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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My "Notoriously BIG" Post!

I was just in the listening mood to hear some Notorious BIG songs and see some of his past videos. I guess since the movie came out and all the black Tv and radio stations have been playing him all day, I decided to jump on the band wagon. I flipped through some music channels & stopped on VH1 Soul which just so happened to be playing this video. I thought this THROWBACK VIDEO is just too cute to pass us so I had to post it!, even if it did have the young hoochies in it. The young B.I.G & young Diddy were dead on in my book. But I still wanna know this, "Why does he know the lyrics to that or any of Biggie's song word for word at that young age? Shouldn't he be in school learning a math problem or somethin?? Watch for the other kids and see if you know who they are supposed to be! ENJOY.

Posted by Skittles

Watch my other video favorite after the click!
Excuse th quality but you guys know I had to post it! CLASSIC THROWBACK VIDEO!