teacher comes and introduce them to the power of love. It is fill of twist and turns, hot men, and hot music, and most of all its fulled with unending love. Check out a sample after the jump.

Posted By: Peaches!