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Friday, January 9, 2009

Want to Lick Obama?

Ben & Jerry's has done it again! Introducing for just the inaugural month of January "Yes PeCan!" Obama inspired ice cream. Plus proceeds for it's sales will go to Common Cause Education Fund. Okay Ben & Jerry, I know its for charity and Obama deserves to be celebrated in a multitude of ways for just being the first Black(I know Half, but that Black half comes from the source, Africa, and over takes that white side ten fold!) President, its just butter pecan not special. I mean in the past favors like "Cherry Garcia" & "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" had usual or new combos of favors making them classic Ben & Jerry's, but "Yes PeCan" is just plain butter pecan that I can buy any where. Check out the other and I might add more creative retired favors in Ben & Jerry's past after the flip! Link to the Wiki page of past Ben & Jerry's Favors and the Link to Ben & Jerry's(Like most of you don't already have it bookmarked!)

Posted By: Peaches!.