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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Casting Call: The Last Airbender!

As you may or may not know, me and Skittles are huge Avatar(I am am not talking about the Titanic director movie) fanatics. If you don't know Avatar is a Nick cartoon about here is a little quick summary:

Avatar-101-The Boy in the Iceberg
Vezi mai multe video din Animatie »Well the show was on air for three seasons(On purpose like how Lost will be six seasons) and during the second season, M. Night Shyamalan announced that he will make three movies based off each season and currently filming now with a release in 2010. He even did a little shout out in "The Happening" with the little girl in the end with an Avatar book bag. Well last month the annoucement of cast came out and some fans were a little upset, feeling that the cast, which isn't Asian or Native American, wasn't right. I agreed a little, but the world of Avatar is fantasy and not earth, so they can be any race. I feel though other people would be perfect for each role. Check them out. We'll start with Aang the last air bender and Avatar. I think alexander Gould would be great in the role. You will know him from he show Weeds as Shane or as the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo. So you know he has the cute voice, but the serious acting as well.
The diva of water bending and love interest of Aang, Katara, should be played by Melissa McIntyre. You know her as Ashley on Degrassi TNG and everytime I see Katara especially with hersexy season three hair, I think of Melissa.
Sokka is Katara's goofy, but hard fighting brother and would beplayed well by cute David Henrie. He is on the Disney show the Wizards of waverly Place, but I rember him as Cory's friend of That's So Raven. He has the goofy down and you can't deny those eyebrows are soo Sokka.
The hotness of Avatar in more ways than one Zuko, can only be played by Michael Copon. Know for his action role in Power Ranagers and countless shirtless scenes in Beyond the Break, no one can pull off the I am hot with a 3rd degree burn my father gave me black eye.
Zuko's bad ass diva of fire Azula would be hot played by Megan Fox. The Transformers star is not only hot, but has a enough fireceness to pull off the fire bitch and powr hungry sister to Michael Copon's Zuko.
Zuko and Azula's Uncle Iroh I feel is the hardest to cast and to me and Skittles, will either make or break the movie. His voice is soo warm and powerful that you wish e was your uncle and the cartoon matches the fierceness of it. I thought of a lot of people who may pull that off, but the closet I get, other than just CGIing the cartoon version with the voice actor, is Yun-Fat Chow. I thought of him after watching my fav movie again Curse of the Golden Flower and watched his perfromane as the Emperor. Even though he isn't funny or warm in the movie, I feel he shows the serious and powerful side of uncle perfectly and Yun-Fat Chow has played warm in the past, so he can work it out.

Posted By: Peaches!