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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ray-J?? Are you serious??

When will this all end?? I can't believe Ray-J has jumped on "The Love of" train of fuckery that I hope will eventually derail into the hole of no return. Here we go again with 14 hopeful skanks who try to get with a D-List celebrity and all the 15 minutes of fame that comes with it before season 2. Why take up precious TV from something that could have been worthwhile? But if you disagree and feel you must watch it, "For The Love Of Ray-J" premieres February 2nd on VH1!

P.S. - Even though you dropped major hot points with me Ray J, you are still a fine looking black man with a nice big chocolate lollipop! Ya'll know you seen the sex tape.

Posted by Skittles