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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Want My Kidney Back!!!!

This man (Richard Batista) is already "taking it too the extreme" in the 09! He apparently gave his wife of 8 years a kidney to save her life and supposedly their marriage back in 2001. He later learned that she had been cheating on him with her physical therapist but Ms.Batista was the one who filed for a divorce in 2005. He has filed a claim against her now saying that because of her actions toward him that he wants that kidney back or will charge her 1.5 million dollars for it! WHAT???? Are you serious? I know she did him dirty by getting it in with another man but is that right to ask her to return the organ that is keeping her alive? "It is said to be the first case of its king in New York State, I have never heard of anything similar" says Julia Rivera of the New York Organ Donor Network. I think he is taking it too far! What do you think??
Read the article here: ~Kidney Problem~

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