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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where U At?: Quiznos of San Marco!

I might be late or break news, but what happened to the Quiznos in San Marco? That was my quick bit spot. I know there are Quiznos I visit in Riverside and University and was told one in FCCJ Downtown. But when I am near Skittles place(which is everyday) and I needed that right before work toasty sub, that Quiznos was the spot. The owners were nice and nothing beats the food. Well it came as a shock when Me and Skittles last week was going to satisfy our before work sub craving and got there and the doors were locked and a for sale sign was posted on the building. But all the signs and the stuff are still there as if it's still open. What happened? Did the owners just up and left? Were they not making money? Did enough stupid people who couldn't read and try to enter through the exit(even though it is my only complaint, who designed that type of entrance and exit?) cause too many accidents? If I had the paper I would soo take it over. Me and Skittles were forced to go of all places, Subway(which I haven't been since my middles school days) and I am no even going to honor that hot ass mess on this post! If you know something, please post a comment! Check out one of my favorite and creepy Quiznos ad after the jump.